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2008 Chrysler T&C & Dodge Caravan brake life expectancy!



  • The disturbing thing about the brake issue is that I was previously a FSE for the Top 3 and have been involved in safety investigations. I have never seen anything that compares to the aggressive wear experienced on the T&C.
    I find it equally disturbing that NHTSA has not done anything to address this issue.
    I had to change the front pads at 20,000 miles and now at 35,388 am subject to replacment of both the pads and rotors. We're not talking about drfiving habits; it's corporate negligence given durability testing that has to be performed before a product released. While the wear may not have resulted in a safety recall, the gravity of the issue is no less than the firestone issue that Ford experienced. The only thing saving Chrysler is the bankruptcy and government intervention.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Fill out a complaint form on the NHTSA web site. Chrysler is claiming the problem is normal wear and tear or driving habits. Best chance is to get NHTSA to formally open up an investigation.

    It's unfortunate, but the NHTSA would probably have already done that had there been some deaths associated with premature brake pad wear.
  • NHTSA #10306890
    I'd like to join your cause.
    I appreciate your dedication to the classic Family Van which really has stood the test of time, HOWEVER... Having been in the industry as well as being a FSE (Field Service Engineer) for the Big 3, I am really upset!! Believe it or not I returned from a 2005 bullet proof T&C only to buy a new 2008 loaded. Expecting the same, if not improved experience, the brake design and metering is totally unacceptable. Having changed the front brake pads at 23,000 miles only as a PM preventive maintenance move, at 35,388 the whole front system will now have to be replaced. The industry did go through major brake redesigns when asbestos was removed back in 1995 causing the entire industry to re-think and re-design brake systems. DVP (design verification & prove out) is required, someone blew it and should be fired! Having owned and serviced over two hundred and fifty cars, I have never seen such a deplorable release to the general public. It's really a shame but Daimler Chrysler should step up to this issue or take the T&C out of production all together. Just reading all these blogs will convince NHTSA eventually that they need to react. While you and I may find the T&C a great vehicle in the market segment, the brake system IS NOT, nor should not have been released! Whoever designed this system and says they tested and proved it out had to be smoking dope! This van had the ability to stand above any foreign competition and to have this put a black mark on what should be a best seller is a crime. Sincererly, DISGRUNTLE ;) D
  • Chrysler TSB #05-006-08 Describes premature brake wear and has new rotor and pad part numbers to correct the issue. Hope this helps.
  • 24sam24sam Posts: 10
    Thanks ...but this was mentioned in other posts and on a differant site. Chrysler does not acknowledge this TSB and according to their customer service there is know such thing. GOOD NEWS ...... they have agreed to cover the cost but do not admit that there is any problem . Can not stress this enough ""m FILE A REPORT WITH THE NHTSA as we all have seen the issures with Toyota brakes ect. I have seen more complaints online and in blogs then have been filed with the NHTSA.
  • I posted about the TSB back in March 2009 (Almost a year ago), in post #12. We had the TSB performed and it did not fix the problem.!keywords=allin%3Amsgtex- t%20limit%3A.f1bbe4a%20tsb#MSG11

    To 24sam, Chrysler DOES acknowledge the TSB, they published it! They even acknowledge that there IS a problem if you call them. The burn is that they say there's still no fix and there's nothing they can or will do long-term for anyone that calls and complains. We went down that path, they specifically asked "What would you like us to do?" and when we said "Replace the brakes for free until there's a fix" they said "Sorry, there's nothing we can do."

    Thus we started lemon-law proceedings late last year.
  • 24sam24sam Posts: 10
    Well see whats so confusing and I am sure that works for them. I have spoke to them six times and three different people and THEY DO NOT ADMIT OR ACKNOWLEDGE TBS or that there is any problem with 2008 brakes to me or three other owners I have talked too but they are going to cover cost of brakes minus the tax charged so in their words " the warranty will stay in force " They say that they have nothing to do with deciding on covering cost or not they have to go by what the dealership tells them. Sorry they are not covering your cost and you have to go the lemon law route but thats where we were going next. Good luck
  • I have been a Chrysler Mechanic for 15 years and I know how their system works. I can tell you first off that the brake wear issue is not seen accross the board on all RT body vans (2008-2010). As a matter of fact I probabally only see it on about 10% or so. That being said and comparing the same vans the differnce boils down to driving style more than anything. I'm not saying your doing anything wrong, it's just litle differences that add up over time to different brake wear patterns. For instance, my wife drives a 2003 Jeep Liberty which we bought new. It currently has 146,000 miles on it. Anyway she has a way of using her brakes that are constantly warping rotors giving the Jeep a pedal pulsation. I rarely see this in any other Liberty's. It is not at all common but she manages do do it consistantly. I have even installed vented performance rotors and she did it again! Getting back to your van, Chrysler does see an abnormally high amount of brake wear complaints on the RT vans or they wouldn't of came out with the TSB. You could always try a different type of brake pad. A performance ceramic pad or such. Just trying to help.
  • fpeckfpeck Posts: 7
    Excuse me.....I have been driving for 30 years, have owned more than 15 new vehicles, have never bought a used one, and the T&C is a piece of junk. It is not the customers driving habits that is causing this problem. As far as trying a different type brake pad? What are you talking about. When I buy a new car, the only thing I want to worry about is how much gas I have, not whether my brakes are gonna crash & burn before I get there. It is not only the brakes/rotors , we have had electrical problems, door problems, third row seat problems, We got rid of it and traded it in after the 3rd set of brakes, losing 8000 in quity on the deal. So dont tell me that it is driving patterns. I bought a Toyota and glad of it, I am proud of the way they are admitting their issues and dealing quickly and swiftly. I would buy 10 Toyotas with 10 recalls each before I would buy another chrysler product.
  • 24sam24sam Posts: 10
    couldn't agree with you more apparently Chrysler? Dodge does not agree with when spend that kind of money you shouldn't have to worry about all this stuff, We have been lucky and brakes are the only problem we have had. Good luck to you!!
  • Thanks for the post and the advice. Same problem as described.... Bought the Grand Caravan new and fully loaded. Brakes and rotors need to be replaced now. We only have ~ 23k miles on the vehicle. Never had this type of problem before with any vehicle. The vehicle replaced a 1994 Grand Caravan. We only replaced the brakes once on that one. This is very poor work on Dodges part.
  • I'm having the same trouble with my 2008 tc with 17000 miles, the dealer refuses to fix the problem.

    Do you know if there is anything in writing about the "Goodwill repair"?

    Thanks for your help..

  • I don't know about "goodwill repair"...

    I went into the local dealer today and spoke with the assistant manager (the manager and owner were not there today). This fellow took down some information. In particular the TSB (technical service bulletin (05-006-08) information. I informed him of the many instances, like yourself, where the brakes have worn out prematurely and this should not be happening. He agreed and promised to have the service manager take care of the problem when he returned. We shall see what really ends up happening, but I am preparing to run them over the coals if they do comply. This is really wrong and the company needs to fix this. I would advise going in with as much information as possible and talking to the manager or owner of the dealership. Please file a complaint with NHTSA and call Dodge. Even write letters to your local paper and chamber of commerce as required.
  • Chrysler will often offer a Goodwill Repair to an original owner of a Chrysler vehicle that has a mechanical failure shortly out of warranty of a little further out of warranty if a known issue exists with that particular failure. That being said they will often make sure that all maintanance has been done when needed and the vehicle has been generally well taken care of. This kind of verification is easier when your vehicle has been dealer cared for and Chrysler weighs that in its final decision for Good Will help. Sometimes Goodwill help will cover 100% of repairs, sometimes 50%. Sometimes they will pick up the parts and the cust will pick up the labor. The situation is what warrants the response from Chrysler. And I should say that although I have been a Chrysler dealership mechanic for 15 years I know plenty of other dealership employees at other brands and they all have similar Good Will repair criteria.
  • Just took my 2008 T & C to the shop to replace front brake pads (22k miles). I could hear the grinding of metal on metal but had not heard the warning squeal you normally get when pads wear out. The mechanic called to tell me that the pads weren't worn out, that one had basically fallen apart and that's why I heard metal on metal. Fat chance the dealer will cover it, but I'm going to try.
  • Brakes pads and rotors are covered 12/12 only. There is no way you will get your brakes warrantied at 22K. 22K isn't bad expecially if it is city driving.
  • I've been a big fan of Chrysler products until now.

    Bought this van new. Within the first year, the brakes were metal on metal at only 24,000 miles - I figured the OEM brakes were probably crap so wasn't too upset by this. Took it into a brake shop, they informed me that the calipers were bad and needed replacement. They also showed me that one of the rotors needed replacement. I had trouble believing that, so I had them show me with the micrometer and everything. I declined the rotor and caliper replacement, got the brake pads and drove to the dealer (GO DODGE in Englewood, CO). The brake shop told me that I would be back in 3-6 months. The dealer denied that there was a problem, said the rotors were fine, nothing wrong with the calipers, etc. They told me that the brake shop was trying to sell me extra stuff that was unneeded- basically accusing them of trying to rip me off!

    In less than 6 months (only about 10,000 miles) later, the brakes were grinding again (no warning squeal prior to the grinding). Went back... Now, I need 4 rotors, pads, and calipers. The brake shop informed me that the brakes are undersized and that the Master Cylinder is poorly designed.. and that the Master Cylinder led to the failure of the calipers.

    Yesterday, I took it to the dealer again, informing them of the problems. Once again, they denied there were any problems. They told me that everything was fine and that disc brakes are only designed to last 15-20k miles. At this, I became extremely irate, informing him that I've owned 15 cars, 10 of which were new. This is my 5th Chrysler product... and never have I had brakes crap out after 10,000 miles! He insisted in telling me that I'm wrong... I cussed him out profusely over the phone at which point he told me to come and pick up the van and that they would not service it.

    I walked in and demanded to talk to the manager. After waiting for 15 minutes, I got to speak to him. I told him that there is a design flaw, and that it needs to be corrected. He said that if there was a problem they would fix it. He brought me out of the waiting area into his office so the people in the waiting room would not here me talk about their shoddy brakes.

    After about 10 minutes of discussion, he FINALLY said "do they put [non-permissible content removed] brakes on their vans? YES! They are undersized and we are well aware of it." He said they get 60-70 cases per week!

    So after they spent all that time lying to me, telling me that the independent brake shops were trying to screw me, they FINALLY admitted to their problem.

    He gave me the number to Chrysler and told me to have them open up a call... and if they agreed to cover the repair or any part of it, they would do the repair.

    I got the call from Chrysler today. They spoke to the service manager who admitted that the brakes were undersized and "[non-permissible content removed]". The rep (Nick) on the phone told me that the service manager told him that my brakes had "normal wear", so Chrysler refuses to cover any of the repair and have closed the call.

    I'm done with Chrysler/Mopar... which means I'm done with American cars altogether.
  • jayg123jayg123 Posts: 2
    Just admit their mistake and fix these freak'in things!
  • At 18k miles the grinding starts without the warning squeal. Brake shop said the front left pad broke apart which caused the problem, not worn out pads. A new rotor, pads and $250 to fix it. I don't care what Chrysler says, people shouldn't have to spend $200, $300, $400 etc on vehicles with less than 20k miles on them. This is my first and last chrysler purchase.
  • 24sam24sam Posts: 10
    reply Lasmart613, sorry to hear about your brakes, PLEASE file a report with NHSTA dont give up !!! take deep breath call the Chrysler customer service line again but be ..calm, polite and very clear. I know its hard to keep calm because they handle everything so insanely and I hate to believe this but I have come to believe that they do what they do to drive us nuts and frustrated so we just give up. Its taken over month and a half but we are soon to receive the full amount we spent on replacing all 4 brakes pads, rotors everything , that was with less then 12000 miles but we didn't get it in for another 50 miles or so. They first came out with the most stupid reason ... that the van wasn't driven enough and brakes got corroded and rusty sitting in the driveway well I a most busted artery when i heard that They still will not admit there is anything wrong. Heck I would even call your congressman and senators tell them this could be the next Toyota mess and somebody dies their gonna look stupid. No i dont think anything is a waste time, Oh another one is ask to speak to the zone rep for your area. Good luck
  • Glad to see I am not the only one!! My T&C is 2 years old (2008) fully loaded, a whopper of a lease payment. I have 12,241 miles on it (I work from home and only drive the kids around), and just found out I'm metal to metal on both front tires!!! I told the dealership that I didn't hear a squeal and he said the new brake pads don't squeal. So I asked him how I was supposed to know at 12k that I would need brakes if they don't give a warning. His answer was that if I had my tires rotated every 6k I would know. I had him look up the last time they rotated them and it was 6,679. So I am 400 miles under that mark, and I am into both rotors. I said please tell me how I was supposed to predict this then, and he told me to call Chrysler and file a complaint. I did, and gave them the whole story, and a resolution manager is supposed to call me before COB tomorrow with a "resolution." I hope that "resolution" is new brakes and rotors at no cost to me!

    Has anyone needed them at such low mileage? I saw alot of posts that seemed to need them at 17k or 20k.

    Don't even get me started on the broken rear seat that won't go up, the door sensors that detected invisible obstacles (even after being fixed at the dealer), the leaky sunroof, or the radio that occasionally goes blank and silent!!! :lemon:

  • ahh65ahh65 Posts: 12
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    Jenn, if you do a google search on 2008 dodge brake problems, you will reveal a plethora of issues with brakes at various stages of mileage, all of which are, in my opinion, ridiculously low. You will hopefully be covered by the warranty which is 12 mos. or 12k on brakes. Good Luck.. Do Not Back Down!! definetely file that complaint with Chrysler, also , file a safety report, and let your dealership know you are not happy.
    I am very concerned that they will just keep putting off all our complaints until something like what happened to Toyota happens to them, then they'll be listening. I truly believe they are just cutting corners and being cheap with parts, but the dealership denies that. Good luck and again, don't let them push you around, it is NOT NORMAL to be metal to metal at 12k!!! ;)
  • ahh65ahh65 Posts: 12
    They all wait until several people become injured in an accident, or even killed before they do anything about these issues.
    It's called "Risk Management" !! They will just wait until one of us poor people get into a wreck! :sick:
  • 24sam24sam Posts: 10
    Yes there are alot!! My fathers brakes on all 4 wheels ,rotors everything ..shot with less then 12,000 ,we are presently waiting full reimbursement but it took plenty of calls ,lots of frustration and just dont give up! be polite AND PLEASE make sure you file a report with the NHTSA.. ITS IMPORTANT to get as many complaints in as we can otherwise they do nothing until alot people start getting killed. Good luck
  • Reading through these messages just made me realize I don't have it off so bad. Same problems as everyone else except mine made it to 27,000 before they crapped themselves out. Difference is, we do TONS of highway driving.

    So I guess that whole 3 year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper thing is total crap.

    Wrote to NHTSA. Not expecting anything.

    REALLY twisted with myself a 1,000 times before finally committing to by this thing. Almost 100% against Chrysler as my first and only other experience with them (84 Chrysler New Yorker was a disaster) but they kept on pitching the warranty, the warranty, the incredible reliability.

    Once....twice.... there won't be a 3rd time, I can assure you of that - 100%
  • We strictly bought the TC because of the warranty brand new. I can honestly say now, I have never felt so stupid. I don't care if the door lock knobs break. Bumper to bumper should cover everything. I cannot even imagine replacing these things every 20,000 miles. My cost today at Midas was $479
  • Got a call from Ray at Chrysler today. He said that they would like to provide assistance with my brake situation. I was told to call the dealer and schedule an appt to have them look at the brakes, and I was given a case number to give to them. The gentleman at the dealership (same one I dealt with yesterday) was extremely gracious and even told me that the "assistance" is nearly always the cost of the job less a $50 or $100 "deductible" or "contribution" on my part. Anyone else ever hear these words from Chrysler, either at the corporate level or the dealership level?

  • kicker is, Chrysler closed them down 5 months after we bought our car from them. Local dealership has no interest in working with us. (May have something to do with us passing on the opportunity to pay them $6,000 more than the dealership we finally settled on)

    Regardless, will pay a LOT more attention to consumer reviews the next time I look at a vehicle purchase and regardless what the reviews say - Chrysler will never see our money or referrals again.
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    See post #73 in T&C,Dodge brake problems....Personal experience on March 11th. with our T&C.....
  • clubguyclubguy Posts: 15
    See post #151 here and #73 in "brake problems section...
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