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97 Dakota running problems Please Help !!!!!



  • seleneselene Posts: 10
    When the ambient temperature is cool/cold, my 93 Dakota with 111K miles on it will start but runs exceedingly rough. After it has warmed up, it will run ok. When the temp. outside is warm, it starts fine and runs fine without missing a beat. I have changed the Camshaft sensor, Crankshaft sensor, installed a new ECM, new coil, new O2 sensor, but still have the problem. Anyone out there with any suggestions? Thanks.
  • carvermancarverman Posts: 101
    You need to specify which engine is in your dakota as the components and
    sensors will differ from engine to engine type. If it starts and runs rough when
    cold but not after warming up, it could be (possibly) due to one of these:
    Idle air motor needs cleaning.
    IAT sensor (Intake Air Temp ) sensor
    Engine coolant sensor not providing correct information to PCM
    injectors need cleaning?
  • I know your post is old and you may have figured it out by now but for those out there who are having this problem may want to know this. Replace your upstream Oxygen sensor. My 99 Dakota went for a few months bucking and surging until it warmed up. I had to stomp on the gas or momentarily put it in neutral to get it to behave. The fuel/air mixture is trying to lean itself out and thus causing your symptoms. Eventually the check engine light came on. It was a bad O2 sensor. You must replace it with a factory MOPAR part!!! Do a basic tune-up...replace your plug wires, distributor cap and coil. Clean your throttle body. Replace the Throttle Position Sensor(TPS) and pvc valve. This will cost you in parts about $150 and you can do this stuff yourself.
  • I have been slowly working my way through the list of things to replace on my 97 dodge dakota. It was stalling out and not wanting to start replaced the Anti shut off relay ran good for about 50 miles.... then it would die and not start unless I took the key out and flicked the door locks 5 times....limped her home took out the anti theft system she started right up:) drove 1/4 of a mile and died again:( took out the IAC replaced it along with putting a new throttle body gasket on too. She had a bad coolant leak so I replaced all rad. hoses... found a bad bypass hose and decided to change the fan clutch, water pump, thermo etc. and noticed a gummed up PCV replaced that and a vac. line. She started up ran great for about 125 miles now she is being picky about when she will start:( She has a new battery, O2 sensor, ignition coil and crankshaft sensor. I think my next step will be the TPS Throttle position sensor located on the side of the throttle body. Anyone have any other suggestions? I just got her about 2 months ago and the engine sounds great, she looks clean and straight inside and out just have to figure out these kinks:) :sick: :confuse:
  • vwilkesvwilkes Posts: 1
    You may check the fuel pressure gauge up to it and while driving up hill see if fuel pressure drops. If it drops something could've got into the tank If going uphill it could cause the object to restict the fuel pickup which would be indicated if you have a fuel gauge hooked up to it..... Hope this helped....
  • dwessondwesson Posts: 1
    edited July 2015
    HELP ME DUSTY PLEASE!!!!! 7/15/015
    My son has a 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport and when we bought it the idol was high. Well we bought a new battery and the idol went to normal. Now it will shut off going down the road or at a stop sing or red light. Sometimes if you wait 5 mins it will crank right back up but most of the time you have to wait a long time until the motor completely cools off then it will crank up and drive fine. My son always has problems in the evening time coming home from work. About 2 or 3 times a week this happens it will not jump off. The engine will turn over but will not crank like the battery is dead but it has a new battery. We have replaced the battery again the crankshaft sensor and another sensor I can't remember that one. The problem was fine for about 2 weeks now the same thing is happening again. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME TO KEEP WASTING SO MUCH MONEY. [Email removed]
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