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Dodge/Plymouth Neon Maintenance and Repair



  • I don't have my headlights on in the daytime.... any other suggestions?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • did you ever figure it out because mine has the same problem
  • I bought a neon from the auction and the car has not ran since I got it home. When I first got it, it would die when come to a stop. I have since replaced the catalytic converter the exhaust pipes the transmission and the battery. I still can't get the car to run the cat lights up red when the car is first started on a cold start. Does anyone have any suggestions for this problem.
  • 2000 Dodge Neon makes screaming noise when accelerated. Sounds like the belt but have heard it could be water pump.
  • dsj1979dsj1979 Posts: 2
    well its about time to answer questions I geuss.

    ok for those looking for loud noises find a brick on accelerator and apply the gas pedal while car is in park or neutral while hood on car is up till squealing noise is going on. Dont!!!! do this for long go to the front locate where noise is coming from if and I believe it is sound should come from left front near head light area thats water pump buy refurbished one and be prepared to pay about 300 in repairs tire has to be removed then wall then peices of motor and the antifreeze has to be drained. Not fun had it done.
  • Hey there! I also have a 2005 Neon SXT. I had the exact same problem! For about 2 weeks when it started to occur, I found that putting the car in NEUTRAL then turning the car off for about 10 seconds and turning it back on would quickly fix the problem (for a few hours). I know that is not ideal but it worked for me.

    I then took my car to the shop and got the CO2 sensor replaced and the KNOCK sensor replaced and it fixed the problem. Exactly 1 year later the same thing started happening again. I got the same 2 sensors replaced and it has not happened since (about 5 years now). For the 2 sensors and labor it cost me about $300 total each time. Hope this helps!

    FYI - I love this little car! However, mine has A TON of electrical problems!!

    @neonproblem said:
    Have a 2005 Neon SXT in the shop for 3 weeks now, dealer can not find problem, has even contacted Chrysler for advice but they can not fix it. Runs fine until I get to 63 mph then cruise control shuts off and it will not go any faster. Code P0340 (cam position sensor) came up when we took it in so the cam sensor was replaced, didn't fix the issue

  • So my daughter put a quart of atf in her engine. Will it hert her engine
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