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Brand new 2008 Pilot overheated and already in shop...

Steph1079Steph1079 Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Honda
My husband and I purchased a new 2008 Honda Pilot EX-L a month ago. It was new, had 30 miles or so on it. Drove great till end of last week. We were in the drive thru and it overheated. Smoke was pouring out of the hood - all with 30 day tags still on it! :(

Dealership was great. Two associates met us with another vehicle for us to drive & called the tow truck. Talked to the mechanic Friday and he said it was a faulty fuse box. Something didn't trigger it to cool down, so it started releasing steam however it could. Coolant, fluids were gone.

I looked online & saw where 08s were recalled 4 times b/c of overheating.
I'm hopeful that this was a one time occurence, but afraid that we have a lemon!

I have just never heard of a new Honda being in the shop so fast.


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