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Buying a Used Murano



  • DON'T DO IT. THE CVT SUCKS!!!! The extended warranty is proof of that alone. I bought a 2010 rogue and the CVT crapped out on me on my way home from vacation. We got stuck overnight. They're replacing it at 3000 miles...but this was with hassle. I'm worried about getting it back to be honest. It is not safe when your vehicle loses acceleration on a highway after slowing down to pay a toll or when you pull off the highway to fill up and try to get back onto the highway only to not have any power.
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    My lease will be up in a few months on my 2008 Nissan Sentra. It's actually been a very good car. But I miss driving an SUV. I had Jeeps for about 10 years but got tired of how rough they drove and the problems they had. I'm now interested in buying an SUV that drives like a car. The reviews I've read on the Murano have been pretty good. Of course, there's pros and cons about every car out there. I'm looking for a midsize, comfortable and nice riding SUV. I'm thinking about a loaded 2007 as opposed to a 2009 or '10, which would cost much more. Any input anyone has would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!

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