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Suzuki Grand Vitara (2009 - current)



  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    I didn't do the analysis myself, but I've read someone's comments that the '09 improvement in Suzuki's JDP reliability rating is because the inclusion of the disastrous Daewoo rebrand models has "timed out".

    Unfortunately, Suzuki's Canadian sales for June were down something like 78% over 2008, the worst of all the brands. They aren't typically that bad, though. I haven't heard of any Suzuki dealers closing in the Vancouver area, though no doubt it's not fat city for them.
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    The Dae-WOE Verona didn't make it to the '07 model year in the US, nor, I think? did it here either? Definitely not in the lineup here in '08. The barest of bare bones Daewoo Swift penalty box was still sold in '08 though, wasn't it, and still now too? Haven't been interested enough to check on that.

    Older posts indicated "the real" Suzuki Swift was due here for the 2010 model year. That must still be true as they sure desperately do need it in the lineup. In upmarket form, it's considered a real "pocket rocket" where it is sold in the rest of the world. Adios DaeWOE, asap, and bring us that world market, modern Jimney replacement, when you get around to building it, Suzuki.

  • I am considering the 09 GV and have been strongly cautioned not to go through with it due to reliability. I have had a hard time finding anything more than a few specific negatives but Suzukis aren't very prevalent here in the lower 48. I was wondering what you think now that you have had your 09 for almost six months. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    If you check Consumers Reports, you'll find the GV is not as good as a Rav4 or CRV for reliability, but like most modern cars it's still pretty good. Some say that CR hates Suzuki and their reviews reflect this. An unbiased source is Michael Karesh's true delta dot com, where the GV is about average.
  • All 2010 GV's get standard Navi., which seems yet another tip of Suzuki's hat towards "the mainstream of the marketplace" as they continue to aparently envision same. Without knowing yet, on the other hand I'd venture a guess there will still be no skid plates available as an option for the longer [now] term NGV core customer. Once again, go figure... Suzuki GV value to those core customers is primariarly measured in terms of "trinket content" vs. the availability of "out there doin' it" capable equipment, not even being able as an option...? As an interested observer only at this point, I'd like to hear what NGV loyalists think about that...

    Future CUV market leader? Honda has announced a delay in the release of it's next Civic replacement. What does that have to do with CUV pioneer Suzuki? The next Civic model is delayed owing to Honda's decision to make a somewhat smaller, lighter, (and hence obviously more efficient), AND ALSO less costly, (it is claimed), replacement. Hang in there... SO as their Element AND CR-V models are loosely based on the Civic chassis, ditto, those two models will downsize a bit while becomming ever more sophisticated and economical, (it goes without saying). There is no doubt Toyota has to be pondering that info and how it will affect the future of the RAV 4. But what about Suzuki?

    The new Kizashi midsized car. Yes, its made it to market, and in its finished form I have to say it looks like a potential winner. Rather than the rad concept version, it looks impressively mainstream but more sporty than the now terminally dull Camry, or the giant Accord. They say its the most important intro in the Co's North American history, and there can be little doubt many marbles are bet on its success. In Europe they will get an "Estate" version, (read: wagon), a config which along with it's available AWD option, well if it ever got here, it would be cool, eh?

    So where does all this leave the NGV? Speculating/wishing here, first the sharing of the styling DNA of the successful SX-4 and the new Kizashi mid sized sedan, is obvious to the seasoned observer. So where is [this] going? Imagine a NGV somewhat smaller replacement new CUV based on this chassis, or?, incorporating the SX-4 and Kizashi styling cues, while adding in all of the NGV's toughness and O/R capability. Lots of wishful thinking there?, undoubtably, but it seems pretty clear what the future of the segment will look like once the next gen CR-V hits the road. Smaller, (somewhat), lighter, and hence more efficient and ever more environmentally friendly. Hope Zuke will still be a player with an all new updated, (AND RENAMED), CUV model, (one true to its roots), as the decade ahead unfolds.
  • I've had my GV for a few months now, and had a few "oil related" questions that some of you veterans may have knowledge about:

    1. When I took the GV into the Dealer for its 7500 Mile service and they changed the oil, the dealer put 10W-30 oil, even though the Owner's Manual calls for 5W-30. The Service Mgr said that for our area (San Antonio, TX) and because of the hot summers, it was OK to use the heavier oil and that it wouldn't affect the warranty. Does this sound right to everybody out there? :confuse:

    2. In looking at the Owner's Manual, there are directions for changing the oil and oil filter for a 4 cylinder engine. However, for the V6, there's a note that says to go to the dealer to change the oil filter. Is it that hard to change the oil filter? I presume there's a skid plate or something that has to be removed, but it shouldn't be that tough. :confuse:

    3. Is there a source for a repair manual for the 2009 GV? I've looked online at Chilton, Haynes, and Suzuki Accessories and haven't found anything yet for the 2009. Does such an animal exist? :confuse:

  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    You've been waiting a long time for an answer.
    10W30 is fine for your area. I'm sure the manual gives a few alternatives for the climate you drive in.
    I'm sure the 09 and 06 are the same for changing the filter. It's not easy. Just make sure your engine is cool because you need to reach up inside the motor to grab the filter and oil will get on you. Once you have the GV jacked up high enough, remove the plastic cover underneath the motor. They are little pop rivets that come out easily. You'll see the drain plug. The filter is high up inside and will take a bit of maneuvering around to get the right angle.
    Can't help you with the manual.
    Good luck!
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    I posted this in the 06 to 08 section since it didn't give a model year. All the same I guess. -suv-money-pits/
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    That's an interesting article. Thanks for posting the link.

    But the CRV is hardly a replacement for someone who needs the Grand Vitara's 4wd system with low range, or perhaps towing capability.

    As for the Patriot being equivalent to the Liberty, the Liberty is a fully capable 4wd while the Patriot is fairly light-duty by comparison.

    Certainly people who buy more rugged 4wd's for the image could save money, but you can't send a Forester to do what some people would need a Grand Vitara for. I'll happily pay extra for the GV's vastly more secure handling on winter highways, for instance.

    My own used car price surveys show that in my area, used Foresters and Escapes sell for the lowest proportion of purchase price for the cuv's.
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    edited August 2010
    Time to dust off cobwebs. The "bet the farm on its success" Kizashi midsized car did not yield the intro year sales figures Suzuki hoped for. It will be tweaked in the front end styling and suspension departments a bit for '11, in an effort to... Regarding the GV, I saw a report stating that a downstream effect of the loss of its GM partnership deal, has resulted in Suzuki having to drop the 3.2l six as an option for 2011. Though I still think the four is adequate for most uses, (but not for towing a large load, for instance), if this info is accurate, it will no doubt send shock waves through the GV fraternity.

    Re: the Kizashi, yet again Suzuki has amazed me. Why oh why not to have offered a base intro rwd model with a manual transmission here in Canada, in the interest of possibly helping to attract entry level buyers for what seems to be a basically good new vehicle? But instead, in an economic climate where every potential "new to a brand consumer" would likely score 10' on the "wariness meter", instead all comers were asked to shell out 30 big ones for an awd ONLY, (take it or leave it), model. One further equipped [ONLY] with an engine response numbing CVT transmission (again, take it or leave it), with no six speed manual available, unlike in more blessed regions... Again, I just don't get it....

    2011 will see an engine upgrade in the pretty well received SX4, and maybe even the world version of the Swift will arrive some day, if anyone still cares by then. But back to the GV and Suzuki in general. Have to admit even I am now pretty close to being at a loss for words re the overall future of the brand in North America. How could they have gone so far afield from the core essence of what they uniquely once did? Just what was that? Lets see if I can remember... Oh yes, provide us with a smaller, fuel efficient, (for their day), comparatively rugged SIMPLE mini Land Rover like market niche vehicle in their model lineup. But unfortunately it seems this brand from The Land of The Rising Sun may be approaching its metaphorical sunset on these shores. I'd like to be proven wrong [on that]. Yes, again, I'd like to see that hypothetical modern larger "Jimney of my dreams", replacement "rig" appear here on the lot, but having followed the brand now since the 80's, and its many fits and now many more than one false start(s), I doubt they could even pull that rabbit out of the hat at this late date, even if they got the message. I'd like to see the Phoenix (Suzuki), arise from its bonfire, but instead I fear the legend of Icarus may be a more appropriate analogy, barring some sort of an instant "Kia like" product/marketing resurrection.

    With no joy, nwdsmn.
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    edited August 2010
    Correction re: my "2011" post: On the Kizashi mid sized car, one sentence should have read: "why not.......a base intro fwd model" (front wheel drive only model), rather than: "a base intro rwd model", of course.

    Not included were poor (US), mid year sales figure reports, and news of the closure of at least 50 dealerships down south too.

    Good news? The engine upgrade in the bread and butter SX4, (to 150hp as I recall), should make it a really entertaining drive. Also, If the GV is further refined in its 4 cylinder form, and the reliability proves to be there now as the data comes in after the significant '09 model upgrades, well, that would be progress. Further, as the low range transfer case is now standard equipment again, [FINALLY], Suzuki should consider offering an entry level "Classic" de-contented model with optional available skid plates, etc. That could help lure some of we Suzuki SUV "ex pats", back into the fold at some point in the future. For the record, if a manual transmission equipped fwd Kizashi was offered here, I would be interested enough to give it a test drive. I do respect Suzuki's bold efforts with the vehicle, and attribute part of its intro problems to the economic climate, and "up" here, to the lack of different model options.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    “I don't think it's a big surprise given their lackluster sales performance of recent years. They have have low margin, low-priced cars with small volume. That's far from the ideal combination,” said Jessica Caldwell, an analyst with auto information company

    The good news:

    "Suzuki said it will continue to honor warranties and will provide automobile parts and service through its parts and service dealer network."

    American Suzuki to file for bankruptcy, end U.S. auto sales (LA Times)
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