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Dodge Dakota problem



  • kburks60kburks60 Posts: 3
    edited June 2010
    Dodge dakota 2002 v8, Was running fine, took my son to the hospital where the truck set for 3 hours....5 miles from the hospital the truck shut off while stopped at a red light, 105 degrees out, while attempting to restatrt the RPM maxxed out, the fuel injectors kicked on dumping gas yet the truck didn't start...after sitting for 6 hours truck started ran 60 miles home but when entered drive shut down and began acting up again, it sat overnight and started just fine in the morning. When the truck warms up, the fuel pump kicks in the injectors start dumping but the truck does not start. and Rpm max out without the truck started.Noone in panama City, Florida that I've talked to has had this problem. Where should I start?
  • kburks60kburks60 Posts: 3
    I replaced the crankshaft senor and the truck started, then the check engine light came on it shut off, I restarted the truck engine light still on let it idle for a while light went out, truck started several times with no problem and no codes, test drove the truck about 40 miles with no problem, left for work got less than 2 miles truck shut off while going 40mph, check engine light on but no codes show...I guess my next step is to check wiring?I don't really want to put 600.00 minto a computer if I don't need it, I'm a single parent and need my truck to get to work.
  • sfrensfren Posts: 8
    I have a 2000 Dakota with 125,000 miles. After installing new tires I noticed a noise coming from the front of the vehicle only when bearing to the right when traveling down the road. As long as you are going straight or to the left no noise. When going toward the right as in a curve you hear a whine that sounds like it is coming from the tires. Had front end alignment but still the same whine or howl.I removed the Right front tire because it sounds as though it is coming from that area and the bearing hub seems to have a little play ( back and forth) in it. Is this normal or could this be the problem. If not does anyone have any idea what it might be. Thanks for any help in advance.
  • papadsgirlspapadsgirls Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    our 2002 dakota has a panic alarm constantly going off! We have disconnected the horn so we can drive it, but we can't get it to stop! It does this just when we crank the truck! Didn't know the truck had the panic alarm since we didn't get any remotes when we bought it! Any ideas to get this to shut off! I have already tried the key in the door, tried to disconnect the battery, pulled fuses, and nothing has stopped it!
  • Ok I have a 2002 Dodge Dakota heres the problem I am having it will crank but will not start but a very few times it will start but not start again but when it dont wanna start none of the gauges will work and the millage will flash and say NO BUS? Here are some of the things I have tried so far bought new battery terminals And rented a code reader from auto zone and no codes where shown Then I Turned the ignition off. Pressed and held the odometer/trip button while turning igntion to "on" without turning it to the "start" position. And Continued to held the button for 10 seconds...until I seen the odometer window display "CHEC". If there was a problem, a three digit code will appear. And these 3 different codes came up 920, 921 What else can I do HELP!!!!!!
  • I totally agree with you there... I had to replace both of my front wheel bearings only because other parts put strain on them. The driver's side went because of a bad brake rotor and caliper that more or less tore it apart, and the passenger went because of a bad lower ball joint that angled the tire adversely and caused a lot of heat, and my truck has over 180000 miles on it
  • I'm not a car expert, but I am a computer expert, and when the most basic operation that runs through the on board computer won't work, I'd have to say that might or might not be the problem. try going to a scrapyard, taking a computer out of a matching dakota, and seeing if that fixes anything. I had a 1990 Toyota Camry that got hit by lightning a few times and the thing acted like it had multiple personality disorder sometimes, running too rich or too lean, telling me I had multiple different lights and trouble codes and then just shutting off, and that is what my problem was.
  • Yesterday I did some maintenance on my 2005 Dakota including pulling the battery cables off and cleaning them up. When I put the battery cables back on and started the truck it started perfect. But I noticed the headlights were on even though the switch was off. Then I noticed the digital odometer was out, the oil pressure and temp gauges were out, the radio was out, no dash lights. The turn signals don't work, the hazards don't work and worst of all I can not put the truck in gear because the brake switch isn't working. There was absolutely no symptoms of trouble prior to the battery cables being cleaned and being put back on. I figured I would have to re tune the radio stations. This is a 2 WD 4 door quad cab Dakota with about 95K mileage. Any ideas? I checked all the fuses but they are all good.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    "NO BUS" means a loss of communication with the computer. The other problems you mention are also symptoms of a failing computer.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • have u tried a regular code reader auto zone does it for nothing u might a mfg code
  • Hey everyone.

    I hope I've posted this in the correct forum section. If not, please forgive me. I couldn't find the troubleshooting/problems section.

    Anyways, I own a 2005 Dodge Dakota (salvage title, I bought it from a car mechanic off of craigslist), of which the headlight (driver side) has gotten foggy. It's certainly not as transparent as the passenger side light. At first I wasn't sure why one was foggy and the other wasn't, but then I took a closer look at the foggy light and noticed a small crack on the outside casing. I believe this crack has allowed moisture to enter the light. I've heard of people restoring their headlights with special DIY kits, but I've decided to take the route of simply replacing the light with an aftermarket light from an online store. I found two sites that I particularly liked, but I'm unsure of whether or not they are legitimate businesses. Furthermore, I don't want to fall prey to a scam. Has anyone purchased from either of these sites and can verify that they are a legitimate business? The following parts match the oem number of the one I need. Thanks in advance. D-LIGHT-LH-DRIVER-W/O-BLACK-BEZEL-%28OEM-55077607AB%29-for-your-autos-.html
  • I have a 2010 Dakota(4.7L V8, auto, 4x4, crewcab, flueflex, 51500km) that I am taking to the dealership on monday to have the drivers door looked at as whenever I hit a hard bump driving in town I started to hear that the door wasn't closing all the way however when I lock my doors it stays locked just really notice it when I hit a hard bump in the road. Still have bumper to bumper on her for another 8000+km but was just wondering if it is going to be an on going issue or just wear and tear. I had also gone and read up on other trucks with the issue and tried the methods that were mentioned such as have the outside handle as it was open then turn the latch and still is doing it, truck also is in a parkaid as it has been close to -50 here in north western Canada for about a week or 2 as well while i was trying that method out I noticed that the 3 L key bolts were loose so i just tightened them by hand just incase the dealership wouldn't cover it if it had been tampered with.

    Also unrelated I have been hearing a bit of a knocking sound from the front wheels while driving and checked for ice but it still happens in the warmer weather. I had heard the same type of noise before on my 91 Ford Explorer and my 92 Explorer which were both 4x4 as well any ideas what that might be whether its the breaks or something like that or something more such as issues from the 4x4 or anything.

    I know I had just said and was asking for quite a bit but if anyone as an answer or any idea to what may have caused these issues please let me know!!!!

    Lets hope its not to much lol, but from what I was reading on here haven't read anything or anyone having much 2010 Dakota issues so I'm hoping thats a good sign as its a nice little truck.
  • We have a 2010 dodge Dakota we just got it about four months ago and right away we had trouble with the steering when we turn to the right it catches and have to pull hard to get it to release have had it in shop three times the answer from them is to drive it anyway but I'm afraid something is going to break does anyone maybe have an idea what it could be

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