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VW New Beetle (Pricing & Information)



  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    Have you bought or plan to buy a New Beetle? If not, what are you driving these days?
  • PAM2,I just purchased a 98 Toyota Sienna LE several months ago.Owr second car is a 91 Corolla.My wife loves the new beetle,but we are not ready to replace the corolla yet,only at 67,000 miles.Will look at the Beetle in a few years when it's time to replace it. Maybe by then they will have a sports performance package Beetle,because I don't want another s l o w car like the corolla. Personally I like the new Toyota Solara, 2 doors & 200 hp .Trouble is my wife usually gets her way !!
    By the way ,we have 2 kids (ages 5 & 9 ),so we will need a back seat (thats why we got the Sienna,and boy does it cut down on the fights for teritory in the back seat).
  • laturjlaturj Posts: 45
    for what you get the NB is not extra money, you get more stuff for more money, that is if you are paying list. So it is more car for more money than other cars for less money.
  • Pam2,
    The 1.8T New Beetle will have 150hp turbocharged engine, leather upholstery, a speed sensitive spoiler (that activates at 40mph) much like the spoiler on the new Porsche's (when the car is parked the spoiler is invisible). Also, refinements are being made to the handling for the bigger engine. This will be the poor man's enthusiast's car of the decade - a mini Porsche is you will. According to recent posts, only 1500 will ge made for 99.
    The price will be est. 19,500.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    Having had my Bright Blue TDI NB since May with virtually no problems I can say only 1 thing; What a Great car!!! Plain and simple.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I've notice more OBs (old Beetles!) on the roads as well and I've wondered whether there really are more of them or if the whole NB phenomenom makes us notice more of them.

    And yes, I'm still smiling and waving when I see a NB. I think one of the most interesting things about it is that the driver really seems to be sitting in the middle of the car, vice the first 1/3 of the car in other models. I don't know if this observation makes any sense... Anyway, it looks like folks are driving around in bubbles or Easter eggs - sounds funny and it makes us laugh!

  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    I heard that there is a company in California that is converting the regular NB's into convertibles by cutting off the roof and installing a convertible top. Apparently they charge $10,000 to do this and are doing 200 a month.

    Anyone else hear about this? Any comments?
  • slchanslchan Posts: 11

    I haven't seen any convertible NB's yet out here. I'll definitely let you know when I do!

    Re: sitting in the middle,

    My guess is the VW engineers had that distinctive arc shape as the focus of their NB blueprints. To get maximum arc, they moved the windshield forward and the rear window back. This leaves the driver's seat centered front to back. Also, notice that the NB is much taller than other hatchbacks. This keeps the arc in a fairly true half-circle.

    So, driving around, I guess I *do* look somewhat like the yolk of the eggmobile. :O)
  • bruticusbruticus Posts: 229
    Pam2: The company is most probably Straman. This guy has spent like the last 10-20(?) years reworking vehicles into droptop form-he is often the resource companies like Ferrari use when they want to develop convertible forms of cars. Really rich people with expensive coupes send the car and ~$15k to Richard Straman, and about a month later a truck delivers a convertible right to the owner's door. Straman does everything inhouse--CAD-work on the droptop design, torsion testing, chassis reinforcement etc etc. There is one job in particular that he did a few years back that got him into the pages of (I think) Road/Track--he converted some sort of Ferrari--apparently the owner wanted the car in droptop, but Ferrari didn't make it that way, so this guy gave the car to Straman, and a little later Ferrari began producing their own convertible that wasn't too far off from Straman's.

    Check the Web-I'm certain he is out there somewhere. Just use a decent search engine and send it after "Straman convertibles."

    Hope it helps.

    Later all

  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    After reading Carlady's post, I saw a white New Beetle this morning (my first white spotting) and noticed for the first time that the driver DOES look like he's sitting in the middle. But maybe part of this is illusion due to the shape of the car. When I looked at other cars closely, the driver looks to be pretty much in the middle, too, but it's not as obvious because of the shape of the car. Except for big SUV's and pickups, of course. Very interesting...
  • KawiKawi Posts: 14
    CNN did a story on that the other day.
    It's on their website:
    Beetle convertible
  • slchanslchan Posts: 11
    cool story! they look great!
    thanks, Kawi!!
  • I have a question for anyone willing to help me out. I won a 1998 VW Beetle. I love the cars but the taxes are going to kill me and so I really can't keep it. I'm supposed to go the dealer next week to pick it up and at that point tell him whether I'm taking it home or getting the cash value. Here is the problem. I need to know if there is a place I can get a fair estimate on the value of the car before I go in to the dealer because I'm afraid they may not give me a "fair" cash value. Any suggestions. I'm not sure whether I might be better off taking it home and trying to sell it myself.
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    How did you win a New Beetle? How much are the taxes? Are they really that expensive that you couldn't handle them?

    Even though I'm not a huge fan of the NB, I think I'd keep it if I won one!! At least for awhile...
  • Well unfortunately it's not the sales taxes that are the problem but I have to pay income taxes on it since I won it. SO you figure I'll be dishing out about 6000 bucks to uncle Sam in February which I don't have readily available. TO be honest with you I've been in the process of buying a weekend car (that means CHEAP) and am not really willing to dish out the $$ for the insurance and parking lot. (Alas, I live in NY city)
  • To answer your first question, I'm looking at buying a little car for weekend use (I'm actually looking at a Honda Civic Si Hatchback '90 possibly) and as a joke I saw a sweepstakes in the paper and told my husband I was going to enter and win. Well it happened. I got the call yesterday. Weird huh?
  • wpeng1wpeng1 Posts: 12
    i doubt if VW will price the 1.8t NB with only $19.5k, since the GLS has been up to 17K. With leather, sunroof,biger tires and spoiler, it's already 19k. They won't charge anything for the new engine? i guess probably around 21k. although i have seen 19.5k from several of resources. any comment on this?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    bernyau, you can certainly use the new pricing data here at Edmunds to come up with a fair market value on the NB you won. Be sure you know what model, any special additions, etc.

    I would think that the "fair market value" they report to the IRS if you take the car whould be exactly the same amount of money they would give if you decline the car. So the taxes you would owe on this "gift" would be the same. But then, I'm not a CPA -- it might be worth it to consult one.

  • I quoted the price of the 1.8T Beetle from the "Scott VW" web site. They seem to know more than most but again it's only an estimate, as the car is not in production and won't be until January 99. If the demand is high, I suspect dealers will want more. For an even handed report on the New Beetle, read the latest "Consumer Reports" issue. Very impressive performance - trounced the competition.
  • laturjlaturj Posts: 45
    what are beetles selling for in the newspaper in New York

    at times the market has been much higher than dealer price, so you might make a few bucks selling it yourself.
    and you could drive it for a while, it's fun.
    if the color is rare, you could also get more $$ for it. (what is the color)
  • pinheadpinhead Posts: 33
    I live in Northern New Jersey ( 25 mins. from NYC) Both of the dealers that I went to were asking MSRP and no premiums for color.

    The 1.8 T will be available in both GLS and GLX the difference in cost between the trim levels can be quite a bit. I ordered a NB 1.8T last June needless to say when I placed my order there was no choice between GLS or GLX. Let's be honest here it will be whatever VW chooses to make. The fly in the ointment for the GLX will be the sunroof. As of early Oct they still weren't producing any NBs with sunroofs. But hey, the 1.8T doesn't go into production until Jan. so who knows?! I guess I'll find out when I get mine. But I honestly don't think that I will see mine until next summer even though I am #6 on the list at a very high volume dealer(better allocation).

    Lots of NBs in this area. I will usually see 3or 4 a day. Seen the 99s on the road already too.

    As posted earlier, that really was a great write up by Consumer Reports.They gave it an overall rating of VG boardering on E. This rating beat "all the other small two-door cars we've tested.."
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Many thanks to all of you for bringing so much interesting information and new perspectives! That's what makes the Town Hall great!!

  • pinheadpinhead Posts: 33
    Only 1,500 1.8Ts?? NOT TRUE. This was just a rumour. VW of America spokesperson Tony Fouladpour said on Oct. 28 that the car would not be produced in such a low limited quantity and that the production run would be much higher. End of rumour.
  • As I am #8 on the list here for a New Beetle GLX, I am thrilled to hear the news. Pinhead, you must survey the same web sites that I do. It's a shame that there is so little info on these popular VW models. VW's web site contains little info and one must rely on hearsay.
  • pinheadpinhead Posts: 33
    FEH, what part of the country do you live in? What color did you request? (VOA told me that they won't be making cars to order.) I requested silver and that is why I don't expect to get mine until the middle of the production. Popular color choice!

    One technical difference between the current NB and the 1.8T powered NB will be TRACTION CONTROL.

    If you read the specs on the VOA site carefully you will find most of the details that describe the differences between the GL GLS and the GLX. But FEH you are absolutely right, there is nothing on the site that will draw your attention to the 1.8T like the way VW does with the GTI.

    FEH, have you checked out the Beetle Buzz site? Great info and pictures!!
  • Pinhead,
    I live in Charleston, SC. Went by the dealer here today and the regional rep was in the back. The latest news - they will receive the first GLX's in February. My dealer will receive 3 per month and by April or May, I will have mine. As per your post, will have to take what they have or your in for a long wait - at least here. Drove a 98 today - what a wonderful driving experience. Beetle Buzz is my favorite web site and the most informative.
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    I saw the unthinkable last night... A NB that had been involved in a fender bender. It was at night on a bridge, the NB rear-ended someone. Strange looking site, the "Bug eyes" were dangling from the front, all akimbo and pointed up.

    All I could think of was, "Poor Herbie". I had that picture book when I was a kid...

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    sniff, sniff.... :-(((

  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    A poster in the VW Passat forum is very well connected, he had a 1-on-1 talk with a national VW rep, seems VW is really in no hurry to produce the 1.8T NB when they are selling every Standard Bug as fast as they can make them. I don't recall who, but a few earlier posters comented that they had already ordered their 1.8T's, I am afraid you might be in for a long wait.

    New cars are my hobby, I monitor MANY MANY forums on edmunds, I think I have heard it all. I always cringe when someone posts that they have been put on the list for the latest, unreleased auto. I am at a loss as to how anyone can be so excited to be put on a "list" for a car that they have never driven, and, sometimes, isn't even in production yet. Specifically, in the HONDA SSM roadster forum, a poster bragged how he was on the list for one of these fabulous new roadsters that won't even be coming to North America for at least 6 months. I can't help but think that if I walked into any dealership and asked to be put on the waiting list for the latest hot new show car, that he would be happy to write my name on a piece of paper, even if he new I might never see it. Is this jsut something for bragging rights? I don't get it.

    Sorry for the rant, but I think that it is important to remember that a dealer's "waiting list" for a car that isn't even in production yet is nothing to get too excited about, in the best case scenario, you will be waiting for 6-12 months for your new car, the worst case scenario is that you have been duped.

    Carefull out there! VW is having tremendous problems meeting demand on the fabulous new Passat and the excellent New Beetle, so they are retooling a different factory to DOUBLE production of both these cars in the near future. Perhaps then, dealers will stop gouging buyers for these great new Volkswagon Automobiles.
  • Sporin,

    If you walked up to a crowded deli counter would you take a number?

    There is also more to it than just writing your name on a piece of paper. Somehow I remember leaving a deposit( refundable ) and leaving with a "Retail Order". By doing so when the NB that I requested comes in I will have the opportunity to either buy it or not. If I don't buy it then the dealer calls the next person on the list. The key is that if you are not on the list you proberly won't get the call. I went through the same thing this past spring. I was on the list for both the M-B ML320 and the Lexus RX300. Drove them both then said No to M-B and Yes to Lexus. And yes, I am very happy with it. Getting on the list for a NB doesn't have me "bragging" rather it has me excited. Excited that one day MY number will be the next one to be called...

    " silver NB to go please, pickle on the side."
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