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VW New Beetle (Pricing & Information)



  • funroadsfunroads Posts: 49
    Does anyone have any info on if/when VW is planning on offering a convertible version of the new bug?
    I knew eventually it would happen.
    Can't wait to see it!
  • kaholmeskaholmes Posts: 1
    That's called Mojave Beige. In Houston they're few and far between, but they are attractive. Might be the only reason I'd consider a black interior in the heat of summer. It may have started as a limited edition color, but there's no extra charge for it.

    I've been shopping for awhile and have found dealers very laid back, like maybe the niche hasn't yet played itself out here. Seems like they think if you want a NB, price isn't important - or maybe because I haven't bought a new car in years, things have just changed in dealerships.

    Anyone have info on their experiences in Texas, especially Houston?

    Thanks all. . .
  • seloveselove Posts: 12
    Three weeks ago i purchased a new green 2001 GL Beetle. The comments provided on edmund's sites were invaluable, so I thought I would share my experiences also.

    I rushed into the buying process because I blew my car up(an 89 Dodge omni with 150,000) -- well, cracked the cylinders anyway. I had started doing serious new car research in the fall of 2000 because I knew the end was near for the poor thing.

    The beetle was at the top of my list, so after the old car blew, I started shopping. The salesman I talked to at my nearest dealership (Dover VW in Delaware) was a total jerk. I told him I would be purchasing within a week and wanted to take a "long" test drive. His response "no way am I letting you take it on the highway! I'll let you take the standard test drive, but that's it."

    I took my business elsewhere. Smith VW (in wilmington Delaware) was more than happy to let me take the tester out for as long as I wanted; and so I took at long 40 mile drive down the highway (take THAT, dover VW!).

    I was pressured into buying before the end of the month. I test drove the car on Tuesday, May 29 and the salesman let me know that the special 6.9 APR financing would expire on May 31, so of course, I should buy right away.

    The realist in me realized that, given the current economy, VW would probably extend special financing. However, I needed a car, so i went ahead with the deal the next day, just in case.

    I sat down with the salesman on Wednesday (after having a panic attack when I pulled into the lot) and he said "I'm not going to haggle with you. How much do you want to pay." I said 16,100 (100 or so dollars less than Edmund's true market value). he said ok.

    They had the car for me the very next day (they had to get it from some dealership in NJ).

    So far, no problems, and the car is great. I've never owned a decent used car, let alone a NEW car, so its taken some getting used to. AND, I'm finding myself parking in the "paranoid new car owners" parking at the mall etc.

    In three weeks, I've put almost 2000 miles on the car, with no real problems. Gas mileage is averaging a disappointing 28 mpg, with mostly highway driving (albeit at 75-80 mph). So far, the problems noted are that the vent symbols don't light up (they did in the tester I drove) and i think the washer fluid jets are mis-aimed a bit (most of the washer sprays over the top of the car).

    Best thing about the car: the ability to make children punch eachother by simply driving by.

    2nd best thing: I can always find it in the parking lot. :}

    I'm disappointed that beetle owners seem to not wave at eachother. I've passed two tother green beetles so far and we've waved. Other beetles, nada. What's the deal with that?

  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    And congratulations on your New Beetle! Sounds like you did your research and got a very good deal. We appreciate hearing the details of your test drive/purchase... , and look forward to hearing more about your ownership experience. Happy Motoring! ;-)

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  • canoolacanoola Posts: 6
    You are one charming Beetle owner!
  • jazz15jazz15 Posts: 2
    You know what it's like. It's your first new car and you have to make it last, even beyond your car payment period. I know that no car is perfect and risk is inevitable.

    The goal is to have maximum performance with affordable maintainance. From what I understand, you spend $600 annually on a gas engine for tune-ups and such. What would the annual fee be on a TDI and on a gas (2.0L 115hsp)?

    My concerns on the TDI:

    1. the life span of the turbo....when it goes it costs about $4000 with labor How long should the turbo last?

    2. Someone has mentioned the injection pump, the heart of the engine. What is its average life span?

    3. Someone else above had a TDI for only a year and the relay killed the glow plugs. Is this common or is this a fluke car?

    4. What is your fuel system service fee annually?

    But I know the TDI has excellent mileage and diesel engines are in long lasting work vehicles. And I enjoyed the ride.

    Which one overall will have higher maintenance, the GLS TDI automatic or the GLS (2.0L) automatic? Which one will be the greater investment?

    I know the TDI has an injection pump, which is about $1600, whereas the gas GLS has a regular fuel pump. The TDI also has a turbo, which is very expensive to replace, but the service men (who work for the dealers) tell me that if you keep up with everything, that you should be fine. Can you confirm this?

    Please give guidance. Thank you.
  • seloveselove Posts: 12
    Why am I "a charming NB owner" !?!
  • Hi! I'm new to the board so please forgive me if this has been discussed ad nauseum: Do you know if there are any plans for (1) in-dash CD, (2) hybrid engine? I would love to have a beetle with these. Thanks for any help...
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    For 2002, the new warranty will be 4 years 50K miles bumper to bumper and 5 years 60K powertrain.
  • seloveselove Posts: 12
    critternut --

    I haven't heard whether a hybrid engine is planned for the beetle or not, but you might be interested to know that the beetle was originally designed to be a hybrid or electric vehicle. The car was designed in a beetle body so that it would be "familiar".

    I also believe that VW is testing a vehicle in Europe that gets 70+ mpg; so I think they have the technology.

    There is some action in congress currently that will raise fuel economy standards; mostly for light trucks, but it may have some impact on passenger cars as well. I'd love to see a hybrid VW. And, for the record, I would buy one in a second. (Are you listening, VW of America?)

  • kjedkjed Posts: 1
    I've looked on, and numerous VW enthusiast sites, but I can't find a feature/spec list of what comes on the Vortex Blue NB. I know it's a GLS 1.8 turbo with some extras, but dealers seem to differ in their opinion of what those are. Does anyone here know?

  • My wife and me test drove a '98 Beetle this weekend and just loved it! It's a Silver, 5-speed w/ CD changer in the trunk with 29k. Anyway the dealer said he needed to get some things looked at (oil light keeps coming on) but I was planning on purchasing it this coming weekend. After reading some of the reviews about maintance I'm not so sure. Does anyone have anything to say good about this car as far as repairs go and reliability. Thanks in advance.
  • 1badsidekick1badsidekick Posts: 135
    I have a '98 Suzuki, and want to trade it for a '99 VW New Beetle GLS 1.8 Turbo with 5 speed manual. The beetle has 21,400 miles on it, and looks and drives great! I fell in love with it as soon as I pulled out of the dealers lot and squalled tires (woops), of course, that was after spending 10 minutes trying to find reverse. I've read all of the problems and costs of fixing the beetles, but I still love the car. I do have other choices, however. If any of you have any feedback as to whether I should trade my '98 Sidekick Sport with a failing rear differential (only "major" problem I've had with it, besides radio/tape player, and lots of hardware probs, like the grill falling out on the freeway) in on a '99 Bug, tell me if I'm making a mistake. I am basically asking the same question as the guy above me here; reliability and all that good stuff. I want to get rid of a problem car, not get another one. I appreciate all advice!!!
  • guitarzan1guitarzan1 Posts: 13
    I'd just like to say that I'm sooooooo impressed with everything I've seen from Volkswagen lately, and their future direction. A while back, I wouldn't have considered a Volkswagen, being a die-hard Toyota fan. The addition of the TDI engine in several of their models really sparked my interest, especially after reading more about this engine at - I started taking a look at Volkswagen in December of 2000 and that's where the love affair began.

    The first thing that struck me was the obvious build quality of the vehicles. They're solid - not plasticky like Honda, and better designed than Toyota vehicles. The second thing that really impressed me was the driveability, and the fact that driving a Jetta or a Golf was a heck of a lot of fun - any model - from the TDI to the 1.8T was just a blast!!!! These vehicles just felt right!

    I was sold on the Jetta - I ordered a TDI. The day it came in, the salesman told me I had to check out this Beetle TDI. I had always kind of laughed at these cars in the past, thinking they we're cute, but never entertaining the thought of buying one. I decided what the heck... I went for a test drive. WOW! The Beetle was definitely the most fun to drive of the bunch, with great handling and responsive feel. It felt like a sports car... Really... Like a fine sports car, but it didn't beat you up like one. The suspension was perfectly tuned to strike a balance between comfort and "feel". Sitting in the Beetle was like sitting in a spaceship. Unlike anything I had ever driven before. I loved all the cool appointments, the ease of getting in and out of the back seat, the enormous head and leg room... What was not to like about this car? It was fun to drive, felt quicker and sportier than the Jetta and Golf, got great gas mileage, etc.. etc.. etc.. I fell in love!!!!

    That day, I drove home with the Beetle, still not believing what I had done. I loved it. To this day, I absolutely love the car. People laugh and joke about it.. but simply put, it's got to be the best car I've ever owned. I love the "Torquey" TDI engine. I average 47MPG pure city driving, and I have a blast getting to and from work, shifting through the gears, cruising down the road.... Nothing compares to the experience of driving and owning the Beetle.

    Sometimes when I get home from work, I'll sit out in the car for 15-20 minutes just jamming to tunes and enjoying life. Sometimes, I go for a drive to the store and end up cruising around for over an hour just listening to tunes and ....going with the flow, totally forgetting to go to the store. Why? I don't know. But something about the VW Beetle just makes life a little better... Know what I'm saying?

    You just can't put a price tag on that!!!

    In 7k miles, the only problems were a squeaky driver's seat and a door warning buzzer that went out - all quickly fixed by the friendly dealer, who stays open 'till midnight, and even washed my car for me! So far, I'm impressed with the whole ownership experience.

  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Thanks for sharing all the details of your purchase with us. We look forward to more about your New Beetle ownership experience. Happy Motoring!

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  • 1badsidekick1badsidekick Posts: 135
    I have changed my mind about the Beetle. I have read that they, as well as Jettas and Golfs, are certainly not made well. I hate that. That absolutely disgusts me that an automaker will make a great car, one that, much like guitarzan1, you fall in love with it by just driving it, but is inferior in reliability. That is the way it was for me when I drove the '99 GLS 1.8T. I loved the car, totally and completely loved it! I pulled back into the dealership ready to deal, but I had to bring my trade for them to look at, which was at home immovable due to a shot rear end. I was happy, I was imagining myself, while driving home in my father's Toyota T100 pickup, about actually owning and driving that Beetle, and how much fun it would be. Well, my tune oh so quickly changed when I got home, read consumer reports, and got on here at Edmunds, and saw the tremendous problems with the '98 and '99 Beetles. the newer ones may be somewhat better, but not a great deal. I bought my Suzuki Sidekick thinking it was a great, reliable car. I have had problem after problem with it, although they weren't serious until now, and it has been out of operation for over a month. My point is, if you have the money and can afford the fun and be able to repair the car when it breaks down on you, then do it! I don't have that option, I have to have a reliable car, something that will need the least amount of maintenance as possible. So, off to Toyota I go. To a less fun to drive, not as cool Toyota Tacoma truck, that is going to run me 2 grand more than the Beetle which I loved, not to mention gas milage that won't touch the beetle's 30+. Good luck with your Beetle Guitarzan1, and keep us up to date. If things change and the new beetles are much, much improved over the old ones, then I might find myself in one, ya never know.
  • I really don't have any past experience to base my opinions of the Beetle on - this is my first VW product. But I now have 7700 miles on it and it's feels solid. But I really feel for people who have problems with their vehicles - any make or model. The problem is, you can't really make a statement about the reliability of any model vehicle, because they all have the potential to either be plagued by problems or problem-free, no matter who built it.

    Incidently, since you mentioned Toyota, you should read my post in the Toyota Sienna forum about my nightmare experience with my brand new 2001 Sienna. As I type this, it is yet again in the shop - day 4 of this round - and I don't expect to see it back until next week sometime. It's been in the shop much of it's life already, and there's only 2000 miles on it. I've been a loyal Toyota owner forever, and my 2000 Tundra is flawless. But my Sienna - "the most reliable van you can buy" - has had an extreme amount of problems for a new vehicle, and I have many design complaints as well.

    Regarding the Tacoma, I personally really like the design of the PreRunner with the TRD Offroad package. This really strikes a good balance between a capable offroad vehicle, and a realistic vehicle for my area (Dallas) where you don't need an offroad vehicle. The problem is.... have you see the crash test results for the Tacoma? I'd be scared to ride in one. The Tundra on the other hand is the safest full-size truck on the market. Incidently, when I was pricing out a PreRunner (I almost bought one), I discovered that my Tundra would be less than $3,000 more expensive, and it had a V8 engine. The decision was easy.

    If you read many of the posts at, you'll find that the VW TDI is a rock-solid engine. Some people have 200,000 miles on them with just normal maintenance. I hope my Beetle will be reliable long-term... only time will tell. Based on what I've heard, VW has made great improvements over the last two years on reliability. So far, so good.

    Good luck with your Toyota! Let me know what you get.
  • Yeah, what you say is true, any car has the capabilities of having problems. Given that, I have pretty much decided, (with a little help from my wallet as well) to keep bugging Suzuki for help and just keep the Sidekick. Heck, after not having it for a month, it'll seem like I have a new car anyway! I do like the Tacoma, however, my idea on it and all Toyotas are, they are WAY overpriced, but I guess you get what you pay for. However, you didn't quite get that deal with that Sienna. I hate to hear that its been in the shop so much. People with comments like yours on their vehicles are the ones who put light at the end of my tunnel and make me think "who knows this may be the only thing that ever goes wrong with my car." So you have a Tundra? How do you like it? My dad was recently considering purchasing one, however he loves his '95 T100 SR5. Great truck, too bad it didn't last long. I also know a little about the VW TDI engines. You would not believe how long I sat and pondered on a new Jetta with the TDI. I thought, "man, I would get GREAT milage with that thing." However, Consumer Reports swayed me away from the Jetta, as well as all of VW's products with maybe the exception of the Passat, but I don't want one of those. Keep us posted on how it goes, and I wish you lots of luck! By the way, I was in the city where I drove that Beetle today, and I saw someone test driving it. It was such a fun car to drive, and it gave me tons of looks. It felt great to drive! I may wait and see how the 2001s do and maybe get one, or a Jetta 1.8T, later on. They seem like really fun cars! Good Luck!
  • seloveselove Posts: 12
    I'm sad that you have been swayed from VW. I recently purchased a 2001 beetle and have put 4000 miles on it in 2 months, with not one problem (except I'm having trouble getting all the bug guts off the front. Any ideas anybody?). My boyfriend has an 86 Golf TDI with 250,000 miles. he hasn't had any major problems; just the usual stuff you might expect from a 14 year old car.

    Consumer Reports sux. They won't give a good rating to anything, unless its a honda. Forget them ever recommending a new model car until its proven itself for at least 5 years. There are a lot of great cars out there, VWs too, that get a bad rap because people only talk about the negatives. When was the last time you saw a post on Edmunds that just said "my car is great. I haven't had any problems blah blah." ? For every person posting about problems here, there are probably 100 people with the same car who have had no trouble.

  • Are they a specialty item or are they ever going to sell them to the masses? This is the car I have been waiting for.
  • govugovu Posts: 62
    Yep, selove, the NB is adept at hitting invertebrates. Try some tar and bug remover (in a can, not the spray kind). It requires a little work, but it will take the bugs off your Bug.
  • I'm looking to buy a 2002 tdi. I can't seem to find the dealer cost of dealer add-on items such as the cd changer and the spoiler. At one time I thought that they were listed in the pricing information, but not any more. Anyone with this info? Would appreciate a reply. Thanks.
  • I'm new to this board, but I have to report my experiences with my Beetle, and they are mostly excellent. I have one of the very first '98 Beetles produced (took delivery in March '98). I have had very few problems in the 20,000 miles I have driven since. Problems: sticking driver's window, squeaky drivers seat, burnt out headlight, and alignment required. That's It. I have had so much fun driving this car for the last 3 and 1/2 years. It's a great car.
  • Hello to all on this board. I am new having just purchased a brand new 2002 Beetle GL (automatic). So far the car is wonderful. Since last Saturday, I have logged about 700 miles. I used several on-line sites to gather price information and then went shopping both via internet referral services and good ole brick and mortar stores. My goal initially was dead invoice, exclusive of advertising charges. My final price for the car was $16,751 + $99 processing charge, tags and taxes. (The bug is a 2002 GL, automatic transmission and the northeast emissions package.) The dealer also offered me 5.9% financing over 5 years. Was this a good deal? It looks like I paid about $200 over the invoice not including advertising. Some dealers show the invoice at about $16,900 with the ad fee while others show it a little less. Any opinions?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Looked at 2002 New Beetle at Team VW in Merrillville, IN and it had a sticker in addition to the factory sticker that listed additional equipment. The additional equipment included splash guards for $295.00 and paint/fabric protection for $499.00.
    Does anyone besides me feel that $295.00 for splash guards is nearly stealing? The splash guards were on a Blue GLS and they were listed as "color coordinated splash guards" and they were black. Is this color coordination?
    The Beetle also had a carbon fiber dash kit installed which was listed at $599.00.
    What do you think?
  • govugovu Posts: 62
    I've been to that dealer (Team VW) and had the same impression. Don't buy from them--send your money elsewhere. Anyone trying to charge you all of those add-ons probably also has a hand in your back pocket trying to grab your wallet.
  • Purchased a 2002 Beetle GLS about a month ago. Had the CD changer added by the dealer. Total cost was $250 for the changer + $50 for installation. My dealership charges the same amount for items advertised in their merhcandise catalog, plus add $$ for installation.
  • I purchased my 2001 GLS automatic in March and have since put 7000 miles on the car. I have not had one single problem with the car. After reading the posts I was scared to death, just waiting for something to happen. I had an 87 Jetta previously, that drove like a champ. I sincerely hope VW doesn't let me far so good.
  • I, like others, have been watching the messages with all the problems with the new beetle. I have had my Techno Blue GLX 2001 Turbo since August of 2000. I have 18000 miles on it. I have not had any problems with this car. It is my first VW. I just love the car. I handles very well. The turbo is very responsive. It is really cool to be able to move quickly in traffic when necessary. Especially in Ca., where traffic is always tight. I hope I will continue to have good luck with my "bug".
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