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VW New Beetle (Pricing & Information)



  • I cannot begin to tell you how much fun i have had in my NBs. When i got my first (1999 yellow)they were still kinda scarce. i would come out from the post office and a crowd would be gathered around my car. Everyone smiled and waved. I have a 2000 turbo, silver now. It is a fun car. Looks great, drives great, decent gas mileage, still attracts attention. as i said, i am on my second NB. the first, a 1999, had so many problems we started action under california's lemon law. plus, the sales rep misrepresented the car. the dealer saw the handwriting on the wall and swapped me out for a 2000 turbo with little discussion. The first year was great with minimal problems. this year has been scary. at 13,000 miles, the car has seen the dealer at least 2 dozen times. along with the trim problems (gas door cable, trunk problems, window switches) we have had more serious problems (check engine light, starter interlock, random lights and buzzers.) the dealer has corrected everything (door switch is broken again, have appointment next week and will be fixed) except a problem with the ignition switch. when i say scary, the dealer is very familiar with all the problems i am having. even the one he cannot fix. the good news is i am not alone, the bad news is i am not alone. the nb's seem to be having their share of problems. if you are considering the purchase of a nb, just go in with your eyes open and expect some problems. my warranty expires in a month and i am starting to regret not getting the extended warranty. i never purchase extended warranty! i have driven 3 honda accords in the last seven years with a total of two visits for service. this past year i have about two visits each month for my vw. this will be my last vw. what a shame, i had a '67 which was like the bunny - just kept going and going. this one just keeps going and going back to the shop. if you are looking to purchase a nb, check the consumer guide ratings. i can tell you from experience they are not making it up.
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