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2005 Nissan Maxima Headlight bulb replacement

papiscespapisces Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Nissan
Hello all and Merry Christmas!

My passenger's side headlight just went out today.
I have a couple of questions:

1. Is it REALLY as hard to change them as I am reading online?
2. Is there bulb ONE bulb with high/low beams or TWO seperate bulbs , 1 for hi, 1 for low? (There seems to be confusion on this...most forums say it's ONE bulb, but, there are both HI and LOW beams for sale (HI around $8 and Low between $130-300???)

Are those prices correct? My Mom said she paid about $30, installed to have hers replaced when she owned her '05 Maxima.

Thank you!


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