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Buick Enclave Bluethooth

dougaroodougaroo Posts: 6
edited July 2014 in Buick
Anyone have the bluetooth in the 2009 Enclave randomly ring? One ring, with no caller ID and quit.
Happens a lot to me and just yesterday 11 times in 2 hours.
No relationship to my synced phones, will happen even if I do not have my phones in the car. GM says they have to hear the false (random) ring. They will not accept videotape evidence and cannot tell me how they can fix the problem. They deny it's even a problem. I've only got 3500 miles on this vehicle. Seems this technology is a little flawed for thier 2009's.


  • We just purchase a 2010 Enclave CXL1.The car is great except for the bluetooth when you try to use the voice feature. It does not get the person you want to call name right and will keep asking a different contact name. We have a Verizon envy 3 only 2 months old.Tried the train your voice function on the phone as well.Any one out there have the same or similar problem.Also the blue tooth works ok when you receive a call or dial out using speed dial. Any suggestions?
  • In the end we found out it was the type of cell phone (a samsung) that created the false ringing. After swapping out for a different phone, the problem quit.
  • Has anyone experienced trouble with caller into your vehicle equipped with bluetooth hearing you talk. We have a 2010 Enclave CXL w/nav We hear the incoming caller loud and clear ,but we we respond talk back they keep telling us to speak louder and have trouble hearing us speak. we have cked Buicks web site and manual and our phones are listed on models acceptable for Bluetooth. Took to dealer had ck and said it could be the microphones , but he ck service bulletins they addressed the microphones with new part number then on same report cancelled the part No. for new micrphone. Any suggestions or Tips for dealer service dept to ck?
  • mikejlmikejl Posts: 78
    We also have a 2010 CXL w/nav. No problems at all with the Bluetooth setup - callers can hear us just fine.
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