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Infiniti EX35 Navigation System

spg12spg12 Member Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in INFINITI
I've got two peeves about the Nav system and was hoping someone had a way to address:

First off the "security feature" that doesn't allow for full navigation features (like scrolling through options or setting a new address destination) while in drive. I hear there's a way to hack the system safely - any one know of these instructions?

Second, I seem to travel to many rural areas that the nav system doesn't recognize. Any hints to getting better mapping to/from unrecognized locations would be apprecitaed. Thanks


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    rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    The only other way to get more map data is to buy their updates. For the EX you buy them from navteq.com/. When you buy the disc you get a coupon which you then take it to the dealer and they'll update it. Might want to have the CDDB database updated to the latest version. You can't update the system yourself.
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    Firebird_EOUFirebird_EOU Member Posts: 250
    Can you use voice commands to enter destination while vehicle is in motion?
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    mjr2umjr2u Member Posts: 13
    You are somewhat correct in saying that you cannot enter or change the destination in the NAV system while the car is in Drive. To clarify, while it is true that you cannot change the destination parameters using the touch screen or controller, you CAN change the NAV system using VOICE commands while driving.

    I just purchased a 2010 EX Journey edition last Friday, and at first was disappointed when I learned about the "in-motion" limitations. However, when my Salesperson demonstrated, and then I subsequently used, the system later on, using the Voice Commands, it actually works quite well, and it is safer....you don't take your eyes off the road as much as a manually addressed system.

    A couple of tips when using Voice Recognition (and these are also mentioned in the manual): Keep the interior environment as quiet as you can. Lower the Air Conditioner, or roll up windows to prevent rushing wind from obscuring the sound of your voice to the system. Speak clearly and in a normal tone and speed - don't pause between words. Learn the "key words" that are listed in the manual. There aren't that many, and this improves the system's accuracy in determining the correct function and what you are trying to accomplish. VR has improved greatly in the last few years, and it's actually fun to use! :D

    As for a "safe hack" - I don't know any information about that, but I would think that hacking any system might void your warranty. :sick:
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    simon949simon949 Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me the basics of using the navigation system in my wife's 2010 EX35 ?

    The sipler the better !!!
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