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GMC Yukon Denali/XL Autoride Suspension



  • Hi... I recently purchased a 2004 Yukon Denali. After purchasing the truck I noticed the rear Air-ride shocks where shot and the compressor didn't seem to run. I researched online and ran upon a Monroe 90012 conversion kit. Figuring I didn't have anything to loose so I purchased the kit. The kit was easy to install even with the Autoride interface modules. That's right NO service suspension displayed on the dash anymore. I tested the factory compressor and found the main power fuse was shot. After replacing the fuse the compressor worked great. The rear shocks even had the same fittings a the factory shocks so connecting them was a dream. The vehicle drives great and levels when loaded. This was a very inexpensive fix at less than $150.00 with new shocks on all 4 corners.
    Monroe link:

  • atlantadjatlantadj Posts: 3

    Tested Relay by jumping 85w/86, 87 to ground & 30 to 12V
    sounds so wrong. 30 to 87 is the open circuit that closes when 12v is applied across 85 & 86! hense the click sound!

  • atlantadjatlantadj Posts: 3

    Here is my story.

    Bought a 2004 Denali xl with 115K miles, in dec 2011. A few months the compressor stopped working. Replaced the compressor and the suspension message started and compressor still not working.

    Too it to the dealer who said the dryer was clogged and total bill would be $1100. I then took it to a junk yard and a mechanic there found the problem under my fuse box. Cost $200.

    Worked for two years (now 150K miles) and again, the check message is on. There is a leak and the compressor died from running constantly. Replaced with a working used compressor. Nothing works. Meanwhile my rear two bags have been damaged. I will replace with Arnotts but first I want to make sure the compressor comes on and then I will remove the fuse until the new shocks arrive.

    Compressor bench OK
    All three fuses are OK
    The Relay clicks when 12v applied to 85 & 86

    Questions are as follows?
    TO check the solenoid, the compressor has to be connected and power has to be on?
    Test the cables on the vehicle side or the compressor side?

    Honestly, with so many people having the same issues, can't someone please make a YouTube video showing just what to test and how.

    Thanks in advance! Wow I am the first poster on this thread in 2014!

  • Thought I'd post this, maybe it will help someone else.

    I have a 2002 Denali (the original owner) that I changed the shocks out on in July of 2010 with a set of Arnott's. I don't have the part number any longer but it included the device that you attached to the frame next to the shock to fool the auto dampening system. The description from my original receipt is "GMC Air Suspension Parts - Yukon XL 1500 - 2000-2006 (All models w/ Autoride *including Denali*) - New Bilstein/Arnott Rear Air Shock Kit (pair)". Anyway, a couple months ago the "service ride control" light started coming on intermittently and steadily began to stay on all the time. I finally took the truck into the local dealer who told me I needed to replace the right rear shock as it had gone bad. Knowing that the original shocks were no longer on the vehicle, I doubted the shock was bad and just took the truck home. Today I got on Arnott's web site and had a live chat session describing my issue, and asked if it was possible that device could have gone bad. The Arnott agent took my phone number and had a tech call me within a few minutes. After reiterating my story, the tech asked for my original receipt, which happened to be in my email so I gave him the order number. The only other thing he needed was the code received by the dealership when testing the system (which was a C0590), evidently indicating that the right rear shock wasn't talking back to the auto-ride system. Once given that code, the tech confirmed my address and said the only other thing he needed was a picture of the device harness, because there were actually 3 different ones. I'll be sending that to him in an email tonight and he will in turn be sending me a replacement, free of charge! I'll definitely be doing with business with Arnott again the next time I need anything they can provide. A note: the lifetime warranty is only good for the original purchaser, which was the reason I'm sure for needing the original order information.

    Hope someone finds this early in their search for a way to fix the same type of issue they may be having.
  • The Arnott on ebay has the wire connectors instead of the plug. Is this acceptable? Frank
  • dwight88dwight88 Posts: 1
    I've recently purchased a 2003 Yukon denali and I've noticed my service air ride light on dash, Itook it to shop and the previous owner uin plug the compressor and ran a air supply line straight to air bags, problemis it holds the air in rear bags but there's no stability or compensation when driving, if Ihave mnote people in my truck when I hit bumps its all over the place side to side like I'mdriving a boat, can someone help me please or has anyone ever ran a supply line sstraight to rear air bag shocks???
  • terryberryterryberry Posts: 3
    2006 gmc envoy xl  jacked truck up to work on brakes. Now rear of  truck is riding on axle can't get the electronically controlled air  suspension to rise 
  • terryberryterryberry Posts: 3
    2006 gmc envoy jacked truck up to do brake work  after putting truck back on the ground rear of truck dropped down on axle. Now I understand that I should have taken the #1 fuse out before lifting truck off the ground.  How do I get electronically controlled air suspension working again 
  • terryberryterryberry Posts: 3
    2006 GMC Envoy XL  jacked truck up to do brake work  after putting truck back on the ground rear of truck dropped down on the axle  now I realize that I should have taken the #1 fuse out before lifting truck off the ground  how do I get the electronically controlled air suspension to level off to normal riding level
  • scottgaffordscottgafford Posts: 1
    edited October 2017
    Hoping someone can help. 2004 Yukon XL Denali. Replaced rear shocks with Arnott set. Prior to changing them my compressor would come on at start up for about 30 seconds. But the shocks had holes. Now with the new shocks compressor does not come on at startup. But if I put weight on the back it will come on and level the vehicle. But when I take the weight off the vehicle it does not lower back down. Where should I be looking for the problem? I have no codes or errors on the dash. 
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