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Problems with recirculate/air conditioning button?

MSeigelMSeigel Member Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Pontiac
I recently purchased an 07 Torrent. I am wondering why when I push the a/c button or the recirculate button that the lights flash, but do not turn on? Seems stupid, but I've tried everything and they won't turn on.


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    indrgbindrgb Member Posts: 115
    I think it means it is too cold for the A/C compressor to run. The compressor will operate in the winter to aid the defogger/defroster if the outside temperature is 38F or higher. I suspect pushing the recirc button will also try to activate the compressor. Hope this helps. If not, check the owner's manual.
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    PTorrentPTorrent Member Posts: 2
    Just picked up a new '08 Torrent. For this model year the owners manual notes that the recirculating function is not enabled under the defog or defrost mode. The Recirculating button light will flash then cut out.
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