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Daewoo Lanos, don't believe Edmunds



  • Thank you to everyone for their honest input, biased & unbiased. I'm kinda burnt with this site and will be leaving for a while.

    Everyone enjoy their cars and best wishes for satisfaction & reliability, no matter how new or how old your vehicle(s) may be.

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Clarification is in order because you are making assumptions that should not be made. My Dad knows very well how to maintain a car and so do I. I have an 84 VW GTI that has over 200K miles and I do quite a bit of the maintenance myself. He does almost all the maintenance and repairs needed on all our cars. He bought a 66 Ford Fairlane GT convertible new and still owns it to this day and it has never been to a shop other than for exhaust repairs. It is still driven at least twice a week and is reliable. As far as the Honda Accord goes, he maintained that car religiously. The coolant was replaced every 2 years as directed but that didn't stop the plastic radiator from bursting while on the highway. The CV boots could have been replaced, BUT it is cheaper nowadays to just buy a whole new axle than it is to fool with the stupid boot (the labor involved). I noticed that you completely ignored the distributor failure and did not even try and justify that. Just for your knowledge, distributor failures are common on 90-93 Honda Accords, 92-93 Civics, and 92-94 Vigors. Just be glad you CRX didn't fall into that range. This repair costs $400 or more.
    As to Hyundai, what right do you have to say these things when you have never owned one nor even driven one. Yeah, back in 1990, the Excel was quite crude compared to your CRX. A lot has changed since than. The gap has narrowed quite a bit and you can't make assumptions about something you have never even driven. Lastly, I suggest you read other forums and listen to how many people complain about problems in the first year of ownership. I am happy with my car and that is all that matters. This is all pointless anyway because you obviously are one ignorant person. Enjoy your 10 year old Honda. The CRX is a nice car and it is sad that they don't make it anymore. By the way, I would be happy to show how easily my GTI would outhandle your CRX. :)
  • You started out your response so well, you touched on disputable statements and stated a few facts. Then you got to the end and acted like a 13 year old girl. What gives?
    Yes i did ignore the distributor problem intentionally because it has been a small problem for Honda. Once again though, i never stated that Honda is perfect, only that their vehicles are some of the most reliable and well built on the road. Hyundai cant say anything close to that.
    The infamous CRX is still a sharp car even for being 10 years old. People have wanted Honda to reintroduce a new CRX since then. No one is wishing Hyundai would bring back a certain model. Funny, i cant think of one halfway attractive Hyundai other than the new Sonata(sp?).
    True i have never owned a Hyundai. The closest i came was dating a girl with one. Let me think back about the car....UGLY...excessive road noise...wind noise....engine noise...trans noise. The parts were made of the cheapest materials Korea could find, and then they had a tendency to fall off. If that wasnt enough of a reason to question Hyundai, Consumers Reports has had a field day making fun of Hyundai's cars.
    Are they improved?, well any idiot knows it takes more than 7,000 miles to determine that(except you of course). I guarantee that the first Hyundai owners of the Hyundais that you admit were crap were also fooled by the first 7,000 miles into believing their cars were quality. I guess things do happen in cycles.
    Do you always get your German GTi to fight your Hyundai's battles? I noticed you didnt disagree(for a change) that my 10 year old CRX wouldnt run circles around your brand spankin new box on wheels that you spent thousands and thousands for. But for the record, bring on the GTi. The only GTi that ever impressed me had nitrous.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I didn't try to compare the Hyundai to your CRX performance wise, because I'm not stupid and am fully aware of the numbers. They are not in the same class and as such cannot be compared. The CRX is a puny and light 2 seater with 108 hp coming from a 1.6 16 valve engine. My car only has 1.5 liters with 92 horses and 12 valves. Confound the smaller output with heavier weight (due in part to superior safety in the form of dual airbags, 2 side-impact beams per door and seat-belt pretensioners) and larger size, and it doesn't take a scientist to recognize the CRX as the clear winner in performance. Also take into account your car has 14" wheels with a sport tuned suspension and mine only has 13" wheels and no performance tuning and, once again, it would be pointless to compare handling. The Accent is NOT a performance car and I purchased it fully aware of that. It is a simple economy car meant to get you from A to B reliably and with few frills. So why not try making a comparison that makes sense? The Tiburon would be a more proper comparison. Its strong 2.0 liter twin cam 140 hp motor and Porsche-tuned suspension would compare quite favorably and so would its sporty good looks. When you actually do test drive a 20 grand Sonata (hardly cheap by any means) or any other Hyundai, than you can have a little more room to talk. Get back to me when you do. As of now, your remarks are clearly outdated and have no meaning. Like I said, enjoy your 10 year old CRX and I will enjoy my Accent. This debate is getting old and is falling on deaf ears anyway.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Friends, let's continue to disagree agreeably. Thanks!

  • I'm all for a good debate, but even I can feel the tension when I read the latest messages in this forum. Ouch!!!

    Peace to all for the Holiday Season that is quickly sneaking up on us all. May you all experience warmth & good tidings this year (especially all those wonderful car enthusiats' gifts) Everyone have fun and be thankful for reliable transportation, whether seasoned or not-so-seasoned. See ya!!!
  • My other comments will be on the Hyundai Accent board if anyone cares..(sound of crickets).

    In case anyone hasn't picked up the latest 2001 Consumer Reports annual reviews, let me quote what they have to say for the Daewoo Lanos.

    ---->"About the size of the Hyundai Accent but a lot cruder, less nimble, and more cramped. The engine is a 1.6-liter four. Like other Daewoos, this car is priced competively and comes well equipped."

    Now how is that for sticking to the topic? Keith? Hall monitor? Oh, i couldn't get to the link you posted Keith. Maybe the net is too busy or something, who knows.
  • Your message details a very prominent periodical that did across-the-board reviews of used cars. I have also read that edition of Consumer Reports...a very fair assessment, especially since you also find reviews for cars costing $40K, $50K, $60K in the same edition.

    For other reviews of Daewoos done from 1998-2000, here's another link. I hope it works, the page is still coming up for me. I also tested the USA Today report link, it is still an active page.

    This site offers links to other reviews & summaries for the Daewoo Lanos. Auto reviews offer 1 person's viewpoint, just as each message on this forum offers only 1 person's opinion & feelings on a matter.

    In message # 140, in the "IMPRESSIONS" section, I stated, "my Daewoo is not a Ferrari, Mercedez-Benz, or Rolls-Royce. (ie: it doesn't have incredible acceleration, European refinement, or a hefty price tag)"

    The Daewoo Lanos is a slightly refined econobox. The Daewoo Nubira is a nice compact family hauler.
    The Daewoo Leganza offers some luxury amenities.
    Very fair assessments. Not the biggest, fastest, or best in any category. Simply good priced cars that get a person from origin to destination.

    Anyone in the market for a vehicle will draw on opinions & feedback from other people, market research, & their own personal they are treated by the dealer, the test drive, feelings from past experiences, etc.

    In the end, each person must decide what he/she likes in a car and purchase the one that "fits" them: new vs. used, domestic vs. import, compact vs. larger, extended warranties vs. "a waste of money", so on and so forth.
  • Correction for last message...slight typo... rf/001110/seo2642.html

    Sorry about that.
  • Some of the links stated above are working, some don't. They come up from the Yahoo website and I'm trying to type the links exactly as they appear. I am also having some trouble getting them to come up, not sure if it's network trouble or sheer high volume of surfers. If you go to Yahoo, type in Daewoo Lanos, and select "News" under the "Media" heading under the type-in box, they should come up...have fun. I quit after this last correction...
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Here's a tip, getjesusnow. I find the easiest way to copy a link is to RIGHT click on the link I want and select "Copy Link Location." You can then paste the information wherever you want. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

    In the meantime, thanks for all your hard work to bring these resources to the Town Hall.

  • Do you have MSIE or Netscape...I don't get a "Copy Link Location"...with the MSIE that I have, I get cut copy and paste and it's a apin in know where...ny other ideas, or am I doing the wrong thing and thank you for the encouragement. I still feel like a do-do for not practicing before messing up all the links.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I use Netscape and so perhaps it is a local feature?

  • I drove by the dealer the other day, and saw the new Daewoo Lanos SPORT WOW!! It was cool, it has alloys, a body kit, 2 tone red/black leather, and aluminum interior. It looks sharp. Only if they did that to a Nubira too.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I went to the Orlando car show and saw the new Sport. I was quite impressed with the 2 tone (black/red) leather interior. It smelled like real leather and felt nice. I did not care for the steering wheel however. The red leather cover combined with a grayish wheel didn't match too well and looked too gaudy. I think a black cover would have been a better idea. The Lanos does look much sportier with the alloy wheels, rear spoiler, side skirts, and aggressive mesh front air dam. The rear taillamps have also been redesigned. I was a bit disappointed that it does not offer fog lamps, tachometer, or a power sunroof like the old Lanos SX. Nor did I like the shockingly high sticker of 13,380 which lacked the option of ABS. So, overall, I had mixed feelings about the new Sport. I applaude Daewoo for offering a unique and luxurious leather interior on an inexpensive sporty looking hatchback, but they didn't quite finish the product. It needs to also offer standard fog lamps, power sunroof, and 4 wheel discs with anti-lock control in order to complete the package. If they added those things and kept the price where it is, I just might consider it as my next car.
  • This is an update about the same car that is discussed in message #140 of this topic.
    Date: 11/28/00 Current mileage: 17,845 miles

    I'm taking the car in for its 18,000 mile service tomorrow (oil & oil filter change, tire rotation, brake system flush & fluid replacement, & the usual array of visual checks)

    I bought the car in Tennessee & I am currently living in Maryland, where the climate is colder. The only minute annoyance is that the accessory belt pulleys "squeal" a wee-bit more when I start the car on cold mornings. The noise has been present since I purchased the car 7,000 miles ago.

    It seems as though the colder climate is making the sound more noticable. I don't notice the noise as much after the car has been running for a while & has warmed up. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a sign of a bigger problem? Is it just another "quirk" that is common to Daewoo Lanos'?

    Any feedback is welcome concerning this little nuisance. Thanks for your attention in this matter. Keith Reh
  • i had an 89 toyota corolla that made that noise (albeit didn't start until well over a 100,000 miles) and a little squirt of wd-40 would silence it for about 6 months.
  • The "squeal" is not from the belt. It doesn't have the high pitched squeal of a worn out, slipping belt.

    I don't know if I can really call it a makes a bit of noticable noise. It seems to be the pulleys themselves, if that makes any sense.

    I just had the 18,000 mile maintenance service done, which includes visual inspection of the belt, pulleys, and tensioner. I wasn't told that anything was wrong.

    I'm just curious if anyone else with a Daewoo is having a similar experience. Thank you for the advice in #178, I'll keep that in mind.
  • The sales of Daewoo cars in the U.S. remain strong despite news of bankruptcy by Daewoo Motors in Korea. The U.S. division has sent more than $600 million to the Korean division of Daewoo. Click on link below to read about it from a prominent Yahoo business news source.
  • The latest I have heard is that Daewoo laid off all their NON-union workers and started building 2001 models again. I am seeing them on the roads in Dallas already (Lanos 4-door is a bit different) and the commercials on TV and the billboards for the Nubira and Leganza are still up. The dealers are open, and the radio ads are still running. They got their loan from the bank because they trimmed costs by firing the non-union workers who get paid less money to do more work. Go figure.

    If it is the belt, belt dressing at about $4 a can will shut it up until it glazes over and snaps. If it is not the belt, maybe it is the bearing on the pulley. GM alternators, at least the CS110's, are known for frying bearings. They make a replacement alternator called the Iceberg which has a wider tougher bearing and better internal parts than the AC/Delco/GM part. If the bearing is the problem, either it is a cheap bearing, the belt is too tight, or the accessory has an extreme load. An A/C compressor in cold weather will be under a hard load. So will an alternator running the fan, lights, wipers, defroster, radio, tape or CD, electric shaver, CB radio, turn signals, cell phone charger, or any combination of the above while still charging the car battery at a 1000rpm idle. A failing power steering pump will whine, too. The Daewoo belt may be of a type of rubber that squeals at a different pitch. Maybe the dealer can locate the noise at your 18K service or the next one. Hopefully the belt doesn't break and leave you stranded in the meantime.
  • Thank you for your expansive reply. Since I posted those messages, I have used some WD-40 on the smooth & "VEE" side of the belt. So far the noise is reduced. As far as the overall noise, it's not a loud and noticable whine, squeal, or wurr noting failure or premature wear. The overall 18K maintenance inspection didn't reveal anything.

    I have also done a decent visual inspection and haven't found any remarkable wear, sheering, or cracking. Only the lettering on the smooth side is a bit removed. The overall tension seems to be has a wee bit of play, but not enough to jump off the pulleys.
  • We now have 7500 miles on 2000 lanos hatch back 5 speed. Highway mpg is still 30.5 to 31.5 at 65 to 70mph using the gears as a truck driver would: a long ways from the advertised possible 39mpg. If I'd known this would be the best we would have bought a used Metro for a disposable car.
  • I bought my Lanos Hatchback base model in Set 00,until Nov I got 32-34mpg, now is down to 30mpg at 6000 miles (Jan 01)I. live in the Chicago area, we are getting more than normal snow and cold weather. I expected to increase the mileage to about 37mpg like my 95 Honda Civic with almost 100K miles. The car is great, a little too light for snow, I skided once and hit the bumper and headlight ($200). I think I'll keep it for the 36K miles of warranty, then sell it. Don't get me wrong, I like the car, but I preferred a more "green car", and better gas mileage.
  • carlrjrcarlrjr Posts: 35
    Remember, most mid western states (including IL) use a "winter blend" gas that causes poorer mileage for any car, not just Daewoos. Also remember that slogging through the snow and ice and cooler oil temperatures gobble up fuel, too. Finally, check the tire pressure, it can drop a little just because it's colder out.

    This Carl lives in IA, and my mileage is always 5-10% worse in winter. My Nubira gets over 30 MPG in the warmer weather, but I don't even bother with tracking MPG in the winter time for the above reasons.
  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    My niece just bought a '01 Lanos base hatchback. She 's 21 and it's her first new car.
    I was amazed at how small this car is. She paid $12K for it.. She got Auto tranny, A/C and something else.. I think she paid too much but anyway.. I drove it around the block. It had 110 mi. on it. The car had OK acceleration for an auto but the steering didn't feel too accurate and the brakes were kind of mushy.. The interior and quality didn't feel too great.. When I pulled back into my driveway I parked it right next to my '97 Civic Hatchback and the Lanos seemed to be at least 1/2 foot shorter in length. The cargo/hatch space also seemed to be about 1/2 of my Civic's. I paid $12.4K for my Civic with 5-sp and A/C. Even if the Lanos was in the US in '97 (which it wasn't), it wouldn't be on my shopping list.. The Civic just looks much bigger and I don't like taking risks.
    Too bad Honda doesn't make the Hatchback for '01. People would have more hatchback choices.. BTW, I saw a few Lanos in Europe this year. I wouldn't say there were a lot of them. There were a lot more VW Polos, Fiats, Alfas and Renault hatchbacks, than Hondas and Daewoos.
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • Your Civic hatchback cost $12,400 back in 1997. I priced them out in 1999/2000 before I got my Lanos hatchback. I couldn't get a comparably equipped (auto, AC, AM/FM stereo cassette, rear defrost, rear wiper, etc) for under $15,000 after dealer prep (pinstripe, paint sealant, upholstry protectant).

    Most of the power train, chassis components, etc. are GM derived and parts are readily available on U.S. soil. The technology used in the car is proven; Daewoo automobiles are sold in over 180 nations. Insurance premiums are reduced on Daewoos also. There are pros & cons to every car purchase. Ride comfort and power are a bit reduced...but the car is pretty damn affordable.

    Enjoy your Honda...they are good cars also. Remember, a car is a device to get us to-and-fro. If you like it a wee bit more comfortable and cozy, then buy one that has those amenities.

    The Daewoo Lanos gets myself and others around just fine. There are several quirks that I wish weren't present, but it is a helluva alot more comfortable that riding in the back of a U.S. Army 2 1/2 ton cargo truck...been there, done that
  • I don't know if anyone is at this board today...but I am torn... I could buy a brand new 2000 Lanos for the same price as a 6 year old used Camry. Which would be the better choice? Obviously it would be nice to have a brand new car, but maybe the older Camry would last longer or is better made?
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