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Honda CR-V Brakes

Andrea1215Andrea1215 Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Honda
Hi, I have just 27.7K miles on my 2004 CRV, drive a mix of about 50/50 highway and city driving (and do not "ride" my brakes) but had to replace both the front and back brakes today. I inquired about the low milage and the dealer told me many CRVs are coming in with brake replacements at about 30K miles. I did it as they were over 90% worn but it seems wrong to me. Any thoughts? Thanks!


  • juliajulia Posts: 74
    My 2004 CRV replaced brake pad at about 26K miles in May 08 as I was told over 90% wear. I drove almost the same way as you did for highway and city.
    Also, my tires got changed about 22K.
  • ohhawkohhawk Posts: 14
    Purchased a used 2007 CRV with 24,200 miles. I'm getting vibration when I apply the brakes. The vibration appears to be coming from the front brakes as I notice the steering wheel vibrates at the same time.

    Going to have a Honda dealer look at it next week. Sounds like maybe the rotors need to be turned? In any case, are brakes covered under warranty or are there some instances where they would not be?

  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Purchased a used 2007 CRV with 24,200 miles. I'm getting vibration when I apply the brakes. The vibration appears to be coming from the front brakes as I notice the steering wheel vibrates at the same time.

    Going to have a Honda dealer look at it next week. Sounds like maybe the rotors need to be turned? In any case, are brakes covered under warranty or are there some instances where they would not be?

    Does the Warranty statement in the Owner's Manual say they are covered?
  • ohhawkohhawk Posts: 14
    Comes under items subject to normal wear and tear. If it is normal wear and tear then "no" not covered. So the question becomes should rotors need to be turned after 24,000 miles? Should any brake work need to be done after 24,000 miles under "normal wear and tear"?

    Sounds like I'm subject to the dealer's mood for the day. No new car I've ever owned has needed brake work after 24,000 miles. When I called the service dept. of this dealer and set up appt. I mentioned the problem and asked if covered and they indicated it depended and they would have to look at the issue. They indicated brakes were often an area of gray when talking about brake issues.

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I once had a Mazda MPV and Mazda dealer said that brake will be covered if it failed / need change the parts in the first 12k miles. After that, no coverage.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Honda covers wear and tear items for up to 12 months or 12,000 miles.

    Yes, you are correct that haivng the rotors turned under warranty is up to the dealer and the corporate to figure out. They may or they may not cover it.

    I would suggest looking into the cause of rotors warpage: un-even torque applied to lug nuts. Most mechanics can't be bothered with using a torque wrench to set the lug nuts to 80 ft. lbs of torque in a criss cross pattern. This prevents the uneven pressure on the rotors, and protects against rotors warping on brake application, when they heat up. But, mechanics are often paid bonuses if they beat the "book rate" when performing a repair. So, they use impact guns to set 20 lug nuts in place in 20 seconds, rather than using proper tool and spend 2 minutes on them.

    Turning rotors will only solve the problem temporariliy. Once warped, even properly torqued rotors will evnetually warp again. But, if one is dillingent in making sure the mechanics are using torque wrenches, not torque sticks when installing wheels, one can have warp free brakes for years.

    I don't trust anyone, so, if I have any work done on the vehicle by anyone other than my self. I re-torque the lig nunts when I get home. 95% of the time they are on too tight and uneven.

    If you can prove that it was the dealership that torqued the lug nuts improperly, you can get them to pay for the new rotors.

    Good luck.
  • ohhawkohhawk Posts: 14
    Well, the dealer did cover the issue which was rotors in the front needed to be turned.

    As I'm getting familar with this "new" vehicle I'm noticing another brake problem. I believe it is coming from the rear as I get a low rumbling kind of noise when I apply the brakes......more noticeable when slowing at higher speeds vs. stop and go at slower speeds. The dealer said they did their 30 point inspection of the vehicle while I had it in for the front brake work and everything checked out. I didn't bring the rear brake noise issue up because I hadn't noticed it initially and was more focused on the more apparent problem coming from the front rotors.

    I had initially brought up the rear brake noise on the phone with a service technician but he made it sound like a non issue. Again I've never owned a car that inherently makes any noise when the brakes are applied unless something needs attention.

    Any ideas? Thanks again.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    On the previous Generation, Gen 2 and Gen 2.5, rear brakes needed to be cleaned and libricated after each winter in the rust belt to prevent the caliper sliding pins from corroding and binding.

    I don't know if Gen 3 uses the same rear brake design. If it does, than the brakes should be services after each winter. The calipers have to slide off, and the pins lubricated with Molykote-77. Takes about 10 minutes in the driveway per wheel.
  • sky23213sky23213 Posts: 300
    I wonder if my dealer does that - so far haven't had any issues, and MnDOT likes their salt :) . But then, I haven't had any maintenance on the brakes yet, except the mandatory 3-year brake fluid replacement and a check. I was first curious when you mentioned it and thought of looking into it. Then, of course, let it slide. It's going to be 4 years since I got it new and 63K. Still on the original brake pads. I wish the interior held up that well... :sick:
  • tagabaguiotagabaguio Posts: 1
    Hi. I have a CR-V 2006, the last time I had my front brake rotors re-surfaced was at 20K miles, now my ODO is almost 70K, from brake has been changed once, now it has approx. 6mm, rear brake has not been changed ( approx 3mm left).
    I am planning to have the front rotors re-surfaced because when braking the steering vibrates.

    My needed advise.
    Is it better to just replace the front rotors or have it re-surfaced?
    I will replace also the front and rear brake pads in this process.
    I would appreciate your suggestions.

  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    took a test drive of an 07 crv-when applying the brakes i hear a thumping noise from the rear-is this the brakes? got quieter the more it was driven but did not disappear completely-dealer says this is normal from sitting on the lot. like the car except for that issue-it has appr. 29,000 miles on it. any ideas?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Of course he said "normal" if he's a normal salesman because he wants to sell you the car.

    If you get the same noise by test-driving another 07 CRV then it is 'normal'. I would be 'abnormal' if I trust his words.
  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    of course he said it would be checked out if i bought it and fixed-do you guys think it is the brakes?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Probably surface rust on the rotors.

    Vehicle test drive, especially a used vehicle, should include the walk around with thorough inspection/observation of all visible components prior to getting into the vehicle.

    If before driving the rear rotors had rust, and after test dirve they did not, then the noise you heard was the brake pads scraping the rust off the rotors, which is common in humid climates.
  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    ok, salesman called it lot rot. but, he only had it on the lot a few days. makes me uncomfortable-guess i better bring my nieces husband with to check it out-but he always says buy new
  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    That's the sound that my '05 CR-V's brakes make. The boomping begins when the brakes are applied and slows as the vehicle's speed slows. There's no vibration in the steering, just the sound, and the brakes work fine.

    The sound started at about 19,000 miles. The dealer checked them at the 20K service interval, and didn't find anything wrong. The tires give no indication of abnormal wear. After the 20K service, on the drive home through the countryside, the noise was still there, but a little less noticeable.

    The car gets about 50/50 highway/local use. I'd say it's driven gently and is maintained per schedule. However, it does spend CT winters in the driveway, and I've occasionally spotted rust on the rotors.

    I'm keeping an eye on it.
  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    At the insistence of Saabgirl, my missus, I took my CR-V to Goodyear for a nice new set of Comfort Treads. (Makes a huge difference in reducing noise level inside the vehicle) Asked Goodyear to check the rear rotors while the wheels were off. Told him the Honda dealer didn't see anything, but ...

    Goodyear found a rust spot on one rotor that was about the size of a brake pad and was deep enough to be possibly unfixable. Goodyear said it may cause the pads to wear more quickly but probably wouldn't affect performance. I had the rotors replaced anyway, because Saabgirl has a little of the princess-and-the-pea in her makeup, and I didn't want to be back again next week, not did I I want to hear squeals from the passenger seat every time I step on the brake.

    But here's the info I want to share with yinz: the Goodyear manager said Honda didn't "see" the problem, because they don't consider it a prroblem. Many manufacturers, he said, use "crappy" rotors to save weight. Yes, they'll cosmetically deteriorate, espec in New England winters, but since it doesn't affect braking performance they only regard it as a cosmetic problem. Since my CR-V sleeps outside in the winter, the condition might have been more evident than it would be in a garaged car.

    By the way I only got 20K out of the OE Goodrich traction A tires. Although they weren't down to the wear bars, they were getting close and small cracks were showing up in the sidewalls. And they were so noisy on all but the smoothest road surface that they had become really annoying.

    Saabgirl is happy now, so all is well.
  • Just chiming in with some info and questions.

    Our 2003 LX Manual had pads and rotors replaced at 20K(Aug 05) miles under warranty and at 30K ( Sep 06) the rear pads/rotors were replaced also under warranty.

    Now at about 60K we're doing the service and may have to do the brakes again.

    Can I just do the pads are rotors necessary at the same time?

    PS; someone here mentioned the rumbling/scraping noise form the rear wheels. I looked at this with the mechanic at the 55k oil change and its the result of a shroud rubbing on the disc. The noise on ours has gone away and it doesn't effedt brake performance.">
  • I start my 2001 Honda CRV with my foot on the brake pedal. When the engine starts the pedal moves toward the floor(approximately 1/2"). I don't have any braking problems...yet.
  • I purchased a 2012 Honda CR-V from Santa Margarita Honda in Orange County CA approximately 10 months ago. The car has 9,400 miles on it and my wife drives it 7 miles/day to go between work and home. My brake rotors are completely warped already. When I drive at freeway speeds and step on the brake the car rattles like a 6.0 earthquake and the pedal bounces like a basketball. Took it to the dealer and they said that it's driving habits that are causing the rotors to overheat so it's wear and tear (at 9,400 miles and 10 months of age -?????). Keep in mind that my wife and I are almost 50 years old and do not drive the car like a Porsche or a Ferrari especially with two younger kids in the car. This, as any common sense person should know, is not something that should be happening this early in the game. The dealer says that they will cover resurfacing of the rotors. Again, as everyone should know, resurfacing only thins the brake disc which makes it even more vulnerable to overheating and getting warped much quicker over time. They told me that if I want to pursue new rotors that I would have to contact Honda directly. After I spent $30,000 on their car they will not even pick up the phone for me...exquisite customer I call Honda and all the rep could tell me, after my rant, is that heat is causing the warping. Thanks a bunch Einstein...could not have figured that one out w/o you!!!!! The issue is why are the rotors melting away already at not even 10,000 miles??? Will never buy a Honda again. Period. Case closed. Good luck with your case.
  • ... and you're blaming Honda for not warranting a used car? Honestly, you have no idea how it was driven before you bought it. Did you road test it at highway speeds before you bought it? Did you have a mechanic look at it?
  • So sorry to hear about your negative experience. I guess they think that Honda buyers will be loyal regardless of how they treat us and they can tell us what ever they want even if it doesn't make sense and we will believe it. They will continue to lose market share to companies that stand behind their products. All we can do is tell our stories about how we were treated then buy another brand. Best of luck!
  • I guess some people need to go back to school and learn how to read (it is a lost art). Where in my message did I say that the car was used?????????? The car was brand-new. We are the ones that put 9,000 miles on it!!! I can guarantee you that it was not driven like a Ferrari. Before you make silly comments make sure to read the message thoroughly...maybe even a couple of times
  • Chantal714, thanks for your compassion. You are somewhat right and somewhat wrong. Yes I bought a Honda because my wife and I happen to like their cars and designs (we were loyal). We had a 2002 Honda Odissey before this car and that one was known for transmission melt down at about 70,000 to 80,000 miles. At 78,000 ours gave out and $4000 later we were back on the road. Now this on a brand-new 2012 model. I will not spend another dime on Honda cars or any other Honda products for that matter. My loyalty is gone for good. This car will be serviced by any respectable Honda mechanic that is not affiliated in any way shape, or form to Honda Motors or any of their dealerships. I would not buy a car from them even if they were the last car manufacturer in the universe. Subaru, Toyota, Hyunday, anything but Honda here I come.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited June 2013
    Well, your title did say "Just bought" and you started off talking about a 2012. Confused me when I first read it too.

    Keeping repair records and threatening lemon law can sometimes work wonders, but brakes are wear items and are usually excluded in basic warranties.
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