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2009 Legacy Remote Starter Problem

subie09legsubie09leg Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Subaru
I recently purchased (Nov 08) a 2009 Legacy 2.5i SE 4Auto and had the dealership install an OEM Subaru remote starter. I deactivated the audible horn chirp to prevent disturbance of neighbors in the morning (I live an apartment so the car is near others' apartments and I don't want to wake them when I leave in the morning, I already got a scolding).
The problem is that when I twice push the remote starter button on the fob, I never know if the car is going to quietly start, honk the horn once then start (which has been disabled repeatedly), or sound the alarm - horn honking, lights flashing - and then start. So much for being a good neighbor. I stopped using the starter at home. I've tried different patterns of button pushing to figure out what it prefers. Nothing seems to help. I am taking the car into the dealer for routine service tomorrow and so they can check out the starter; I would like to be able to direct them to a source if possible.
I am now beyond frustrated because I got it so I could start the car before I leave in the morning but I can't even use it because it's disruptive. If they can't fix it, I may need to have them remove it. Bummer because it's nice to just get in the car and leave.


  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    I have an 09 Legacy with the remote starter and when I start it up, the lights flash, the doors lock and the car starts. There is no horn that goes off. Hopefully, it is just some programming that the dealer can do for you because it is a nice feature.

  • When I took the car to the dealer for a routine service, I told them of the problem and they were able to duplicate the problem. The service guy deactivated the alarm system and, so far, the problem hasn't recurred. So I guess I can't use the alarm but I've never had to use it (at least intentionally :blush: ) and hopefully won't have to do so.
  • pilot1226pilot1226 Posts: 165
    Curious, how much did it cost to have it installed? I have the 2009 Legacy Limited and one of the "features" on the window sticker says it's pre-wired for remote-start installation.

    I think this may be a nice 2009 Christmas gift for my wife since she usually drives the car, but I'd like to make sure the dealer isn't robbing me hand over fist.

  • The retail for the unit is $345 plus install. Plan to pay between $400 and $500 plus any applicable taxes. I think that they just charge based on what the book says it should be but go in and barter with them, they can certainly bring it down if they really want your business.
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    My wife loves the remote start....I'm sure yours will, too! :D
  • I had the dealership put a remote starter on my '09 Legacy Limited when I bought it. I too live in an apartment complex, yet, i've been lucky that no one has complained about me starting my car in the mornings.

    I hope they can fix it so you can use your alarm system. I would feel leary about leaving my car without alarming it, but that's me.
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