1997 subaru impreza all wheel drive

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help is there a way to go from awd to 4wd, and if so how ?

also, is there a indicator light that signifies awd to 4wd


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    AWD is 4WD. The car is "always" in AWD/4WD; it's a full-time AWD system. So no, there is not light.

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    There is only one mode, and it's automatic, so the driver cannot select FWD or lock the torque split to 50/50 or anything like that.

    You drive and basically don't worry about it - the systems adjust the split on their own, as required by conditions.
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    I just wanna say, thank you sooooo much you were very helpfull :)
  • bukiwi01bukiwi01 Member Posts: 3
    thanks for your help guys
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