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Pontiac Torrent door wiring harness problem



  • leeweber85leeweber85 Posts: 2
    edited August 2016
    Here I am again almost 2 years later.  At around 70-75k miles 3 of the 4 automatic door locks have stopped working.  Have been noticing I get shocked when I get in/out of the vehicle. My bet is the wiring harness again. Anyone have any success with GM standing by their product?  This could be a safety issue!
  • 2007 torrent with 180000 Kms on it and the passenger door doesnt have any power functionality whatsoever. Doesnt unlock or lock, window doesnt work and speaker doesnt work anymore either. But for whatever reason the front lighting by the sunroof doesnt work anymore either... strange... this forum was a lot of help though.
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