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Conversion Van Pricing



  • We bought a Dodge Hi Top Conversion van - or shall I say we were pushed into buying it!!! we cannot afford it and we need to sell it - it seems impossible to find out how much it is worth. It is exactly one year old with about 15,000 miles.The garage were we purchased it is being very unhelpful and evasive when we asked for help.
    Anybody ideas? Please?
  • Karen:
    Why doesn't Edmunds have a appraisal value listed for conversion vans. It is very hard to come up with a selling price. Car dealers only want to give you the price for the cargo van with a few upgrades. I have a '98 Ford E150 Hi-Top conversion (American Liberty). How can I figure the best selling price or trade-in. Please help.

    Gus Adams
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    American Vans, Danielsville, Ga.
    The NADA guide does not have the '98 models listed. The 1999 Liberty had an msrp of 11,392. current whsle is 5,600. and retail is 7,560.
    The '98 likely would whsle at 4,500. and retail at 6,500.
    Add these values to the cargo van values at Edmund's for approx. market values.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    ...and one that I've asked before, but have not received a definitive answer. I will try again.

    But thank the heavens for jboater! :-)

    You can get the trade-in/retail for the chassis here on, and then search for a price on the conversion package.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    Can you provide specific make and model of the conversion? I may be able to help.

    also check your loan contract for cancelable add-ons. These would be credit life and or disability insurance, and any other such items. It may be possible to lower your payoff and reduce any shortfall you may have. Delivery of conversion vans for the 1st nine months of 2000 are down 28% from 1999 levels and you may find a soft market for your van. If so, a price compromise may be necessary in order to sell it.


    A PS,
    Also check your local "auto trader" type magazines for comparables for sale.
  • Thanks, Appreciate your response.

  • Hi, I've decided to buy for first time a hightop
    van, and I've been looking around and the Savana
    conversion by GMC is the one I liked the most.
    I was looking through internet and I couldn't find
    prices for used ones. I'm looking for 1997/98
    hightop with no more than 25000 miles. I know it's
    hard but...
    Also I would like to know what is the best
    conversion brand, and what are the pros and cons
    for the GMC vs Ford, Chevy, etc.
    Thank you
  • Hi johnsell, did you sell you conversion van?
    Please e-mailme @
    Thank you.
  • did you sell your conversion van?
    Please e-mailme @
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    I saw your post regarding the '95 GMC in topic #18.
    I may be able to help with pricing if you can provide me with the make and model of the conversion.


    PS. Like you, I have no kids at home and I don't travel or camp with my van. I'm still going to buy another van and it will be #5.
    Once had a '95 Chevy/Tiara. Pro, very reliable over 42000 miles, averaged about 14mpg daily driving during warm weather (13 winter). Con, too much wind and road noise around doors, door hinges collect dirt quickly and adversely affect door opening/closing.
    I much prefer the '97 Ford/Coachmen I've been driving for the past 3 years.
  • Hi jboater,
    Ok, this is a GMC 2500, Explore Ltd. It's has a V8-350, 2TV/VCR,nintendo, leather seats, telephone (old cellular type), CB radio, CD player,a AM-FM-cassette player, moon-roof. Remote start, radar under the panel, 61000miles. The interior is in excelent conditions, no scratches, clean carpet, etc. Beside the price I would like to know pros/cons of this heavy van. I drove it and of course you can heard the wind but it's not that bad.
    thank you so much!
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    I'll let you know tommorrow what I find.

    In and around '95, conversions built on the 3/4 ton chassis were sorta the norm. Mine was too.
    Also had the 350 V8.

    Some here have said if it isn't Explorer, they won't buy it or, don't buy anthing but.......While I won't debate the merits of Explorer, I do think there are other converters worthy of our consideration.

  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    As I thiught, Explorer is one of those converters that choose not to disclose pricing.

    I'll give you what I believe is a good comparable in the "Discovery Limited" by Sherry Designs. Oddly enough, they have no pricing available after the '96 model year.

    In any event, this puppie had an original msrp of 16,195. current whsle is 4,310. and retail is 5,690. As you can see, depreciation is pretty high.

    You will need to add these values to the cargo van values found at Edmund's.

  • We have a 1996 Chevy 1500 Van that has the
    Gladiator (Glaval Corp., Inc.) conversion done to
    it. Anybody have information on how to add the
    conversion to the price when you go to re-sell or
    trade? Of course, dealers only want to give you
    what is listed for the van itself and forget the
    conversion even though they will up the price to a
    consumer because it has "extra" features. Any
    information ASAP would be appreciated at my e-mail
    address of: Thanks, Tamra
  • Hi Jerry, thank you so much for your information and time. You were close enough to the price I bought the van finally ($13900). Today the mechanic said that it is in excellent conditions and that it's hard to find a vehicle 5 years old like this. The rest is history. So, I can't wait to drive it during the weekend. thanks again and keep in touch. Ed
  • If you or anyone who reads this is looking for pricing, maybe I can help. I have pricing on conversions from Mark III, Eclipse, Universal, Choo-Choo Customs, Southern Comfort, Tuscany, and
    can get it from any Ford certified manufacturer.
    Send your request to
    Chuck Taylor
  • I have a 1995 GMC Vandura 82,000 miles converted by choo choo customs ext. is perfect black int. is perfect light gray. this van has everything! I need to find its value and n.a.d.a. says choo choo stopped converting in 87. any other pages to get accurate values?
  • I was "sort of"looking at a conversion van last September. A 2000 Chevy with a 5.7 Explorer Conversion Limited SE. Brand new no miles. Had a couple of extra bells and whistles. I could never convince my husband to go in with me so I haggled myself for a couple of days. The dealer went down from 47,000 to 34,000. I was ready to buy, but not my husband. I am now thinking about approaching this topic with my dear hubby again...... The van is STILL sitting on the lot! Same exact one, I called the salesman. With more months sitting on the lot and all of the tax sales starting to run now, does anyone know if there would be a good chance this thing could get lowered even more? I sure wish there was a way to determine exactly what the invoice is on the conversion packages. I have always done great with purchasing cars due to researching and haggling, but this conversion stuff is turning my hair gray! By the way, I don't know if this matters, but I only live two hours from the Explorer factory. I don't know if that helps with costs since it is not transported across the country.... Please help, if anyone can. I really want this van, but I have to be able to get it down as low as I possibly can. I am not sure if it is at the lowest.....
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    I too have been looking for a new set of wheels. It seems to me that conversions (new and used) are slooooooooow selling vehicles. I've got a '97 Ford/Coachmen and at 15,900. haven't even received an offer. It is in very nice condition too.
    Like you, I've got my eye on a couple of vans at a dealer and they too have been on their lot a long time. It looks as though most of 2000 model year customer rebates expired on the 16th of Jan. I'm presently waiting to see what they come up with next. The new programs should be announced pretty soon. My hope is to pay no more than invoice (get em out and show em to me) plus tax minus rebate.
    A couple of other conversion companies worthy of consideration are Discovery by Sherry Designs and Sherrod Vans.

    I've checked the NADA book for Explorer values and none are listed.

  • I am just going to stay home and not walk into the dealership until next week. I figure the end of the month will be a time for the dealers to really want to bargain at this point.

    Is there really such a thing as the tax time? I mean, all these dealerships are advertising that they have to move as much of their inventory as possible before March 1. Is that really true?

    I set myself up back in September. This dealer knows I want THAT van....... Maybe I should have my eye on another van with a different conversion company to use as my ace. The dealership knows that I am not a meek woman and have done all of our car purchasing in the past. I do know quite a bit, but the conversion stuff really has me baffled. I have never had to go in blind before. Maybe they will show me the invoice... If not, I can always take a two hour drive up to the factory and see what I can work out with them. I have dealt with the rep for this area. He was very helpful, but I still get the feeling that there was more room to play financially.

    Why can't someone get a hold of all the numbers for conversion companies and let us in on the invoice price? I understand that the companies do not have to share this with NADA, but wouldn't you think that insurance companies, at least, should know the "real" figures? I have never been so frustrated in all of my years of car buying. This better be worth it in the end, because I see myself not wanting to have to deal with salesmen/women again for a VERY long time!

    I have been buying new cars on the average of every two years, this is really freaking me out! I can't even figure out what the wholesale price of the conversion is to get a true quote from my insurance company. I never buy until I know what my insurance price is going to be..... I feel like I am totally in the dark here and feeling very insecure about this purchase. I want the van, but I want to know exactly how much that dealer paid for it in the first place. Second, I feel that since it has been sitting on the lot for several months (Conversions move quickly here) the dealership should want to get it off of their lot..... UGH!

    Should I just walk up to my salesman and ask him to see the dealer invoice on this particular van? Do most dealerships agree to take a loss if a vehicle has been sitting for an extremely long time? What I am getting at here is, if I can see the invoice, which if I can't I am going to walk, being last years model, sitting for a very long time, end of the month, right before their "tax time", do you suppose I could get it for even less? I know this is a reputable dealership that has been around for over 50 years. We have purchased from them in the past also.

    Okay, I am starting to ramble here..... Sorry. Do you think there is hope????? I need to get them down at least another 2-3K.......
  • I've scanned back to the beginning, and see very few who are buying. I think we might be, but, sorry folks, I want a new van. We are considering a hi-top camper conversion. Most of the conversion packages I have found seem to like the Dodge 3500 platform. Anybody have any guidance for a newby?
  • I would like to determine the cost of my Van with 16000 miles. It has a 5.4l engine. The interior is in excellent condition. Valure seats and rear manual bed along with 4 captain chairs.
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 170
    What model Explorer are you negotiating for? If its the taxed out model (this one has the ground effects kit, bumper step for cleaning the windshield, hot/cold cup accessory, swivel seats, heated seats, rich tires, Nitro wheels, etc.)and has a popular color, then a price near 34k is not bad. Also, you are negotiating for a top of the line van.
  • kanga97kanga97 Posts: 2
    I have looked in NADA for subject cost on used vehicles, but found no recent entries. Is their another place to look for said information?
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    NADA does publish van/truck conversion and limousine guide.
    It may not be accessible via the net.

    I know of no other sources.
  • Can someone please advise the fair market price for the following.
    1998 Dodge B1500 W/Chariot conversion.
    5.2L V-8, 19,532 miles. Following options:
    Power Steering, Compact Disc Player, Driver Side Air Bag, Power Windows, Cruise Control, Power Brakes, Passenger Side Air Bag, Air Conditioning, Tilt Steering Wheel, Automatic Transmission, Anti-Lock Brakes, Cassette, Power Door Locks.
    I'm looking to buy from a local dealer.
  • sclearmansclearman Posts: 1
    The conversion van my husband and I have has 85,627 miles on it(just went out and looked). I am thinking of selling it. It is in great condition. We have had it about 2 years and put about 6k on it. Would probably ask $5500. Would like to know if this seems reasonable.
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 170
    The 1998 Dodge should cost about $14,700.00 from a dealer.
    The $5500.00 for the 1989 Chevy seems a bit high for the van unless it was converted by a high end conversion company like Explorer or Starcraft and the van is in excellent condition.
  • Looking to buy a 1987 DODGE B250 RAM VAN Looks like a Westport conversion??. Has 65,000 original miles. Has the following: A/C (no rear A/C), cruise, tilt, power steering, windows, locks. Cloth interior. Nothing fancy but pretty clean for 14 years old.
    Looking to buy from local dealer who took this on a trade. Any ideas what this may be worth??

    Thanks - Arthur
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