Scion xB Front End Problems

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I've had this problem since day one of my 08 Scion. After I back out of somewhere and start to turn my wheel to move forward, I get this weird noise in the front left wheel area. It's gotten worse, have had my car in numerous times and first they couldn't duplicate the problem, then they said it was the struts and replaced them. I still have the same issue. Now I'm getting this grinding sound every time I put on my brakes. Anyone experience this type of problem?? I'm a bit frustrated since it's going on for over a year now and noone can figure it out!


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  • dlloyd90dlloyd90 Member Posts: 2
    2006 Scion xB with loud "vibrating" noise coming inside of car. Cannot hear outside (at least as the car drives by). Brakes fine, no other symptoms with the exception of this noise.

    Defininitely coming from front right of the car Has anybody experienced this. I suspect brakes.
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    Did you find anything out on the front end noise? I have the same problem, noticed when I first bought it. Took back to dealer. They said it was in the steering and replaced a part but couldn't tell you what was replaced without researching it, but it never was fixed! Now it's really bad and the grinding of the brakes are terrible. Just replaced tires which were super worn on the inside, had an alignment and now going to replace the front brake pads. Please let me know if you have resovled the issue. I have a "09 xb
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