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Hyundai Accent Hatchbacks



  • The gas tank cap was always tightened enough.

    The car is still under warranty (we here have 3 years of warranty), I will took it to the service.

    Probably You are right, I hope so. I like Hyundai and this is in fact the first problem I have with this make. I still have a Pony (Excel HB) also, for 13 years and believe it or not it is not much worse than when new. Absolutely no problems with it! So I just don't like to be dissapointed with Hyundai.
  • Um I have filled my tank until it pours out on the ground many times and have never had a problem. You may need a new fuel cap as the system is pressurized and it sounds as if it is not holding pressure. One other question. I was wondering why you chose the Accent over the Getz. Was the Getz available in your country when you purchased your Accent?
  • Now it is repaired. It was something wrong with vapor hose and fuel lines. Now it behaves normal, even if I fill the tank full as possible.

    Why the Accent over the Getz? It is of the right size for me, Getz is smaller. Otherwise, Getz wasn't available in our country in 2000, I think it is newer for a year or two than Accent2000. It is probably a nicer car for the city and short distances, but Accent is a better choice if You often travel for some 100 km or more away from home. And finally, the Getz is only a bit cheaper than Accent.
  • My nephew sent me this link. He has a new Getz and has been very happy with it. It looks like a much sportier car than the Accent. I wish Hyundai would make a true small sports model for us here in the States.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I went down to my friends house and checked out how my old 00 Accent was doing. It now has a bit over 40k. No warranty repairs have been needed. Only the battery and a few brake light bulbs have died since I parted with the car at 25k. Everything is still in working order and it runs just as good as the day I bought it. The front brake pads are worn out and squeaking and the clutch pedal squeaks when you depress it. Other then that, the interior and exterior has held up well to the rigors of Florida sunshine and heat. That car is a darn good little car. Anyone who needs cheap transportation should really look at the Accent. I have no doubts in its ability to provide reliable transportation.
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    With all due respect, I think that nowadays any car should last 40k without any problems. Glad to hear that your Accent has provided reliable service to you. I didn't expect any less.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You would think thats true, but in all honesty, it's not. The chances of running into some sort of problem in 40k is very easy. My sister had Honda buy back her 00 Odyssey due to multiple problems in only 17k and I traded in my 03 Suzuki Aerio at 9k after some very annoying problems that couldn't be fixed by the dealer. My old 00 Accent (I don't own or drive the car anymore; its owned by a close friend of mine so I was merely reporting on how it has held up) needed a new water pump and throw out release bearing by 22k. But anyway, I was simply showing Hyundais are capable of staying reliable after the newness wears off.
  • Hi All,
    I need reviews please. My situation is this.
    I live on the east coast harsh winters, specifically speaking of the snow. My main mode of transportation is a ford Mustang. As we all know it's a no go in the snow. I am speaking to a dealer now regarding a 1997 Accent. He says as it is front wheal drive it will be ok in the snow. This is my main purpose for the car (winter driving, snow conditionds). The asking price is $3,000 which is cheap as I only need it for snow conditions. Please advise if I am wasting my time here or if this car would be reliable to-from work in snow conditions. This is the only reason I am looking for it as a second vehicle. Please help anyone, I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Thanks very much in advance!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Depends totally on how many miles it has and how well it was cared for. The Accent has a stout reliable engine, but the car you are looking at is 6 years old so who knows how it was cared for. Have a mechanic thoroughly check it over. With a good set of snow tires, the low power of the Accent should keep it well planted in slushy conditions. By the way, the 3k price sounds steep. $2k would be a more reasonable price.
  • Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!!!
    I have not gotten the information yet, I only looked at the car tonight after work. I don't know about the previous care. What do you think? The dealer has to look for the mileage he believes around 65,000 miles. Three thousand dollars then is too much to pay for this car?
    I need something for the snow as the Mustang is not capable of driving in these conditions?
    I understand it's not made for that. I just want something to take me to-from work because I am single and live and work on a rural route.
    Thanks again VERY MUCH for your advisements!!!!!!
  • Hi, Well now I have bought the Accent it is a 98.
    I picked it up yesterday, I only wanted this as a second car to get to and from work primarily for snow conditions as my car is a Mustang. I came home from work yesterday as we on the East Coast have had our first storm of the season 8 inches. I had one hell of a time getting back from work in my Musatang, almost didn't make it.
    Before the snow came the deal to buy the car was made and that it would be picked up on that night. I was hesitant about going as the snow was picking up even more. I went anyway and had the perfect oppurtunity to see how the Accent drives in snow. I am happy to say it had no trouble. I am glad now about buying this car.
    Needless to say, today after the snow stopped I went out tonight with the full 8 inches of snow still in my driveway in front of the car and it pulled out without any slippage at all. My Mustang is parked behind it in front of the garage where I think it will stay for a long time as it WOULD NOT HAVE GONE ANYWHERE. I am already glad I bought this car, even though it is
    VERY SLOW. I guess I am used to the Mustang, but I did not expect it to be fast at all with the small engine. I think it still does ok for such a small engine, it is fun to drive and I think I will let the Mustang stay parked for a while and have some fun with this. I do think though, it shifts kind of rough, maybe this is just the way the car is built? Can anyone give me an advisement? It is 5 speed.
    Thanks for any tips you may have.
  • no need to feel like you are slumming when you drive it. I was ready to buy a new 3 door, but then Mazda went and offered $3000 rebates and suddenly the 03 Protege was a cheaper car.
  • Thanks Lawman, I did have the feeling of slumming if you will. But now I think it is an ok little car. Good deal on your Mazda. Have you ever had a Hyundai before? Can you offer an advisement regarding the shifting? Thanks anyway if you cannot.
  • Her is another problem I have, I assumed, wrong on my part because I am old enough to know you should NEVER assume anything. The insurance addition wouldn't be that bad. The insurance company has now advised me of an additional $700 bill for this car in addition to my Mustang. WHY would insurance be that much for a cheap little car. That is the million dollar question I also have in addition to the performance of the shifting. Is anyone on here anymore besided the law people or is it hopeless for me to talk to someone who can do so freely?
  • First your insurance went up not s much because the Accent itself, but just because you are now insuring two cars instead of one.

    As for Hyundais, I've never owned one, but I've driven many having lived in South Korea for two years. Shifters are not as precise as what you will find on a Honda, but overall aren't bad. Comparing to a Mustang keep in mind that the Accent is a front wheel drive car, and thus the shifter operates through rods and connectors, whereas your rear drive Mustang's shift lever sits right on top of the transmission.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The Accent 5 speed is a bit on the rough side; the tranny definitely needs to be refined. My 00 Accent was the same way. I crunched the gears going into 3rd and 5th a number of times and it was sometimes hard to get it into first. You get used to it and its capable of lasting the life of the car. The Elantra and Tiburon shifters are way better.

    As for insurance, Hyundais tend to be a bit more expensive to insure then Ameican cars due to higher repair costs (Hondas are way worse due to their high theft rates). All parts must come from Korea so that makes replacements parts expensive. You still might want to look around for cheaper insurance though.
  • Hi,
    Thanks Lawman and Ingtonge for you input. I overlooked the points made in you a/m messages, The insurance bill I wasn't expecting to be so bad as the cars are cheap let's face it. But the obvious is the overseas parts issue. I am stuck with the higher bill now. Oh well. Also, Lawman yes thanks to you too, I do have to realize they are two different autos not on the same level, your explanation makes sense. Also, Ingtonge, I have a problem with this car in addition to as compared to my Mustang (rough shifting) all the way around. But, it gives me the most trouble shifting into 5th. I left the Mustang parked in the driveway where it has been, still covered with snow. I think this little car is ok but I guess I just have to get used to it.
    Another question I have. I am used to the Mustang so I keep making mistakes by way of being to hard on the clutch and giving to much gas. I try to remember it's only a small car but I guess just habit, what you are used to. Am I hurting the car too much mechanically by making these mistakes? This is only my third day (first full day of driving it). I am getting adjusted and used to it now though, so I hope that will stop soon.
  • Accents are very durable cars.

    I drove a Mitsibishi Galant for the last two years and just downsized to a Mazda Protege (both automatic). At work I drive a Ford Crown Victoria.
  • You said your insurance went up an additional $700., is that per year? That is a lot even if it is per year, but If you are under 25 and you are required to have comprehensive and collision insurance because you borrowed money for the car, $700 sounds about right. Otherwise I don't think I would bother with collision insurance on a car that old. The only other thing to consider is how does the cost of insurance on the Hyundia compare to the Mustang.
  • Yes, I am over 25, did not borrow money to buy this car paid outright. The $700 is per year. As compared to my Mustang it is far cheaper.That also has full coverage the $700 is per year for liability coverage on the Hyundai. I also take into account two years ago I has a Ford Ranger and totalled it in an accident that was determined to be my fault so I do pay a premium now for an at fault accident. However, I am still looking into it because now the insurance company is putting the accident surcharge on both vehicles but it is alreay on the Mustang, my understanding was the accident surcharge was per policy not per vehicle. I haven't got the newest bill yet because I only just bought this Hyundai. I think though, they rated both cars (which are on the same policy) with the accident surcharge and it should only be on the Mustang. I am going to call them to find out for sure.
  • Is there anyone other than myself who purchased this car and can tell me how theirs is doing, Ive got 16,000 miles on her and shes consuming more gas lately, all required repairs have been done. Is the car sucking it up or the gas companines?
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    ...would be helpful.
    How much more consumption are you seeing?

    What part of the country are you from? How cold is the weather?

    Do you warm your car up in the morning, or just start and drive off?

    Did you have this car last winter? If so, what was your mileage/fuel consumption then? Better than now?

    Does your area switch gasoline formulation in the winter (oxygenated fuels)?

    You'll get a better response if you can answer some of these questions.
  • How many MPG difference can we expect in summer and winter driving? I live in LA and while not too cold (50s in the morning), we do have all the wacky gas formulations.
  • gitongiton Posts: 15
    I bought a new Accent in May 2000.
    So far, problems have been
    -Oxygen sensor died
    -windshield washer pump died
    -passenger seat track wouldn't catch

    Minor problems all. All fixed under warranty.

    In 2001 I bought 4 Blizzak snow tires, made a world of difference in the snow (live in Chicago).

    I replaced brake pads recently at my own expense, but that is normal for a 3 year old car and city driving.

    Insurance. It was very expensive to insure at first, but now its dropped and its very cheap to insure.

    I think these cars are a sweet deal used, as long as you don't get an abused one. I wouldn't buy one new again, they depreciate too quickly. But its been reliable, and its small size helps in the city.
  • hudraheadhudrahead Posts: 169
    Been trying to find a 2004 GT with power package & A/T. Most dealers only have one or two GT's and very few have any with power package. They all have tons of L & GL HB's. Why the shortage of the GT ? Did that short strike @ the plant a few months ago cause this or do the dealers just don't feel the GT will have much demand? I think for a el-chepo grocery getter this little rollerskate is really a great deal. I have a employee that just "has to have" one of these for her company vehicle. I'll just have to keep searching I guess.

    HUD :):)
  • Well, my main mode of transportation is a Ford Mustang. I bought a Hyundai accent GS about 2 months ago solely for the purpose of driving to -from work in the snow. Well, now my Mustang is broken down, but.... at least I can still get to work with the Hyundai. Of course there is no comparison, but at least the Hyundai is still driving. I bought it used, it now has 85,000 miles. However, it is driving and my Mustang with far less miles at a very much greater cost all the way around is not. So, while I cannot answer your questions above, it is just something to think about, and maybe even consider the Hyundai as an overall good vehichle no matter what minor problems it has.
  • hudraheadhudrahead Posts: 169
    Newbuyer: Feel confident in your Accent purchase. We have had several in our business "fleet" that have gone well over 100K with virtually NO problems. Just normal wear and tear stuff, brake pads, tires etc. For their price range ALL Hyundais offer outstanding value and gee, what more could ask of a car costing under $11,000 ? The Toyota & Hyundai mfgs would just as soon you not know just how good these Korean offerings have become.

    I personally had a Mustang also (1998) & it began a downward spiral after about 30K miles. Tranny problems, oil leaks, some electrical stuff. Dumped it @ 65K when looking at a new torque converter and water pump.

    HUD :):)
  • Thanks Hudrahead for your review. I have a question just wondering if anyone else finds this to be the case or if I have a problem here.
    I live on the East Coast and today alone with the windchill factor it was about 8 degrees. Even during "normal season temps" here this car has "NO HEATER". Since my Mustang is out of commission at the moment until I have it looked at I have to use the Hyundai as my main vehichle now. The heater is not broken but I get back from work about 20 miles away from here and the heat is just then becoming noticeable. Otherwise , nothing. It blows cold air? It never gets close to providing decent heat. Also, it seems when it does give you a hint of warmth it is onlt while driving, if you stop at a traffic light it blows cold air again even if it has begun to provide some heat. Is that the way it is with Hyundai's. Just curious to know? Thanks all for any advisements on this matter.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    My Mother-in-law has an Accent and she reports that it has a good heater. With that said, I suggest you check the coolant level. Look at both the overflow bottle and in the radiator cap (when the coolant is cool, of course, to prevent burns). Make sure that it's full.

    If your coolant level is good, I'd suspect a faulty thermostat, stuck in the "open" position.

    Does your car have a coolant temperature gauge? What does it read during your commute? Always cold?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    My 00 Accent had a good heater. It usually took a bit longer then my other cars to start putting out good heat, but I'm talking like 3 miles instead of 1. I suspect a thermostat stuck in the open position or a heater control cable not opening the heater valve fully. The only other possibility is a clogged heater core, but that would mean you should see a lot of gunk and rust in the cooling system. Good luck!
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