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Hyundai Accent Hatchbacks



  • I have an '04 Accent GT...looking to change out the plugs but I don't know the tourque specs for putting the new ones in...can anyone help?
  • Hi, I haven't been able to find the torque settings for you, but they may be in your owners manual for the car?

    If not, im sure if you phoned up your local Hyundai Dealer they would be able to give you the torque specs, my local hyundai garage has been very helpful with that sort of thing so far.

    Is there anything to be carfull of when changing spark plugs on accents? E.g. on some of the Ford KA's, i've heard that the spark plugs have a tendency to not want to come out, and when enough force is put in to remove them, they can break, resulting with the electrode dropping into the engine :sick:
    Just that i'm thinking of doing my plugs in a few months.... cheers.
  • The torque will depend on the type of seat and the thread size. Flat seat (gasket type), 12 mm is 10-15 ft-lbs. Be sure to use a little anti-seize lube and do not cross or strip out the threads in your aluminum head.
  • My wifes 04 Accent GT has started to knock on cool morning start ups and lasts for one mile. Dealer listened to it and claims it is piston slap on # 3 and 4 cylinders. They claim to have run into this before and it usually is one cylinder on all the ones they have replaced a piston on. They want to try thicker oil (20W-50) than the 10W-30 Synthetic we were using and if that doesnt cure it they will replace the offending piston. HAVE ANY OF YOU ACCENT OWNERS RUN INTO THIS OR HEARD OF IT??? Help appreciated.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    I wouldnt settle on 20W-50 as a fix because it will have bad effects on a small displacement engine:

    1) It will lower your mpg

    2) It will be very sluggish on cold mornings

    3) Engine warm-up will take longer

    Other makes such as Suzuki have had the same problem.
  • The engine noise was there 3 times that day and the dealer changed oil with Valvoline 20W-50 conventional oil and the noise disappeared and has not come back. Since I live in Tucson with temperatures that range fron 28 to 113 this weight is fine and the car still warms up quickly but mpg will slip. Valvoline makes 4 variations of 20-50 oil including plain, racing, Durablend and full synthetic. I will go with the full synthetic in the future. I do not agree with the dealer that the problem was piston slap. I think it was a temporary hydraulic lifter that had collapsed. Not uncommon. It happened on a cool morning of 30 degrees in Tucson but also in the afternoon at 70 degrees. (not a cool morning of 10 below zero in Colorado or Montana). I see where BMW and other expensive brands are pushing 5W-40 synthetic oil for all climates and it makes sense. --40 to + 140 degrees
  • I'm about to change the spark plugs on my Accent, they have washers on i still need to use some copper grease on putting the new ones in? i need to clean round the part of the engine block they go into...if so, what with?

    I have a couple of litres of unused part synthetic oil from last year left over, will i be ok mixing it with the new stuff i've bought? They're both 10W-40 part synthetic, however they are different brands. Or should only one brand be used at a time?

  • shrewshrew Posts: 6
    I have a 2004 Accent gsi and I noticed the other day that I'm getting water in through my moon roof! Ack! We've had a bit of a cold spell lately, but the lowest it's been is maaaaybe -5C, so still pretty mild. I've had the car for about a year and a half and this is the first time I've noticed this, so maybe the cold weather has caused the seal to come away a bit? Has anyone else experienced this or something similar?
  • I'm having what I think to be a Transmission problem. The other day I had a big transmission fluid leak. One of the hoses popped off b/c the clamp slipped off, so it was reconnected and clamped. Now when I start my car, after I have accelerated just slightly, it feels as if the car is jolty, or harsh. I've looked on the diagnosis, and I'm still not sure what it could be. I'm also wondering how much trans fluid it needs. :confuse:
  • I checked my A/T fluid and it looks to be down by half. I want to fill it but can't locate the cap to the resevoir. Can anyone tell me where to look fo it? Please respond.
  • On some cars you can top up the A/T fluid by pouring it down the pipe the dip stick goes into...i don't know if it's the same for Hyundai Accents, can't see why not though...
  • I have a manual Hyundai Accent, i noticed a bit of jolting from the engine when accelerating, not as though it wanted to staul, but a strange jolting feel from the engine....not very often, but mainly when the revvs were a bit low for the gear i was in....last week i put some injector cleaner in my petrol tank to clean the injectors, as they can get clogged up over seems to have cured the problem. Also my fuel ecconomy's looking better again.

    You've got nothing to loose by trying some in injector cleaner, it's only £4 a bottle over here in the UK

    Hope that's some help
  • Since your car is practically brand new, it should still be covered by the warranty. If it's something like a faulty seal round the sunroof then your local Hyundai garage may be able to fix it for you under the warranty
  • should say in your manual how much trans fluid your car takes...and more importantly what sort.

    If it doesn't say how much it takes....just keep adding a bit at a time and keep checking the level on the dip stick.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    I am considering buying a 2003 Accent GL 4-door. I'd like one with automatic and the power package, although I could take a stick. I'd also like to get one with less than 40,000 miles, with the intent of using up its bumper-to-bumper warranty and then selling it within two years to get a new car. I priced it out at and it looks like a car like that would go for about $6000 from a private party. Does that seem realistic? Too high? I don't see many used Accents of that vintage for sale around the Twin Cities (MN). I want a 2003 or later model because that is when it was refreshed and the side airbags became standard, and also I want to get one with at least two years of factory warranty left. Thanks for any input.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    You fill it through the dipstick pipe. Just make sure when you check the ATF fluid you start your car, let it warm up, shift through each gear & then leave it in neutral with the engine running & check the fluid level on the COLD section. Also, it should recommend Diamond ATF & not the usual Dexron III, but check your manual. All of this can be found in it.
  • Hi!
    I am a broke student who needs to buy a cheap car with hatch. The only car that fits in my budget is the Accent. I am looking to buy a new 05 and keep it for about 4 yrs. Since this will be my first car, I want peace of mind and hence going for a new car.
    If any of you guys can advice me regarding this car in terms of reliability, handling, stability and highway driving as well as other things you did or did not like about this car, I will really appreciate it. My driving will be limited to the city most of the time.
  • shrewshrew Posts: 6
    I have had my 05 Accent GSI for about a year and a half and have had no complaints with it. I also do mostly city driving, and I have found my mileage to be very good on this car. Here's my disclaimer: I may not be the best judge of cars as my previous car (the only other car I have driven) was a pile of junk and anything seems like heaven compared to it. But, having said that, I love my Accent and I am very happy with its performance up until now. Hope that helps!
  • beliverbeliver Posts: 155
    student1: I have a 05 Accent GT just one year old this month @ 16 K miles. I did not buy the car because I had to but because I wanted to. I own a small service business and have the option to buy almost anything (within reason) I want. I was impressed at the level of fit and finish on a car in this price range. The thing is as well bolted together as my wife's Volvo and seems just as solid. For what these things cost thet are a rnnaway bargain.

    It has had NO problems, NO squeeks or rattles gets over 28mpg in town and I've gotten 34mpg on the road.

    If you want one (05) better move fast as the 06's will be here soon and they will probably cost more and no hatch till later in the year.

    Go for it, you can't go wrong.

    Believer, and then some
  • Thanks. This is very helpful.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Daughter's 2001 Accent was running fine but CEL was on. So she took it to the dealer for checkout. They replaced the "pulse generator" under warranty to fix the problem. What is part and what does it do?
  • The pulse generator is the device that sends a pulse of electricity to one of the four spark plugs when needed.

    There are different types of pulse generator, the inductive type is easiest to understand...

    Inside the pulse generator there is a rotor spinning round with four arms on it. As the rotor spins, the arms spin past a set of inductive windings, generating a pulse of electricity which is sent to one of the spark plugs, igniting one of the cylinders in the engine.

    Hope that makes sense...

    If you're interested, two other types of pulse generator are:
    Optical pulse generator
    Hall effect pulse generator

    There should be lots of information on these on the internet if you type them into a search engine.
  • farkasfarkas Posts: 13
    Hi All,
    I have a 2000 Accent with 80k miles, manual.
    I realized (and more frequently) that sometimes it is very hard to put it into first and second gear, 3rd and 4th is fine. What could be the reason for this? What can I look for?
    Any help appreciated, thanks.
  • I've noticed this on my accent, it needs an extra push to get it into first gear sometimes, feels kind of jerky. I just put it down to general wear and tear. The 1st and 2nd gear are bound to wear quicker than the others, as they are always been changed from the one to the other when doing short trips round town etc.

    If the gear oil's not been changed for 2 years (or 20,000 miles) there would be no harm in changing it, see if it makes a difference. Any fragments of metal that get worn off with wear and tear end up in the gear oil, hence the need for changing it every couple of years.
  • farkasfarkas Posts: 13
    How can I change this gear oil?
    Do I can do this on my own? Thanks, again
  • 123shr123shr Posts: 1
    removed the trans. pan it was clean oil did not smell burnt the band looks good could it be a sensor
  • did mine on my own last year, not a problem.
    I assume it's a manual Accent?...

    turn the steering on full lock left so you can remove the plastic splash guard from under the car...if it's fitted.

    Then you'll see the gear box with a large nut on the side, remove this and the gear oil will drain....about 2.2 litres (on my 1.3 1999 Accent)

    Put the nut back in, then you should be able to see a smaller nut on the front of the gear box, remove this and you'll be able to refill from here.

    I used a 200ml syringe (that i obtained from the local vet) and squirted the oil in bit by bit using that. It was a bit messy though, so have some newspaper to the ready.
    Some people use a bit of tubing and pour it in from above, with the other end of the tube inserted inside the filler hole....however i didn't have any tubing of the right diameter and i chose the more tedious and messy method

    good luck
  • .....if you have a left hand drive car then the gear box may be on the other side, in which case you'll put your wheels on full lock right rather than full lock left...

    Also...this website will help you with locating the nuts that you need to remove if you have trouble...
  • slight mistake.... was actually a 50 ml syringe that i used to refill my gear oil with.
  • My daughter is looking for a first car and is considering a 2001 Accent with 96,000 miles. How reliable is this car likely to be? She's going to want to drive it regularly on the interstate as well as in town.

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