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Hyundai Accent Hatchbacks



  • I got a similar problem with 2002 accent, although it is idling just at 1300 RPM.
    Did you get to know was has caused the problem in your case?
  • 74887488 Posts: 1
    On my 02 Accent gl I got dtc 0732 (pulse generator 2nd gear). I replaced the fix. Big surprise. I wanted to ask if anyone had tried replacing the wire harnesses. Also does anyone know if it is possible for an electro magnetic pulse generated by the battery (located right above pulse generator circuit) to interfere with this circuit? I just recently replace my battery, then this.
    This circuit is basically 2 magnetic sensors.
    I heard that GM switched to side post batteries when they started using h.e.i. The reason cited was that top post batteries can generate enough of an e.m.p. that it would interfere with the h.e.i. Don't know if it's true, but if anybody has any insight I appreciate it.
  • I have the same Acceleration Problem on my Accent 2002, 1.6. It accelerates up to 4000 RPM IDLING!! I cannot use it, I am afraid of breaking down the transmission or engine with such a severe use. Also its fuel consumption has been rising. I will appreciate any advise.
  • Hi all

    Hope somebody can help me out on this problem. I have a 2005 Accent manual transmission with 38k miles on it. It has a problem since I bought it at 10k miles that now worsens. From time to time (at least one a day) the engine won't crank when you turn the key, and then will start cranking slowly and gradually builds up speed until it fires up. In the past it only occurred when the engine was hot and you started the car within 15 minutes after it was shut down. Lately this even happens on a cold engine. I cleaned the battery posts and terminals with no success. I am not suspecting the battery as I am having the problem for the past 30k miles and the battery should have died long ago.... Any advise please?
  • Did you find out what was wrong with it???

    My car does the same thing!! It's also a 2002 manual Accent that i've own for less than a year. I've taken it to the dealership three times and it performs perfectly there so they think I'm crazy or can't drive my own car.
  • I would hazard to guess that since its only happened on manuals that it would have something to do with the clutch pedal, maybe you aren't pushing the clutch pedal down far enough, or if there is a cluch pedal switch, perhaps it is faulty.
  • My wife has a new Accent...all because of me. Hope I purchased right altho we bought quickly when the Hyundai dealer gave us a price we weren't going to see with any other car including lifetime oil changes. Tried a Vibe & Yaris. Would have adored the extra Yaris MPG, but the extra thousands of dollars, the poor warranty & lack of 6 airbags put me off. Having some buyer's remorse because I never got as far as the Honda Fit or twin clutch Volkswagen dealers. But the Hyundai salesman was nice & I didn't want to risk running into a later 'hyped-up, buy it from me' salesman.

    My long ago purchased Plymouth Champ & Ford Festiva(still have it), were great. My 2007 Dodge Caliber also has been a v. positive car. Here's hoping the Accent will also keep us away from repair shops & visits to gas stations will be near as uncommon as a Yaris or Fit would have done. :shades:
  • I own three hyundais. 2 Accents (2002 and 2005) and a new Entourage (2007). Great value cars. The 2002 had engine warranty work done at 85,000 miles and they only charged me $15 on a $2000 bill. MPG may be a bit lower than a Vibe, Yaris or Fit but it would take years to recoup the difference. My five speed gets a solid 32 - 37 mpg depending on city/highway and my daughters automatic ticks in between 28 - 34 mpg. Very happy hyundai owner.
  • Hi mannybee....Don't worry about 'recouping costs' as much as keeping the air cleaner. If the Yaris or Fit would recoup the cost, that would mean we are causing $3000 worth of unnecessary pollution. May the Accent NOT be so. Again, hoping the Accent makes my wife happy, & like my previous cars, keeps me a stranger to auto mechanics & won't be far behind potentially cleaner Yaris & Fit.
  • britchickbritchick Posts: 6
    I own an '07 Accent hatchback. When I took it in to the dealer for the 15K service they told me it needed an alignment. I was surprised as I hadn't had any mishaps that might cause a problem, but told them to go ahead. They later informed me (after trying to charge me for a 4-wheel alignment) that they couldn't align the rear. I asked why not and they said that the Accent doesn't have the adjustments to align it in the rear. At that time they also said I needed four new tires. When I complained that I only had 16K on them they told me that Hyundai sends the cars from the factory with "crappy" tires. I have also had a problem with occasional rotten egg smell. I filed a claim recently through the BBB, but not getting anywhere. Any advice out there?
  • oldjakd1oldjakd1 Posts: 6
    I never ever let the auto dealer mess with my tires or wheels.. I go to a reputable 'tire' dealer to get my wheels rotated and balanced...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    If I were you I'd press for a new car. The dealer has acknowledged the car has an alignment problem. They also admit they can't fix it. They also say the car needs new tires after 16k--VERY unusual for non-exotic tires. I think it's reasonable to conclude the alignment problem contributed to the tire problem. The car is under warranty, and has a problem that could affect safety, and it's a problem they can't fix.

    Thus I would ask for a new car, and take it up the chain at Hyundai as far as I need to.

    You might not get a new car, but they may discover all of a sudden that it is possible to fix the alignment problem and maybe toss in a new set of tires. ;)
  • britchickbritchick Posts: 6
    Oh, I didn't let them fix my tires. I went to a local tire place and bought four new tires and I go back to have them rotated frequently.
  • britchickbritchick Posts: 6
    The BBB said I don't qualify for a new car under the Lemon Law because it wasn't off the road for any amount of time and/or they hadn't attempted to fix it more than once. I'm not sure how they could have fixed it 'though when by their own admission they can't fix the rear suspension on this car.
    The weird thing is I can't seem to find any other cases like mine. If it is true that the Hyundai Accent can't be aligned in the rear, how come there aren't other owners complaining about it?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Forget about the Lemon Law here. Go up the chain at Hyundai. You might also let them know you are filing a complaint with the NHTSA (and then do it), since an alignment problem that apparently can't be fixed could be a safety issue (i.e. causing car to drift out of lane, maybe??).

    It could be a defect on this one car, which is why you don't hear of more cases. I've never heard of such a problem on any car. Also it could be that the problem really is fixable, but this particular dealer either doesn't know how to do it or doesn't care to do it.

    Have you talked with the dealer's service manager and sales manager yet? If so, have you talked with the Hyundai regional customer rep? That would be a good next step.
  • oldjakd1oldjakd1 Posts: 6
    Concerning the 'rotten egg smell'...Is your car an Automatic? Does it 'clunk' when it shifts? If it is an Automatic and it 'clunks' when it shifts gears it MAY be water in the transmission fluid... I had a Mazda that, sometimes, smelled like skunk and after about a year and a half of complaining and putting up with the clunk and the occassional smell, the transmission finally went (started screaming) and Mazda replaced it for free.. You gotta get on record with the dealers with your complaint..

    Good luck
  • britchickbritchick Posts: 6
    Yes, my car is an automatic, but I haven't noticed a clunking sound. It used to only happen when I was accelerating to go up a long, gradual climb close to my house, and then only briefly. However, twice last week I noticed it when I was making a turn on the flat. It is only a brief whiff and then it's gone, so with all my other problems I haven't focused much on it. Years ago I had a car where it was a big problem and a friend told me it was a catalytic converter problem and he was right.
  • britchickbritchick Posts: 6
    I'm waiting for the Consumer Affairs Manager at Hyundai to call re: an appt. with their District Parts and Service Manager and a Field Service Engineer at the dealership to go over my car. Trouble is this same District Manager months ago had passed on a message through the dealers service guy advising me to take my car to a bodyshop! I wasn't impressed.
    I don't know what the NHTSA is but I will Google them and see what I can do. Ther have been other cars, apparently in the past which were designed this way, but I don't know what they did if they went out of alignment.
  • buddygleebuddyglee Posts: 44
    Stop by an auto parts store and have them check the battery with a load tester. Often times a battery will limp for quite a while with just one dead cell but will perform badly. Being cold would really cause this more than Hot. But will happen either way.

    Clutch switch is either on or of and should not cause slow cranking.

    You also could have a bad starter that is drawing more amps than the battery is rated for. Faulty windings or a short could cause that. :D
  • buddygleebuddyglee Posts: 44
    The problem with Alignment issues such as this is you cannot prove that you have avoided all potholes, haven't gone fast over speed bumps, curbs etc. A vehicle with a tow hitch low enough to the ground could accidentaly be backed into your tire causing something to be bent ever so slightly like say if you Uncle forgets to set the brake on his toyota pick up and it gently rolls down the drive and stops when the hitch hits the rim of your wifes Kia... If the car had a problem when you bought it or soon thereafter your case would be stronger. You should perhaps get a second opinion and present that to the dealer to back your case up. if the second opinion is the same keep trying to make your point. Write to Hyundi etc.

    As for the tires pretty much all dealers put bare minimum rubber on the tires. your terrain and maintenance will ultimatly determine the wear. I was not happy that my tires did not last past 25,000 miles on my new vehicle.
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    re: rotten egg
    There is considerable info indicating that this kind of smell can come from various different gas combinations. Might try changing gas stations. Think it is the chemical makeup of the various brands. Just another point of info.
  • britchickbritchick Posts: 6
    My problem is not that my '07 Accent is out of alignment, although I wasn't too pleased, but that it cannot be realigned.
  • buddygleebuddyglee Posts: 44
    You might want to check with a Body Shop, Although there are no adjusters, a Body shop could use Hydraulics to put it back into alignment by bending the mounts or subframe slightly. This is somewhat barbaric but necessary after fender benders and such when the sub frame gets out of whack. It is extreme but sometimes necessary.
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    Right on all that... alignment is critical to many phases of the operation of the vehicle. I will affect, tires, (obviously) mileage, handling, etc... Good body shops are able to check the 4 wheel alignment, etc and correct all sorts of "minor" and major problems.

  • vlbrooksvlbrooks Posts: 4
    Anyone know of a post or have info on how to get the dashboard off to install a radio in the base accent gs car? I cant find the screws or clips that hold it on around the a/c vents. thanks
  • vlbrooksvlbrooks Posts: 4
    I just bought a new 08 Accent 5 speed and it seems to tach really high. At 60 mph in 5th the tach is at about 3K and that seems high. I have never had a small car like this and just wanted to ask the group if this seems unusual or what. Any feedback appreciated. thanks vince
  • From post # 1667, I talked of any possible extra pollution from the Accent vs either the Yaris or Honda Fit, if the Accent MPG weren't as high as the cars mentioned.

    My wife drove her Accent thru a long winter & tough commute to 33MPG. Yaris & Fit may have beat Accent's numbers, but not by much, I don't think. Recently, my wife let me take Accent on day trips to e. Washington & Mt. Rainier over 1400, 3000, 4000 & 5500 foot mountain passes from sea level. Accent scored big, nailing 41.5, 42.6, & 45.2 MPG! Altho Accent has ~7% lower EPA MPG ratings than Yaris & Fit, Accent has acquitted itself very well in our own MPG race.
  • I have a 2002 and just put in a new radio--might be similar on the 2008. There were two screws behind the pop-out cup holder. Had to push it in half way and peek in there to access the screws. Also had to remove the clips that keep the glove box from coming all the way out. Behind the glove box and up above and to the right of the gas pedal there are cables linked to the temp controls (two on driver side and 1 behind glove). Those needed to be disconnected. Then I just used a flat head screw driver to pry the entire front console off. If that doesn't help, you might find an answer at or

    Good luck!
  • hi there i have a 99 hyundai accent gsi, sadly its an automatic. but i would like to know what things i can do to make this thing fast as posible
  • You would be money ahead to trade it for a car more suitable for speed. I used to have a VW GTI and it was a great pocket-rocket. It also had TONS of aftermarket performance items.
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