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2007/8/9 Sprinter NO Start when cold

RoegreRoegre Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Dodge
Have encountered a few Sprinters here in Montreal that will not start when -30. Have tried contacting Chrysler for a response, and am still waiting, have tried to understand why they would omit a block heater on the 3.0L CRD. Units will crank, and once temp rises, all is ok.

(It's not like Canada is the coldest country in the world...but 'scuse me while I go feed my Caribou herd...)

Any ideas?


  • I have a 07 Sprinter in Minnesota. Last week was well below zero F day and night. Even with a battery charger on overnight, the starter would not engage. Dodge shop told me that if the tank fuel pump senses too high pressure during glow plug warmup the starter is disabled to protect it from gelled fuel. I don't know, it starts fine when temps are around zero. I've tried looking up information to see what start sequence is, but I can't find anything. Can anybody else verify this
  • The VB Sprinter Block heater is recently made available from an Austrian Aftermarket supplier. Currently one has been made available to the Dodge Parts Team. Give them a call. Some Minor modifications will have to be made to fit the heater. They have been requested by the vehicle owners in Alaska.
  • I never heard of the starter not engaging when the temperatures where very low. Is the vehicle you own a Gas or Diesel powered Sprinter? I just don't see the vehicle protecting itself from Jelled Fuels.
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