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To ResistAll or Not To...



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited August 2015
    Sounds like someone works for a car dealer. :)

    Went to the local Buick dealer a couple of weeks ago and tested an Encore. When I couldn't read the Monroney sticker because of the glare, the salesperson read off the numbers including a $1,400 paint and protection package that they put on every car. I laughed in the guy's face.

    The more I've thought about it, the more I've crossed that dealer off my list. If they are ripping people off right off the bat like that, what kind of experience can I expect down the road when I need service?

    The other thing that bugs me is that if the dealer is doing this kind of "treatment" to every car they put on the lot, that means they probably have one or two techs who spend hours prepping these cars. I wouldn't be surprised if they are putting the "wax" on every car using the same dirty rag over and over and scratching the heck out of the clear coat.
  • Bought the $700 7 year package on a CPO. So far, had two areas redone after body work, and a drivers seat cover replaced (no charge). It always looks waxed. I guess I am satisfied.
  • Buyer be ware. According to most in the detail industry a coating is a good thing to have on your vehicle if you want the paint to retain its original luster. The Cal -Tex product "Resistall" is not the product to purchase. Sure the dealer will push it, it increases the profit margin for the dealership. What you don't see is the fine print on the back of the contract. Please read the entire contract front and back to make sure you are informed of the Warranty exclusions and the process to file a claim. I am about to go round and round with this company because I purchased the coating and had it applied to a used BMW in pristine condition. The paint was exposed to an environmental irritant and left a sandpaper like feel to the paint. Cal-Tex to this point has informed me that I purchased a used car policy and they would only cover a buff and wax. and not the damage to the clear coat (requiring a respray). To me unacceptable because the dealership did not disclose this and stated that my cars paint and interior was covered for 7 years. ( I at least read the front of the contract). all in all what I purchased was a product that did not do what the product was designed for. It allowed an environmental contaminant to penetrate their product and bottom line is that they won't stand behind the product. So again Buyer Be Ware!!!!!!
  • I just bought a 2017 Nissan and added this 7 year plan to my vehicle, mostly because it only added $2 to my monthly payments. I mean, why not, what's the harm. I feel like this entire thread is missing the point. This is like insurance for your iphone, as opposed to getting a strong case. I have 2 kids under 8, so if one of them rips a cloth seat, or stains it bad, I want it fixed at no cost, and that's what Resistall plan gives you. If the only benefit was what is being talked about in a majority of this thread, that is, it should "resist" all stains on interior and exterior for along time (cross your fingers) then It would be waste. In fact, the finance guy told me they put this on all the vehicles in the lot, regardless of if people add the plan or not. The difference is, if you DO get damage, and you pay for the plan, you can get it taken care of at no out of pocket expense (7 years). I'll pay $2 a month for that kind of piece of mind.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,514
    Well you do make a good point about it being more like insurance. There's no "protectant" that's going to last 7 years, so obviously there's more to this "plan" than meets the eye. Does your contract require you to have periodic "updates" done so as to maintain your warranty? I have read that rips in the seat might not be covered if they are more than 1/2".

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  • Just bought a new vehicle and I noticed a ResistAll sticker on the front window had no idea as to what it was but did some research after a week of owning the vehicle. If I had concentrated on the complaints in this list, I probably would never purchase the product. Our weather has been hot with occasional drenching rain. The other day I went out to see if I needed to wash the car and was both shocked and overjoyed that it was perfectly clean. My previous car was a 2014 Traverse and the new one is a 2017 Enclave, almost identical vehicles, both having white or off-white tricoat finish. Had it been my Traverse I would have found multiple insects splattered on the front of the vehicle and an ugly gathering of filth on the rear, the new vehicle was showroom perfect. Being an octogenarian, the condition brought me extreme relief. As far as the odor, it smells like a new vehicle should. I will have to wait to see if this continues but at this point, I am extremely pleased that the vehicle came with this protective coating applied.
  • I bought a 2014 Mercedes CLA 250. I purchased the resist all which they claimed they applied to the vehicle during the purchase process.. It's an all black vehicle. Looked beautiful on the lot. It was really glossy looking. I couldn't tell any difference in the cars appearance after they "applied" resist all. A few days later after plenty of driving I noticed plenty of dust sitting on the car so I thought to go wash it. I see I was given some box full of different sprays and solutions. One such solution was some type of cleaning solution I guess you are supposed to use with resist all. Well I live in a condo and a parking garage so I decided I since I only have dust I would just wet the car and go. So I took it to the automatic car wash and choose the most basic package which I found out was literally nothing but water. So I ran it through the auto-washer and left. I did not dry the car and let me tell you that was a mistake. There were numerous water stains on the vehicle. Not happy, I assumed resist all could at least resist water.... Nope - I also used non-scratch micro fiber cloths to dry and it seems to scratch the glossy surface.

    I can honestly say I wish I didn't buy this crap. It appears the resist all is coming off the hood of my car already in less than two weeks. There are what appear to be little white specs about the size of a grain of sand on my hood. However, I believe its not a spec at all, but tiny little holes where the resist all is coming off and the white color is just the reflection of light caught in tiny holes. That has yet to be determined. Nonetheless, I'm not happy with the product....

    Who knows, maybe I'll try cleaning the car with the solution they gave me and then rinse it off with water as described. Oh wait, I live in an apartment, so I cannot just pull a hose out the backyard and rinse my car down after applying whatever....

    The car still looks pretty glossy at a distance, but when you get up close you can start seeing imperfections, scratches in the gloss (better not be my paint.) Smears any anything else. So this stuff doesn't work great, or either its just way too difficult to clean the car with it on. I'm probably just going to chunk up my losses, remove the crap and just regularly wax my car. I wont ever buy it again.

    Not to mention it came with some re-apply spray. Yea, wish you would have told me I needed to re-apply this crap myself. I sure wouldn't have paid you $7-900 for it....
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