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VW New Beetle (GL, GLS & GLX)



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    It is not surprising that low coolant in the resivour could cause an air-bubble in the system. Basically, if the level of the coolant in the resivour gets below ANY other part of the system, then an air bubble may migrate to other parts of the cooling system.

    The BIG problem you may need to keep an eye on is to make sure that the coolant level is not going down over time. This would indicate an internal leak. (since you did not mention seeing any external leakage)

    PS: It is good to hear that you used the approved G12 antifreeze. Some folks have mistakenly mixed in NON-approved antifreeze... this causes a gell to form which may plug up the system.
  • ebrunsebruns Posts: 2
    Thanks. No, no visible leak. In fact, I have about 9,000 miles and 1 year of driving. The coolant level was just below the internal ring of the antifreeze/coolant recovery unit, still within operational level. However, I recommend filling as much as possible, leaving room for expansion. I did check the radiator, no air in there. Anyway, after 3 weeks, it still works.
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    What does PZEV mean when talking about a New Beetle? :confuse:
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    You could have looked that one up yourself on wikipedia...

    Hint: "Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle"
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    Thank you. I'm pretty much computer challenged, I have enough trouble Googling. Probably could have found it there too.
  • lilbit2007lilbit2007 Posts: 1
    Yeah, I just recently bought a convertible beetle GLS 1.8T manual,and I love it!!I'll never get another car!!!It's sooo fast!!!They're great cars however the gas mileage sucks compared to the non turbo version..I get about 15 mpg and the non turbo ones get around 25-30 mpg.. My audio is good I haven't had any problems mind is monsoon so if you're looking for something with a kick you'll haft to get a non factory system, ya know what I meen??Over all there awesome cars and soo fun to drive!!! :shades:
  • erinvwbugerinvwbug Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with the surging and dropping of rpm's on my 2000 2.0 Beetle. I have been told that it is the throttle position sensor, but I cannot find any place that sells tps's for a beetle!!! I have searched all over the internet and called tons of places. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to find the piece??? Does anyone know if the tps that fits in another VW model will also fit in the Beetle????
  • how much does it cost to get fixed?
  • I've just purchased the same thing pretty much, a 2004 convertible GLS 1.8T manual...I just tested my first tank of gas and got 28.8 MPG. Wonder what the difference is between mine and yours?
    Something must be wrong for there to be that much of a difference.
    I agree, it is very fun to drive. :shades:
  • I have had the 2002 Beetle for about 6 months. I replaced the temperature sensors when I bought it as the temp light and oil lights were flashing at me. No problems until today when the temp light started flashing red and the check engine light came on. Car is running fine, pleanty of radiator fluids, nothing leaking anywhere. Any ideas? Can't find the water pump and where is the thermostat located? Trouble figuring out this engine! I can' t really afford a huge bill right now but would appreciate any info anyone can give. Thanks! :confuse:
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    waterpump is driven from the TIMING belt thus is burried underneath the timingbelt-cover. It should be replaced when your timingbelt is replaced.

    Thermostat is mounted where the LOWER radiator hose enters the engine. This is because VW uses the superiour "bypass cooling system" design which always flows coolant thru the engine. (instead of the high-mounted thermostat which stops the flow when engine is too cool.)

    Now to address your original issue.... the coolant light flashing. This DOES NOT mean that your engine temparture is incorrect. A FLASHING light means the antifreeze LEVEL sensor is uncovered. Most often, this can be fixed by adding less than 1/2 cup of DISTILLED water to resavouir. (If you need to add more fluid than than that, use G12 antifreeze)

    BTW, The electrical plug on the side of the resivour is the connector to the level-sensor. The level-sensor is simply 2 prongs which stick down into the antifreeze. If the level gets too low, the prongs are uncovered and the computer senses no electrical flow. (Antifreeze conducts electricity)
  • I know very little about VW's. I can take apart a V-8 and fix it on the side of the road but this car gets me. I think I will buy a old car to drive around in because I HATED being stuck on the side of the road in the dark. Thank you for your answer, I will try it now before it gets torn apart. Appreciate the help.
  • kcrallkcrall Posts: 1
    Ok, I've heard many people telling me horror stories about the whole end of lease thing and I'm curious to know how hard is it to get another VW when my current lease is up? We did have late payments on our lease with VW due to family hardship but we're on track now and I honestly don't want to keep the Beetle I got in 05 because I need something bigger and also, I don't know if I could get a car financed now after the time of hardship we experienced for a few months last year. Will VW make me reapply? I'm hoping that since we already have the current lease they'll be more than happy to go ahead and lease us another vehicle. Any info on this subject would be great. Thanks
  • b33tl3boyb33tl3boy Posts: 3
    yea what i do when that happens is to turn ur car off for about 30 min or so and it should go down the next time u start your car.
  • budgiebudgie Posts: 1
    year 2000 beetle 2 litre petrol, are there 2 oil pressure sensors fitted to this model? The audible low oil pressure beeps 3 times approx 30 seconds after starting the car and then does not sound again till the car is stopped and restarted. The pressure sensor above the oil filter was replaced today and it still beeps 3 times on starting up!
    Any inf/suggestions Thanks :confuse:
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Instead of just replacing parts, why not use a pressure guage to actually MEASURE the oil-pressure.

    Also, make CERTAIN you are running the specified 5W30 oil and that your oilFilter is the proper one for your car.
  • So yesterday I bought a 99 Beetle (I am ecstatic beyond all reason!) but there are a few things about it that are, or at least seem, off and I was hoping someone could tell me if they're things I need to worry about.

    First, whenever I start the engine (even if I drove it less than an hour ago) the blue temperature gauge comes on (it doesn't flash). I don't know if this is something that is normal and is supposed to happen everytime you start it, or what.

    Second, the gasoline gauge is broken. I have a mechanic friend who said it could just be a loose wire, but if it's not is this a problem that would cost a lot to fix?

    Third, the car made a weird sound when I started it (think along the lines of whining) and I took it to that mechanic friend, and he said he thought I needed to replace the serpentine belt. He said the belt itself isn't expensive but he didn't know about labor on a VW. If you'd had this replaced on your bug could you tell me the cost?

    Like I said, I absolutely adore my car (I've wanted one since I was eight), but these things make me a little bit nervous.

    Thanks for your help (:
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Did you get an owners-manual with your NB (New Beetle)? My daughter even got a VHS tape with her NB which describes most of the features. (I have that tape i my hand now)

    The blue indicator is NORMAL. There is no temparture GUAGE in the NB to tell you when the engine is still not warmed up. Thus, the light is blue to indicate that the engine is still not up to temparture. We all know that an engine should be driven gently whilst it is warming up and the blue indicator gives you that information.

    The fuel gauge really needs to be troublesot to isolate the problem. I beleive VWs have an "access port" under the rear seat so the fuel-sender is accessable without removing the fuel tank. HOWEVER, at this point you do not have enough details to determine what the problem is.

    Replacing the serp. belt takes about 45 seconds and the only trouble is that the NB does not have much room to work under the hood.

    An important thing to remember... do NOT leave the heated mirrors in the "ON" position any longer than needed lest they will burn out. (Some people leave the mirror-knob in the center position which is the "ON" postition for the heaters)
  • Congratulations on your new purchase? I have an '04 Convertible GLS myself and really enjoy it.

    What's the mileage on your '99 Beetle? Somewhere between 60-80k miles (and sometimes people have even had problems before that) the following (at least) need to be replaced:

    1) water pump ( these actually come with a plastic impeller...need to be replaced with a metal one when the job is done. These are available with 3rd party companies such as or eBay, etc.
    2) timing belt (if this breaks on you, you are looking at possibly thousands of $ in repairs...
    3) tensioner
    4) miscellaneous other small parts:
    Timing Belt Idler Pulley
    Coolant G12 (only kind that will work with a Beetle)
    Distilled Water
    Accessory belt (optional )
    Thermostat (optional)
    New engine mount bolts

    If any of the above fail, they all need to be replaced while you're already there. shows photos of all this...this guy said it took him 10 hours.

    If all of this is done in a repair facility, the cost is somewhere in the range of $600-$900...$900 being the VW Dealership. As I said earlier, the price of not doing it runs as high as $4,000. Not good.
  • bpeebles, I'd love to get a copy of your Beetle VHS! Let me know if you will...I'll happily pay for it.

  • I have a 2006 VW New Beetle and the parking or gear indicator lights stay on all the time. That is to say if it's in 'park' or 'drive' or whatever gear, all the lights/letters are illuminated. So by looking at the indicator alone you can't tell what gear or position the transmission is in.

    Has anyone had this happen before and what if any remedy did you find? The car drives fine and it doesn't appear to have a transmission or shifting problem. The car is still under warranty but I'm just curious as to what might be causing the problem.
  • Here is a cool West Coast Beetle Blog that you can compare prices at...
  • etbugetbug Posts: 1
    I am new to this site, I have a 2001 1.8T GLX :)
  • luckynetaluckyneta Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2000 Beetle from a used car dealer. I love my little car but it didn't come with a owners manual. There is a few things that I don't know about it. Does anyone know where I could get an owners manual? And I have another question also. Behind the back seats Is there suppose to be something between the window and the seat? Kinda like the back window in a bigger car?
  • luckyneta, come on over to There are lots of folks over there that can be of help to you...I have a convertible, so I don't know the answer to your question.
  • vwfreak80vwfreak80 Posts: 2
    We have an 02 beetle- in between the seat and the back window there is a flat shelf-ish thing that goes between. covers my speaker set i put in there. It is removable. :)
  • Hi,

    I have a 2001 New Beetle with about 70,000 miles on it, the temperature light started flashing. I checked the coolant levels and everything seemed fine, however, come to find out the water pump needed to be replaced, I suggest getting it done as quickly as possible, eventually the water pump will fail and you will be sitting on the side of the freeway waiting for a tow truck.

    The service station I took my VW to showed me the waterpump, and the inside was completely melted from all the heat, the water pump actually isn't very expensive, it's the labor that's going to kill you. Expect to spend about $500-700 to have it replaced.

    After doing some research, VW actually recommends that the water pump be replaced at 70,000 because they are known to go bad quickly. Get it done!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    If you had 70K miles on 2001, then you were coming due for timing-belt replacment anyway. There is a reason that the waterpump, pullies, tensionors and all other inexpensive parts are replaced at same time. (they wont last till the NEXT timingBelt change!)

    NOT replacing waterpump when TB is replaced is just asking for trouble.... the cost is not in the parts... it is in the labor to get in there.

    Also, When replacing the waterpump in VW, It is recommended to spend a few more dollars and get the one with METAL IMPELLER. The factory waterpump with plastic impeller is KNOWN to come apart after awhile.
  • I was stranded along side the road due to my car overheating. Come to find out my water pump needs to be replaced. It is being replaced with metal impellers due to the water pump that is orginal has plastic impellers. This is costing me 700.00. :cry: I am also going to get the timing belt replaced at the same time. I have 78,000 miles on my 2002 beetle. I think that VW should replace water pumps for free, this should be a recall.
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