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Volkswagen EuroVan



  • I have a well maintained VW eurovan GL that runs and drives great...only problem is that right
    after it is started, it doesn't want to stay running unless you give it some gas. Once I drive away
    and put it into neutral or stop at a light, it idles a-OK. It has been taken to a dealer twice and they've had no luck..they've tried switching fuse after fuse after fuse...specifically #15.
    Any ideas?

  • More fun electrical questions to add to the list...When I try and lock the doors from the outside w/ the key on the driver's side door, all the doors lock fine BUT there is a continuous humming noise that will not stop within the driver's door. I would imagine it would run the battery down after a few obviously, I don't lock it. I can't even lock the van since the driver side and passenger side doors cannot be manually locked when the key is not in the ignition...would anyone know what to start looking at? Thanks!
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    You folks might also want to ask your questions in the discussion below to see if the members there have any ideas.

    Electronic Gremlins: Electrical Problems that are driving you crazy


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  • Help! I have a '99 EV camper, I camp a lot. Problem: When I am parked with the engine off and want to use my accessories...CD player, VCR, etc. I must turn the ignition switch on...this turns the headlights on. Question: Is there a way to keep the headlight from coming on every time the ignition switch is turned on???

    Thank you, Larry in Boise :confuse:
  • wynne2wynne2 Posts: 1
    Help! I have a 2001 Eurovan. The sliding door started knocking 2 years ago. I took it in to the dealership. 2 days & $500 later I got it back, but door still making noise. The interior door panel has now pulled away in upper left hand corner where the lock is, and now door won't lock properly. :sick:
  • Have a 2002 Eurovan which needs brake pads replaced. The dealer's shop wants $700 for the work. Is that reasonable??
  • If its any consolation we have ben having problems with the door since the beginning. They don't know how to fix it. Ours even flies open without warning.
  • HELP! I can't find the oil filter on my 99 eurovan? Anyone have clues to where the canister is?
  • If you only need the pads replaced, it is an incredibly easy task. With the newness of your vehicle, it should be simple. With the car up, and the wheel off, you will see two steel pins that go through the brake caliper - held in by a spring clip. The pins have a larger head on one end, so tap them out using a small drift accordingly. New pins that are anodized against rust are available from the Murrays Auto Store (Michigan) or other independent auto stores (about 20 bucks for the 4 pins and 2 springs). Also, new Bosch brake pads were available from the same Murrays source for around $40.00. Ordering takes 3-5 days, Brake pads just slide into a slot in the calipers. Take apart and installing new parts = about three hours with common tools. If you are not into doing your own work, you can buy the parts, take them with you and interview a competent repair shop for their estimate of labor. Anyone charging more than $100 labor for this easy job is to be avoided. A good repair shop should be able to do the whole job in an hour maximum.
    I did the same on my 1995 Eurovan. The pins were rusted in the holes - necessitated cutting them off, driving the pieces out, smoothing the holes out, and then just slipping in the new parts. Driveway time even with these complications = 4 hours.
    Good Luck, Wanderphil
  • Hello,

    I am interested in purchasing A Eurovan Camper 2001-2003 with under 40,000 miles.

    #1. It looks like a lot of the problems are with older model Eurovan is the reliability mechanically of the above models?

    #2. anyone suggest any alternatives to Pop Top Heaven, as someone suggested they are more expensive...but seem to be have the most inventory and I am in New Mexico.

    #3. Any accesories that you can't live without?

    Thank you!
  • Deb:

    We had the same problem. There is a switch attached to the brake pedal that is faulty. I don't recall exactly what the repair cost, but I do remember that it wasn't expensive. If you take it to a reputable VW repair shop, they ought to be able to figure it out right away.


  • I'm thinking about converting a Eurovan to a delivery van and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about pulling a gas engine and dropping in a new TDI. Are there any compatibility issues? I know the tranny can handle the torque.
    Also, where can I get European suspension components? They have delivery vans in Europe based on this platform that have diesels and can carry much heavier payloads.
  • Hi, I'm wondering if you found anything more out about importing a diesel Eurovan into the dtates from Mexico. I am really interested in doing the same thing and also live in Arizona.

  • My son has a '93 Eurovan that won't start,he had it in the shop and they couldn't figure it out. I've been checking it out and found the compression to be from 20 to 60 pounds. He said he did have a coolant leak that he fixed, but I'm thinking he overheated it and blew the head gasket and maybe warped the head. It cranks over and fires, but just won't start. I'm about ready to pull the head off and see what it looks like. Does anyone have a better idea?
  • did you find out where the oil filter is? I have the same problem.
  • I was wondering if anyone out there has had problems with the electrical system on their Eurovan. I have a 2001 van that the headlights and interior dash lights go out intermittently. I hear a click, the lights go out, the brake light comes on, 5 sec later, I hear the click again (from somewhere in the dashboard) and the lights come back on. Any suggestions on what is going on?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Hi, jsoria,

    Another place you might want to ask this question is in the Electronic Gremlins: electrical problems that are driving you crazy discussion. Hope you get some answers soon :-)


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  • hey have you tried applying the parking brake? that does the trick you seek on my 2002... ;)
  • bot3bot3 Posts: 1
    Anyone with suggestions for how to repair the armrest on the Driver's chair? I leaned lightly on it and it gave out. Should I remove it to get at the mechanism? It's hard to see but it looks like an Allen wrench is needed.
  • I have just bought a 99 Eurovan Winnebago camper. It is frustrating trying to find parts and accessories for this hybrid that no one seems to want to own. Winnebago's web site doesn't reference the Eurovan Winnebago or tell you who sells their parts and accesories. One would think they would sell them. Indendent web sites that claim to are hit and miss as to what they have. A VW dealer doesn't know anything about the camper component. I live in Moorpark, CA and would like to find a good resource for camper things that break. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • we have a 2002 eurovan with the same electrical type's happened twice so far. 1st time it happened the brake light on dash came on and was beeping, and headlights didn't work, we took it to the dealer and they said they found nothing wrong. so thought it was a fluke until it just happened again x-mas nite driving in the dark while raining, going to signal to change lanes and the headlights went out, dash lights went out, wipers stop going!! Was very dangerous! pulled over turned off the car then started it again and all was ok...did you find out anything else about this problem....your comments would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a FL eurovan that I am parting out on Ebay.
    Right now the complete curtain set and front grille are listed, I list more all the time.
  • bobs8bobs8 Posts: 2
    :cry: Just had the ignition switch replaced after problems that sound very similar to yours. Apparently some contacts on the switch run those items but allow the car to start and run. Try the wipers too, they probably won't work either. Get this fixed right away because it could cause a serious accident if it happened during a rain storm and you're driving! It was covered under warranty I would think yours is too. My van is a 2002.

    Be prepared to change the brakes real soon too if you haven't already. I've had to change them twice with only 24K miles. It's a real problem with these vans! Good Luck.
    Hope this helps- Bob
  • bobs8bobs8 Posts: 2
    Pretty sure it's the Ignition switch, I had identical symptoms including wipers not working. If you push the key in or wiggle it around it may do it. Get the ignition switch replaced because you could get in a serious accident if it happens at night in rain. Murphy's Law has a way of popping up!
  • Larry,
    my 95 EV requires the key be in the ignition, in order for the radio to work. I have to turn the key on, then off, leaving the key in the switch. The headlights are controlled by their own switch. Still, I'm rewiring the radio, to get its power from the camper battery, as I use the stereo system for my DVD sound.
  • just a thought.
    My '85 Vanagon does the same thing, also a little "smokey", but not oil smoke. A mechanic noticed this and suggested that this is a sign of a faulty Catalytic Convertor. Once it warms up, its fine. I've yet to follow up on this, but its on my List.
  • By now you've probably figured this out, but, yes, you need to pop off the plastic cap and stick a long Allen wrench down the hole to release the arm rest. Once you do that you will probably find that the ear has broken off the cam that adjusts the arm rest. Now the bad part -- finding someone who will sell you just the arm rest. I have two of these broken arm rests (both left ones), but the dealer wants hundreds of dollars for new ones, and used parts stores will only sell whole seat assemblies. Let me know if you have any luck finding replacements!
  • Our 2002 Eurovan has what appears to be a chronic fuel problem. The check engine light comes on at increasing interals (now about every two months). Most of the time, the dealer finds no code, but sometimes replaces a sensor or some other repair. The car drives at reduced power. They replaced the ignition coils which I had hoped would fix the problem. The latest episode has the engine light plus the engine stalls immediately after cranking. It is no longer drivable. We have been in the garage with this in varying degrees of intensity about six times in the past 18 months. Anyone have any experience with this?

    Now the mechanic says we have engine sludge, which means no warranty coverage without all oil change documents from a garage. We did it ourselves to save money, and we are paying now. Don't do it yourself if you are under any kind of warranty.

    I now find that Volkswagen knows it has a sludge problem with some engines.

    So I have the choice of a big repair bill or a court case.

    Like most on this board, we loved camping and hauling our kid around in this van. Too bad it stays in the shop all the time. Buying this car was the worst financial decision I've ever made.
  • jsoriajsoria Posts: 2
    If you have not solved the problem then here's what my solution was to my trouble. It was the ignition switch. Try pushing your key in the position that you would if you were starting the car. By doing that, it keeps the connection for the lights going. I bought the extended warranty (thinking I was an idiot for doing it) but luckily for me, it was covered and only cost me $50.
  • shamosshamos Posts: 3
    My wife could not start our 2002 MV Eurovan, one morning, about a month ago. The starter would start the engine momentarily, but it would die shortly after. I tried it in the afternoon and it started with no problems. It happened again today about noon. I cranked the engine over and it died again, so I pushed the gas pedal on subsequent starts, and it would rev up momentarily and die again. I let it sit for an hour, it recovered and started again, with no problems. I have read about a few other cases like this on the internet. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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