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Volkswagen EuroVan



  • I know it was a long time ago....but did you ever find that EV middle seat? If not....I have one that I would sell.

    Larry in Boise
  • eaglewingseaglewings Posts: 20
    Jeff, can you tell me what is the difference between the Weekender and the MV model? I might be interested in a Eurovan that has the features of the MV model, i.e., a convertible bed and a pop up roof. Can you email me photos?
  • I have a 92 Eurovan. The cooling light is on op. temp. is around 110 c. Neither Electric fans turn on.
    Could this be a relay problem. Thermostat and sensor have been replaced.
  • 5inline5inline Posts: 1
    My 92 Eurovan gas with 440,000 kilometers began hard starting during a -27C(-16F) cold snap last winter. Initially the problem was that it would go too rich and flood. If I disconnected and removed the cold injector it would eventually go with much cranking and black smoke. Once it started it would run fine-good power, response and fuel economy and start normally as long as it was warm. Over a short period of time the problem worsened until it did not want to start at 0C/32F. It has been into several dealers with no success. Computer scans yield nothing,new plugs, distributor cap, both coolant temp sensors and fuel pressure regulator have been changed with no improvement, in addition the starter has been changed after wearing out grinding the van to life. Now in warm weather there is no fuel delivered to the cylinders at all. Fuel pressure checks out and I can hear the fuel pump cycle when the key is turned. Other than this problem the vehicle runs very well, less than 1 liter of oil consumption for 6000 km. oil change interval. I am suspecting a computer problem but would like to be able to trouble shoot before buying an expensive part that may not fix the problem. Any suggestions appreciated.
  • If anyone knows of a used transmission for a 2001 Eurovan please
    contact me as soon as possible.
  • dfattigdfattig Posts: 1
    I am putting a diesel motor in my eurovan. The problem is it came an automatic transmission and the diesel works best with a 5 speed so I need complete shift linkage from shift knob to the transmission. If you have one the best way to contact me is by email as I am posting this in far more sites than I will be able to keep up with.
    Email beanfarmer(at symble)
    (don't you hate spambots)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    That's one way to get around spambots, but it doesn't totally protect your address from them. The best thing to do is go into your profile and mark your address public. That way you don't have to post it and someone has to click on your profile to get it. The web crawlers can't get to it there. ;)
  • VW Parts Online might help you guys one way or another...
  • I'm looking for a deep cycle battery as a replacement for my auxiliary battery. After hitting a few stores without luck, I thought I post this here. The problem is the hight restriction, because of the seat (max 7.5"). Any suggestions?
  • My ev is from 93 and I had the same problem. there is a little black box behind the left headlight with 2 fuses of like 30 amps that were broken. That fixed the problem.
  • I haven't had this myself, but read that some people have the shifter fill with water somehow. They drill a small hole to make sure that it is always drained. Not sure how the water gets in.
  • I am unable to down shift into a lower gear using the shifter on our automatic transmission. It will only go into drive, park and reverse. This is a 2002 VW Eurovan Weekender with 32k miles on it. Any ideas?
  • jordo1jordo1 Posts: 1
    I know this is really old but did you every find a way to fix the idle problem when your 93 erovan was cold? I recently bought one and it has the same problem. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
  • How can I get to the burned out bulb behind the furnace and converter etc. It appears almost impossible! HELP!
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    I have a 02 Winne Rialta which uses the 02 Eurovan drivetrain and if you are pressing the button on the shifter when trying to go from D to a lower gear?? don't!! I found that out the hard way coming down the Smoky Mountains! the VW ystem is different from some other types where pressing on the button on the VW will lock you out from downsifting!!
  • Is the microbus something that will become a reality? Looks great in the pictures!!
  • cclcalcclcal Posts: 20
    Here's the detials: 03 EuroVan MV
    White with gray

    6-cylinder VR6 engine, Automatic 4 Speed Overdrive transmission, anti-lock braking system,heated outside mirrors,6 CD changer, sunroof, 7 seats.

    thanks guys!
  • I have a roof rack VW part No. 701 071 126 that I bought after I purchased a 93 Eurovan. I've never used it and am interested in selling it. It has been mounted once. It is made just for the Eurovan and requires no drilling etc. I believe it is made by Thule. It is very simple to mount and I have the instructions and 3 tools it came with for putting it together and mounting. Also, I have the keys and locks. I can send pics if anyone is interested. Any reasonable offer.
  • Hello,
    I have not reviewed the earlier discussion - what are you asking? Where are you located (what area of the country)?
    Thank you.
  • I'm sorry. I seem to have entered a discussion inadvertently. I didn't see how this site works. Anyhow, I'm in Columbus Ohio. To all of you in this discussion I sincerely appologize.
  • Hi,
    I just bought a 93 Eurovan but it does not have a roof rack or the base carrier.
    Can I put your roof rack on the drain? Can you maybe send me some pictures?
    My email is:
    I live in Virginia Beach, Zip 23455. How much is the shipping?

  • I have been using the Optima D34/78 deep cycle battery in my 1993 Eurovan, that has about the same height restriction under the driver seat. The battery has both top and side posts. For my first Optima battery, I cut off the top posts to make it fit, but then the side posts would not work until I had them soldered. For my second battery, I laid the battery on its side and used the top posts. However, the battery is a little wide on its side and I had to design a bracket to hold it. Also, the plastic panel with the DC outlet behind the battery does not fit tightly and sticks out about 1/4 inch. It is not very noticeable. There is another Optima deep cycle battery that has less power and is 7.6" high instead of 7.8", that may fit upright under the seat without cutting off the top posts.
  • Any takers on your roof rack? If I can solve my coil/Hall Sender stalling problem on my '93, I'll be interested in your roof rack. Lemme know if it's still available--and send some Karma on this weekend project on my distributor! :-)
  • dynamisdynamis Posts: 3
    We purchased a 1999 Eurovan GLS July 2006 with 98k miles for just under $10k. We love the simple, efficient design and the interior room. It's worked great for our family of four young kids and provides a lot of multipurpose utility, especially as our only vehicle.

    It now has 125k on it and the maintenance/repair costs are getting out of hand. A summary of the last year:
    - Coolant leak due to thermostat housing - $167
    - Major brake work - $354
    - Secondary air pump + EGR solonoid - $1,233
    - Rebuilt auto transmission - $3,900 (+ towing costs)
    - Ignition switch - $160
    - Fuse block - $700 (pending our go-ahead)

    We'd really like to keep it, but are finding it harder to justify and can't help but wonder what's next. In the past we drove Hondas & Volvos to 220k+ miles with very low repair costs.

    Are these costs normal for Eurovans in this mileage range? What else can we expect to fail? Any insight, especially from high milege owners would be appreciated.

    Thanks -
  • I'm the owner of a 2002 Weekender with 180'000km on it. I truly understand your worries. It seams you had a lot of repairs.

    I had some repairs as well.
    - Lower Ball Joints left + right
    -Wheel bearings front left + right
    -Transmission mount

    I advise you to do as much as possible yourself, and find a local Mechanic. I mind the VW Dealerships, they're very expensive (110 CAD/hour) and do a [non-permissible content removed] job. They just try to make you come back and back and back. Not very impressed! I found a very good Mechanic and he is cheap too. I paid 980 CAD for all the above repairs together. You can order parts from the Internet. Much cheaper than at a dealership. Most parts are VW OEM parts they just have the original manufactures logo on the box and not the VW. As an example, I bought an Ignition switch for 8 bucks on the internet and changed it my self. You can find instructions on many websites on the internet.

    Just an Example:
    Secondary Air Pump
    List Price $836.66
    Europarts Price $419.88

    Well look at the bright side, you have replaced the Transmission, so that should be good for a while, something I'm worried about on mine. :cry:

    Anyway, isn't there always something with cars?

    PS What happened to your fuse box?
  • keybankerkeybanker Posts: 20
    Yes, VW Eurovans are a wonderful vehicle in many ways but you must have a fat wallet to keep them on the road. How did you find a rebuilt trans for $3,900? My local dealer wants $6,000! I bought a 1999 Eurovan camper last year but only use it as a motor home on the open road. I think they are too expensive to maintain as a daily driver.
  • dynamisdynamis Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply. I've done many of my own repairs in the past, but available time is harder to come by these days. Plus this is currently our only set of wheels, so it can't be down for extended time while I figure things out.

    Our local dealer sounds similar to yours. However, when our transmission went out I had them quote the work along with a local mech. They were ~$2k higher so I had the van towed to the local shop. The dealer later called back with a revised quote much closer to the local shop but we'd already made a decision.

    I've gotten a few parts online & definitely see the advantage. It's amazing the help that can be found online too with the right search.

    Been told the fuse block needs replaced to get our heating/cooling fans working again. Part cost is most of the $700.
  • dynamisdynamis Posts: 3
    We did a fair amount of research before having the transmission rebuilt. Our local mechanic did the install, but the rebuild was done at German Transaxle in Bend, OR (

    Our local dealer was closer to the $6k you mention. Not a chance.

    Any idea how fat our wallet is going to need to be to over the next 20-30k miles? We're really trying to decide whether to opt for a less costly ride and our confidence in the Eurovan is shaky.
  • tphilliptphillip Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2002 EuroVan/Winnebago at mileage just under 30K. At 30065 the MIL - Light came on. No noticable sounds or performance changes in driving. I understand that this light is a general indicator and that further diagnosis will be needed, but does the light automatically come on a set milage intervals indicating routine service?
  • fbrawsr0fbrawsr0 Posts: 16
    Are you still in the market for a 2003 EVan GLC. I have one and may consider to sell for the right price.
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