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How safe is your Hatchback?



  • How exactly did you pick those 4 cars? I think the Si rates higher than all of them.
  • Glad you're ok, sorry to hear about your accident. I assume they'll total the Si (if you were going head on at 45), will you buy another one?
  • This article on fatality rates at the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety ( is interesting because it calls out the Civic's low fatality rate:

    "Consider the Honda Civic's rate of 47 deaths per million registered vehicle years, which is much lower than rates for many other small four-door cars. The Nissan Sentra's rate of 100 per million, for example, is much higher, as are rates for the Geo Prizm (125 per million), Dodge/Plymouth Neon (129), and Kia Sephia (148).

    The upper confidence bound for the Civic's death rate is below the lower confidence bounds for the other four cars. This means the lower rate for the Civic isn't due to chance, and it seems likely that differences in the designs of the vehicles play a significant role in the differences between the Honda Civic and the other small cars."

  • Actually muffin_man the accident happened back in August. I had only had my first SI for 3 weeks when it happened. And yes, the other woman's insurance company did total the car. And yes, I already bought another one. Accident happened on Friday, had my settlement on Tuesday and had my new SI Wednesday night. Geico was actually easy to work with it was just getting the at fault party to contact them. I gave them all the information they had, I called that night and followed up on Saturday & Sunday to see if they had reached her and they said no. So I called her, didn't get an answer, then she called me wanting to know why I was calling her. I thought it funny that she could call ME back when I didn't leave a message but wouldn't call the insurance company back when they were leaving messages. So on Monday I got a call from her insurance company saying that yes my car was totalled but they still had to talk to the woman to establish liability. So that afternoon I got a copy of the police report and faxed it to Geico and they called soon thereafter to tell me a settlement decision would be reached within 24 hours. Next day it was all over with.

    Most important was that no one was seriously injured but I was also glad I didn't have to hassle with an insurance company who would try to give me peanuts for my new car. It all worked out in the end. Not that you asked for this long story .......
  • cartagram - great article, thanks for the link

    anonymousposts - shows how good _I_ am at reading dates. Still glad everything worked out.
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  • I've been rear ended in my 1992 Integra twice. The first was from a woman in a van. Hit me hard at a traffic light. The only damage, her license plate number indented on the bumper. The second was a semi truck that took a corner to short and his trailer wheel caught the corner of the back bumper on the drivers side. Only damage, knocked out a piece of the black plastic strip that runs around the bumper. Still have the car with the same bumper. I think this has been a great car and put together rather well!
  • I was rear ended by a drunk guy driving a '90 cadillac sedan in july. He hit me at more than 50 mph. Needless to say my probe was totaled buy i was almost perfectly fine. I was bumped on the back of the head by my old stereo receiver so the ambulance had to take me in. If someone was in the back seat they would have been in the hospital for a while as the back seats were crushed by the spare tire and trunk floor. i don't know if it was less damage than a trunk though, but i was just fine.
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