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Honda Odyssey Oil Consumption Problem



  • joe359joe359 Posts: 2
    I have been dealing with american Honda and Jay Honda (Bedford, Ohio) for over a year now. they replaced the transmission at 6,600 miles because it was leaking fluid so bad. I originally took it for service because of the oil consumption. If you have an oil consumption problem, contact the media. I hope to do a story soon, the media has expressed interest. I have heard the same story from Honda, not broken in, needs to be 1 quart every 500 miles to be excessive, Lets do an oil consumption study..... If this oil was dripping on the ground (like the transmission, they would replace the engine, or i would get a new vehicle by now). How long is my emission system going to last with all this oil going through the tail pipe? I will never buy Honda again. The fight will go on!!!! Media first, then an attorney.. Keep good documentation....
  • joe359joe359 Posts: 2
    The same thing would of happened to me if I did not check my oil in my 2010 odyssey. Going through oil like water. What has happened since it is now August?? I am going to try to have the media do a story. the customer service at american honda is a joke.
  • dendrodendro Posts: 19
    I had a 2008 Odyssey and I had no oil in my engine at 22,000. Mind you I change my oil every 3 to 4,000 miles. My oil life control (if you can call it that) said I had 50% oil life left. I guess that doesn't mean what it says. No one did anything to fix the problem. I went through my dealer who basically had their hands tied by Honda. The old Oil consumption test. I got 600 miles one time and black smoke coming out the rear and nothing was done about their high tech consumption test. That was used many years ago by Honda for some other reason other than what is going on with these vehicles.

    I would assume some dealers may have repaired the truck for THEIR customers but not mine and I see many others were not helped. Honda is obviously trying to avoid a recall. In the meantime I had to trade it in to the same dealer while I could still drive it on the lot. The only other truck beside the pick up without that engine was the CRV (should have learned from Cadillac many years ago with their 8cyl. to 6 cyl. engine, it was a disaster also)

    The truck I have now is too little and I lost thousands of dollars by not selling it outright to a private party. But I knew the engine was going and HOW could I sell a vehicle knowing the engine was going out. Obviously Honda and certain dealers do not have the same upbringing most of us have had.

    If I operated my business the way Honda has conducted itself I would not sleep at night and be out of business. But then again I'm not a big company like Honda.

    I hope someone does bring it to the media. As more and more people get stuck with this :lemon: of a truck it will be recalled I hope, that is if Honda gets bad press and pressure from the Government.

    If anyone starts a class action suit let me know, I will join in. Remember the more letters the more phone calls to the right agency and something just could happen before more people suffer the loss we have.

    Let's pray no one gets stuck on a busy freeway when their Odyssey gives out and they get hurt. This is a serious problem that could endanger lives, I guess is cheaper to let a few people die other than a recall (sad but true)
  • doggrandmadoggrandma IowaPosts: 144
    I have a 2010 Odyssey EX-L and have not had any problems... yet. You mentioned that not all Hondas have this problem. Is there any way to discover if it is a problem with vehicles manufactured at a certain location or some other distinguishing item that will help solve this issue? I'm almost afraid to drive my van now.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    Just do what you should be doing with all your vehicles. Check it over once per month. Check ALL the fluid levels under the hood and your tires' air pressure once a month. I agree that this rate of oil consumption is not good or right and Honda needs to do something about it. But, if you check your oil so infrequently that you run it dry, shame on you.
  • dendrodendro Posts: 19
    I have owned huge 8 cyl trucks and have never had any truck use this much oil.

    Honda is irresponsible in not warning us that this hunk of junk used that much oil especially for a 6 cyl. Or Honda could have designed a oil indicator that actually worked the way a low oil warning light should. Possibly the warning light would come on before there is no oil in the engine.

    Either way Honda is at fault 100% for a faulty design and a less than adequate training program for the salespeople who sell a truck that would use this amount of oil in 1,000 miles.

    There is no excuse for the way Honda has handled this problem and treated their customers. All of us are not in any position to be spending over $30,000 to $40,000 on any truck and have an engine go at 17,000 miles or like mine 22,000 miles.

    Not done with Honda yet by a long shot.
  • dendrodendro Posts: 19
    That is not true your warranty is not covered because you had it changed somewhere else. They all say the same thing across the country. I want to know who is training these people to say the same thing.

    They should have been training these puppets to tell the truth when we purchased the hunk of junk. "Hey, great little mini van. BUT please check your oil every 500 miles because it runs out at 1,000 miles" That would have been the truth.

    I know however, if I had been told the truth I would have not purchased the Honda any make any model.

    Look at my posts, I got ripped a new nose by these rip off artists. Keep it up maybe someday before 20 years have passed they may recall the junk and fix it right.
  • I am having the same oil consumption problem with my 2009 Odyssey with 30,000 miles and I have been given the same responses from the dealership and Corporate - but I am documenting it well - this will be my third time back to the dealership. The first time I realized it I was getting my oil changed at a Jiffy Lube and was told that it was not showing on the dipstick and I thought the technician was looney - but I looked myself and sure enough - it was not showing on the dipstick. I was in shock and when I took it to Honda they said that since I had changed the oil - that they could not even start the "Consumption" test until they could confirm that the engine was using oil so they told me to bring it back if it did it again. I should have screamed at that time. When it happened again, then the test was technically started and they changed my oil and I now have had the problem occur again. The oil loss is eratic - meaning I cannot identify whether it is when it is in "ECO" mode or not but I am assumining the problem is when it reduces to fewer number of cylinders - then something must be occuring that is causing the oil to be consumed is not leaking. I cannot believe Honda is taking this stance that oil consumption is acceptable and I am sure they are aware of the problem and are working feverishly to engineer an "Economic" solution. Honda has too much on the line to risk bad publicity over this.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    edited September 2011
    Sorry to hear of your issues. Honda already supposedly "fixed" the issue with a different piston ring and moly coated skirts on the 2011 VCM. This is why dealers are insisting buyers do NOT change their oil until the MM hits 15% or less (they want that moly in there for a while) even though this usually works out to 7500+ miles. We own one in an Accord and I hope it works. This is a tacit admission on their part that they understand their is a problem. It's also a good lesson for those of you who are not real buffs when it comes to NEED to perform basic safety checks on all your vehicles at least monthly. This includes at the very least checking fluids under the hood and tire pressure. Especially a minivan where you probably risk your family every day. The consumption on these VCMs is not right but as the owner, you bear some responsibility for basic maintenance checks.
  • Our 06 Odyssey Touring has 70K miles. We have been monitoring the oil consumption and it seems to be getting worse. My gauge said 50% so I decided to see how much oil had disappeared. When I checked, the stick barely had any oil on it. We love this van but I still can't believe that Honda hasn't recalled this motor. We should all be contacting our local newspapers and screaming about this! 1500 mile oil changes is insane- especially for a Honda! Dealer just says- "you should check your oil every time you fill up with gas" What a joke.

    At least Toyota had the balls to do a massive recall and fix their probs. Honda needs to step up and do the right thing.
  • When I finally was able to speak with the person at Honda North America it was not helpful - they were unsympathetic and denied that Honda Odysseys have any problems with oil consumption. However, they did tell us that the service manager at our local dealership wanted us to bring the van back in. When we took the van back in the service manager was very helpful and understanding. He had his team take the engine apart and acknowledged that there was some type of problem because the pistons were washed clean and they are supposed to have carbon build up on them. So, they replaced the bottom half of the engine. We are grateful that there was some response, but our preference was for them to take this van back and start over with a new one, but that was not an option. I am just concerned that we may have other problems and just don't feel safe. We are lucky to have the service manager that we did because if it weren't for him we would just be completely out of luck. I remain disappointed and frustrated with Honda as a company and will not purchase another Honda vehicle.
  • So, Honda paid for a very expensive warranty repair. Good for them and you. The important question is, did it fix your problem?
  • ee4lifeee4life Posts: 14
    edited September 2011
    Honda issued TSB 11-033 "Engine Oil Consumption; MIL May Be On With DTC P3400 and/or P3497" to help address the engine oil consumption issue. The issue is related to the VCM function repeatedly switching on/off under specific driving conditions. A PCM software update is available.

    Odysseys Affected:
    2008–10 Odyssey EX-L, Touring – ALL
    2011 Odyssey – From VIN 5FNRL5H..BB000001 thru 5FNRL5H..BB062427
  • I could have written this email. I am in the middle of this nightmare right now. They want to tear apart the engine to identify the problem for $2000!!!
  • I am in the middle of this nightmare right now!
    burning up oil and complaining for the last year and now they say they can't do anything short of tearing the engine apart to explore the issue for $2000!
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    What year, how many miles, how bad is the problem? Is it still under warranty?

    LOL, I just purchased a Toyota Sienna in part to avoid VCM engines. They must have heard about Honda's problems because the 2012 owner's manual says up to 1.1 qts per 600 miles is within "normal" consumption.

    Not in my experience.
  • dendrodendro Posts: 19
    I did receive a recall on the Honda Mini van. Fat lot of good it did, I traded that junker back to the dealer. I lost thousands of dollars on that mini van, at a time when I could least afford to lose any money. I am not done with Honda yet and all the money I lost. I can't even begin to explain the stress it caused me. Here I had a brand new truck 22,000 miles and the engine was going and Honda refused to fix it, I'll include my dealer also.

    I guess the old saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer knew what they were talking about.

    The average person can not afford to hire lawyers to fight their battles, even when they are in the right. I should have taken it to my state Attorney General, the state of Minnesota happens to have a very good one. I may do that yet, as soon as I get the time to deal with it.

    Is anyone out there working harder than ever and way more hours and way less money. It is companies like Honda who take advantage of the little guys.

    I wish I could get over the abuse this company has put me through, but I must be stupid in thinking there will be justice when a huge company like Honda sells their mistakes and refuses to make it right. I know I'm not the only Honda owner who has been cheated with their product.

    I can only hope they confess and right the wrongs done to so many Honda owners.

  • I purchased brand new 2012 1,500KM getting humming noise. Took it to the dealer they say no issue just air circulating. Is it right?
  • I purchased a brand new 2012 1,500KM getting humming noise under the hood. Took it to the dealer they say no issue just air circulating. Is this right?
  • I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey with 118,000 miles. Since it had 60,000 miles it has consumed 2 quarts of oil every 500 miles. Recently we are at 3 quarts every 500 miles. I have complained to my dealer, Honda of America and Honda Care to no avail. I have filed a complaint with the State of California. They sent me to NHTSA who is investigating this issue at this time. If you have this problem, please file a complaint, or a second complaint with NHTSA. or 1-888-327-4236. They told me also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. 1-877-382-4357 They told me to add a Better Business Bureau complaint into the mix. to find your local affiliate. If you are having these problems with your Honda Odyssey or Accord, please file complaints so that our collective voice is heard. Thank you!
  • I had the EXACT same problem and at 80,000 was told to do an engine rebuild at a cost of $10,000! I receive vm messages from Honda of America and have never been able to reach a live person. thanks for the complaint forms and I will fill it out. mine too was a 2005 Odyssey! problem started at 60,000 and blew up at 80,000!
  • I have a 2009 Honda Odyssey which is having a multitude of engine issues. After the 3rd trip to the dealer, the mechanic told be that they are going to replace the engine block based on what they are hearing from corporate. Looks like there was an issue at the manufacturing plant and the block was allowing engine oil to enter the piston which causes the spark plugs to get fouled. This, in turn, causes the car to misfire setting off the engine lights, etc. The result is loss of oil. Not sure if they are going to make a recall as the repair is over 3K. I am within warranty so the repair is covered. May want to explore to see if others are having similar issues.
  • I have a 2011 Odyssey and it has about 29000. Friday, the car starts to shake like crazy and the engine light and the VSA light came on. When I checked the oil, it was empty (on the minimum line). I just top off the oil about a month ago, so after about a month, it went from full to empty. No sign of leakage. Have not taken it in to the dealer yet because everyone said it will be just a waste of time because they will not do anything about it since I had changed the oil and the light goes off and everything is fine again.
  • Your van is still under warranty. I would get it in there to get the problem start date documented.

    Are you saying it was only one quart low when it started misbehaving? That would be unusual.
  • bwilson4bwilson4 Posts: 7
    Same issue as most of you. Had our van towed to dealer after it started to run very rough and engin light came on at just under 3 years and about 42K. Was told that it was very low on oil (even though it was about 4500 miles since our last service) and this caused the spark plug for the #3 cylinder to fail and it to misfire. Paid for all spark plugs to be replaced. Asked about the TSB 11-033 from post #104 and was told they had no record of it. Started our oil consumption test at this point, but have a bad feeling they know of this issue and are not willing to stand behind the product they sold me.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    Well, first of all, if you know enough about the issue to find this thread, you are capable of checking your oil once a week. These engines should not consume oil they way they do but who would let their oil level get so low that it needs towing in?

    VCM is a loser. Check your oil level weekly. Document, document, document.

    Then trade it. Or do what I a Toyota.
  • I drive a 2008 Honda Odyssey touring edition. The Honda dealer performed the TSB 11-033 on June 8, 2012. Ever since then, my car has been burning oil at a rate of about 1 quart of oil per 1700 miles. The "check engine" light keeps coming on. The codes in the computer describe issues with the oxygen sensor, the catalytic converter and the variable valve timer.

    Honda has advised me to check the oil levels every one hundred miles.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    "Check oil level every 100 miles"

    This is laughable. Welcome to 1st Gen VCM. Who told you this, a Honda Rep? I would insist on this in writing, then find a lawyer.
  • hajj30hajj30 Posts: 7
    The dealer replaced everything under the hood! It looks brand new at 90,000 miles! It still has the same problem after only 1,000 miles! They now want me to pay $8,000.00 for another engine.
  • hajj30hajj30 Posts: 7
    I just feel violated. They changed everything under the hood, including the entire engine. Everything looks brand new at 90k miles! Now that it is still losing oil they want me to pay $8000.00 to replace it again! Are they crazy?
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