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Honda Odyssey Oil Consumption Problem



  • hajj30hajj30 Posts: 7
    I have been very frustrated with the dealer and Honda Motors. The engine was totally replaced and went again after a few months. I was so upset that I purchased a Toyota Sienna. I don't know how Honda is getting away with this. If there is a recall or any other information concerning compensation please let me know.
  • hajj30hajj30 Posts: 7
    After Honda rebuilt my engine it began to misfire after only 5k miles! I traded it for a 2013 Toyota Sienna. Honda was in denial and told me that losing a quart of oil/1k miles was normal. This was a rebuilt engine.
  • hajj30hajj30 Posts: 7
    I went through the exact same thing. I became so stressed out when a new rebuilt engine began to fail, that I drove it, barely making it to the Toyota Dealer. I am very surprised they gave me 14k. I hope that a lawyer takes on the case and tries to get class action status.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    FYI, Toyota has been watching Honda's problems. In the Sienna owners manual, "normal" oil consumption is described as up to 1liter per kilometer. That's 1.1 quarts per 600 miles. Hardly normal.

    That said, my 2012 has burned zero oil in 20,000 miles using TGMO 0W-20 changed in 10,000 mile intervals as per factory recommendations.
  • stemacstemac Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring and we have had the #3 spark plug foul at 88,000 and 106,000. The warranty didn't cover it. I have talked to Honda Care and they say they are not aware of any problems. They gave me a case number and that was it.
    I did file a complaint with the NHTSA about this problem.
    I also filed a complaint with the NHTSA about the A/C Clutch relay becoming stuck and killing the battery.
  • dendrodendro Posts: 19
    I have not been on the site for a while, I still get really upset everytime I think about the thousands of dollars lost on the 2008 Odyssey I had. I change my oil every 3,500 to 4,000 miles. I've owned an Armada, Dodge Ram, Caddy Escalade, and numerous other large 8 cly trucks.

    I bought the Odyssey when gas went crazy to save money and foolishly thinking Honda was the best. At 22,000 miles under full factory warranty my engine light came on, went to the closest dealer and was told there was no oil in my engine. Mind you no oil leak, when I went to my dealer in White Bear, MN they did zero Honda did Zero and had me do some stupid oil consumption test. I went through over 1 1/4 at 600 miles and black smoke blowing out the exhaust. Still they all refused to fix my truck.

    I was honest and told them I don't check my oil every 1,000 miles, I never have on the 13 brand new trucks I bought over the years. This is not counting the 8 Ford E350 I use for my business. We change the oil on a regular basis. Of all the trucks and autos I've owned I've had some problems, but all the dealers have quickly repaired the vehicles, especially under new warranty.

    Nissan has been one the best and of course Ford, GM not bad, some Dodge not bad. Honda should not be allowed to sell in this country when they don't take care of the problems in their vehicles. I leased a CRV Honda, I hate but after losing so much money on the Odyssey and in the middle of a depression I traded the piece of junk for the CRV Honda. It is a good vehicle but tiny and by the way it is a different engine than the Odyssey. My Odyssey was made in Kentucky the CRV was made in Japan. Did that make the difference????? Check your truck and see where it was made.

    It looks like the economy is coming back and I will not hesitate to buy another Nissan or Ford if I can get credit because of the financial loss on the Odyssey and a depression, which started in 2002 not 2007 just because the banks got hurt. All decrectionary spending slowed to a crawl in March of 2002.

    All I can say anyone can get a lemon in any make, but Honda should be ashamed of themselves as well and the so called reputable dealer I bought the Odyssey from. They are a bunch of crooks who are getting away with ripping off hard working U.S. citizens. I hope no else makes the mistakes I've made. If I had the money I would sue them all but shouldn't our Federal agencies do that for us????? I guess more people in their spare time HA HA have to shout louder and write more to get the attention we rightly have coming.
  • I had to trade my 2008 Odyssey also. It was in great condition but had to be sold for parts. People like us need to get together to hold Honda accountable. I don't think that the class action wil cover us. If not I plan to take them to court myself.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    edited December 2013
    See "class action" threads for Accord and Odyssey. I just got the notice today. If you're a registered owner, I would assume you'd get one too.

    More info at:

    Bottom line: you can claim reimbursement for documented out of pocket expenses and everyone gets 8 years of warranty coverage from date of purchase. Go get 'em boys and girls.
  • I will have to opt out of the Honda Class Action. After Honda lied to me I had to get rid of the vehicle at a loss. I wish that all of us who had to get rid of our vehicles could join together in a class action against Honda.

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