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2009 Honda Civic Problems



  • Did you end up trading the vehicle? I too have had problems w/my 09 honda. 36,990 miles on it. I noticed twice last year when it was cold, my car would not turn over until the 3rd try. The entire instrument panel would lite up and then it would die. On the 3rd try, I had to push the gas pedal to the floor to keep the car running.

    This year 2011, I was in Chicago for the day, not too cold outside, the car sat for 5 hours when I came back to the car, I could not use my remote to open the door. I used the key, got in and tried to start the car, it was deader than a door nail. I took the car to the dealer and they cked it out and said that there is noting wrong with the car.

    I feel that there are electrical issues, but the service manager said that since my warranty is expired, that it would cost over 2000.00 to pull the interior to see if we may have a bare wire issue. I still owe 11,000 on the car and am totally frustrated as I bought this honda thinking it would be dependable and reliable. I am not seriously considering getting rid of the vehicle. Any thoughts from anyone on this problem?
  • bori04bori04 Posts: 3
    Lately with Summer temps looming in my area, I've been running the AC. I've noticed that when I'm at a dead stop (i.e. red light or stop sign) my Civic is a little sluggish in accelerating. There are times when I have to hit the gas a little more than I would normally do to get the car moving. The RPMs rise slowly up until around 15 MPH then it suddenly accelerates, the RPMs shoot up to 3K RPM. This only happens when I have my AC running.

    However, if I have the AC off, no problems. It accelerates like it normally should.

    I've had my Civic for 2 years, this Summer (2011) will be third Summer season that I have my Civic and I had the AC running the previous 2 Summers and didn't have this problem.

    Is anybody having anything related to this?
  • civicjunkcivicjunk Posts: 1
    Hey greatlittlecar, My car does the same thing. When I slow down to about 5 mph and get back on the gas the car has a loud clunking noise in the tranny. The dealer told me that all the civic's do that. If you complain 3 times and get paper work documenting your complaint each and every time, you have a case for the lemon law. I used the lemon Law twice in the pass and got money for both cases. I am planning on doing the same thing with this piece of junk. We need more people to complain to their dealers about this problem. Power is in numbers.
  • youngman0youngman0 Posts: 2
    Yes, I have complained 3 times thru 3 different Honda car dealers, but these were around October 2009. Is it still good to comply the State Connecticut lemon law now?
  • windgracewindgrace Posts: 84
    My sister has an 06 Civic EX Coupe. We bought the car in 08 with 77k on the odometer (all highway miles, the car was meticulously maintained with consistent oil changes logged in the owners manual and everything). The day we bought the car one of the windows needed a replacement for the motor. 2 years later, both windows are slow to roll down (about 2 minutes to completely roll down the windows) and we take it into the dealership and they kept popping off the tracks! Had to get new regulators and whatnot. Frustrating!

    I have a question of my own. My sister has been out of the country this summer so I've been driving and maintaining the car. Over the past few years of ownership we have done the aforementioned window repair, I've bought new tires, new spark plugs (currently at about 109k now) etc. I've gotten several alignments done at the dealership, but the car seems to pull to the right. Any thoughts?

    Also, we recently replaced the front brakes/rotors because the cars steering wheel would shake horribly when braking from highway speeds. They also had to replace the brake fluids. This resolved the steering wheel shake, but now I feel like I have to use A LOT of force to pull the emergency/parking brake up. What could that be?
  • mshaikh81mshaikh81 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same exact problem with my 09 Civic now... I just moved back to Houston, TX, drove the car here from Michigan, and I've never experienced this problem till now (they had hot & humid summers in Michigan too, comparable to Houston). The dealer tried to tell me that this was normal with the Civic, but it sure as hell doesn't feel normal to me. I've had it for 2 1/2 years, and with a 2 year old who's always with me, it's just plain miserable b/c the car never has a chance to cool up in high traffic areas.
    Did you take your to the dealer? If so, did they find a resolution?
  • I have a similar issue to yours--my Civic is sluggish in general when the A/C is on. You're right, accelerating is a huge pain when the A/C is running (even when it is on the lowest setting!) as the car doesn't seem to want to move at all.

    My car has 19,500 miles on it and I bought in July of 09.
  • I bought a brand new 2009 Honda Civic Coupe LX and actually brought it back to HONDA 2-3 times when I first bought the car because of that issue. It doesn't want to turn over and the car doesn't want to start. It still does it intermittently and of course HONDA never finds anything wrong. The outside temperature doesn't matter..I bought the car end of August, so it happened when it was warm/hot out and cold out.
  • I noticed that my 2009 Honda Civic Coupe LX started idling really rough when I would be stopped. Everything in my car would be shaking. I brought the car back to Honda to since I was still within my 3 year, 36,000 warranty.
    Also, there was something wrong with my hand brake. I had my brakes recently replaced and a week after, I tried to pull up on my hand brake while parked on a slanted driveway and I could not pull it up..AT ALL. It was totally stuck. Turns out when they did my brakes, they adjusted them too tight..easy fix.

    My complaint: Called ahead to the Honda service department to ask for a loaner while the car was in the shop. The girl said no, because it will not take them more than 5 hours to fix the car.
    Car was at Honda: 8:45 AM
    Called Honda at 1:45PM - still don't know what is wrong
    Get a call from Honda at 3:00PM - diagnosed broken right engine mount and brakes adjusted too tight.
    5:30PM - Car is done

    That is way more than 5 hours. I asked how the engine mount could break. Service guy says I don't know, it just happened.

    I am seriously thinking about looking into a Hyundai Veloster. I've had my car in Honda at least 5-6 times since I bought it brand new in August of 2009.
  • That's funny. I had a broken engine mount the first year I bought my car. Car was starting super rough- and they found the engine mount to be the issue They replaced it no problem, but it's strange how that's such a common issue with these cars- and them being brand new!

    In cold weather, my 09 Civic still starts roughly. When I say cold, I don't even mean THAT cold. It's been sitting all night in 50 degree weather and in the morning it turns over super rough. What gives?
  • b2123b2123 Posts: 1
    I have had problems with my 2009 Honda Civic. The no start problem that you describe is exactly what I am experiencing now. They can find nothing wrong with the car. My heater core was leaking and went out. Now I have no heat. I am so frustrated. I owe about 11,000 on the car as well. I am trying to contact Honda corporation and get them to do something about this. I feel so cheated. I have had other cars with a worse reputation and I have NEVER had problems with them!!! I am so disappointed in this company. I will never buy another Honda not even a motorcycle.
  • Recently my 2009 Honda Civic Si has been diagnosed with a warped cylinder head. It was in an accident in 2010 and underwent extensive front end repairs at a body shop. On the drive home the engine overheated, a result of a coolent hose not being conneced correctly to the engine. At that time the body shop took the vehicle to the dealer where the hose was reconneced and returned to service without any problem. The manufacturer is declining to accept responsibility for the engine because it overheated about 20,000 miles ago. Does anyone have any experience with this engine that may be of some use determining the cause of this failure? Is 20,000 miles too long a latent period to connect these two events? And finally, what else can cause a cylinder head to warp? I'm just trying to educate myself.
  • I think you already answered your question for the engine cylinder head warp issue- overheat after accident; did you notice any damage for your oil stick? if it had, then that's an obvious sign for the overheated engine. If you dealer didn't want to repair it (or the body shop who did your damaged car work- obviously they didn't do a thoroughly checking job), try your chance for another dealer.
  • I was wondering what your situation was with your 09 civic, did the problem ever get resolved or did you get any explinations for why this loud clunking noise is occuring. My 09 civic does the same thing it does not sound good at all. This is when accelerating at about 5mph. Honda claims it is a normal sound and they all make it. It is obvious honda is ignoring this problem to avoid a recall. I have never had a trained honda technician hear what sounds like the trany has a heart beat of a sledge hammer and say this is normal. My friends 09 civic does it to. Any ideas??

  • tpcitpci Posts: 3
    AC was not cooling well. Mechanic put in dye to tell where leak was, then recharged system. Same day (and first time ever) intermittent rattling from engine area. The following day I noticed regular-timed engine power drops (2 seconds lightly sluggish, then 2 seconds normal... continuously). When I turn the A/C off, it immediately stops.
    By the way, no leaks detected.
    Any ideas?
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