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0-60. on vw GTI (4 banger) '96-98



  • In the US, u should have very little trouble getting warranty service.
    I say this for several reasons:
    1 - '00 GTI warrantied with blown gasket, it was my best friends car. He blew it from too much boost (we think). The dealer did not (could not?) notice the remapped software.
    2 - My solution to insure that I have coverage was buying an extra ECU with the chip. It cost me an extra $400 but I keep the original in my trunk and can switch them in about 15-20 minutes. The extra $400 is a very small price to pay next to voiding the warranty.
    3 - I did a massive ammount of research before getting a chip. It is very difficult for a dealer to prove that a chip (or MOD in general) cause the problem. Dealers most often can not prove it. They do resort to stone wall tactics and I have talked to several people who have had to involve lawyers to take care of it. This why I did what I did (see # 2).
    Also I would like to note that these problems are few and far between. Chipping WILL increase the chance of problems but it is still most likely you will go 100,000 miles w/o a chip induced problem.

    On HP gains....
    The APR chip takes the 1.8T to 196HP and 240lb-ft. This thing will scoot compared to the 174HP, 180lb-ft VR6. As a side note, you WILL need stickier tires to keep the beast in check.
    The VR6 has the most potential (500+ on an EIP golf ~$6000 best I can figure on EIP's site) but you have to pay for every little bit of it. The 1.8T is the way to go if you have a budget(~$1000 with ECU) but from there the price goes up and you will not be able to achieve as much as with a VR6.

    I love the dumbfounded look on the 20 year old in the mustang GT :)
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