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Toyota Venza Accessories



  • I ordered a new Venza Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The dealer called today and said it was ready. When I got there they said the tow package option that I order was not installed. Apparently there is a tow package shortage on the Venza that also is affecting the Forerunner. They said the parts shortage would not be resolved until January.

    Does anyone have any info to substantiate the dealers claims?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..I ordered.."

    Your "order" was either sold to someone else before you arrived, that happens more often than you might want to believe, or the dealer is trying to close the sale "early" using a virtually equivalent "stock" vehicle.

    A dealer even being willing to place a factory order is HIGHLY unusual, typically reserved for GOOD customers, repeat buyers of long standing.

    Besides which the dealer would have been forewarned by the factory of the shortcoming.
  • I called my local Toyota dealer parts department last week in search of Toyota Venza all weather mats, but I didn't have much luck. The parts advisor explained to me that the mats have been officially recalled(due to the fatal crash near San Diego) and are currently NOT available. He also explained to me that Toyota is in the process of redesigning the all weather floor mats. The parts advisor finally stated that the dealer is trying to acquire an after market all weather mat for the Venza. FYI: The Venza carpeted floor mats are still available.

    In addition, I contacted(very difficult) to explain to 'em that selling the recalled Venza mats is unethical and outright dangerous.'s response was pathetic in and of itself. refused to take responsibility for the postings. What a shame.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Many of us, me included, are not yet sure that the carpet mats were the causative factor in the San Diego crash. Not by any means saying that isn't a possibility.

    Besides which buying from Ebay already "carries" an extra note of "buyer beware".
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I wonder how much longer reselling recalled items will last. It's now illegal to resell recalled children's products for example. (CSPC).
  • xando05xando05 Posts: 42
    edited March 2010
    Just returned from my local Denver Toyota dealer. The all-weather Venza mats-still NOT AVAILABLE through parts dept. No update on availability.

    Now get this, the dealer has a stack of 2010 Venza Accessory brochures and the all weather mats are pictured beautifully in the brochure!!! Talk about IRONY. What a company.

    My next step is to write to Toyota and twist their tail a little. Living in Denver, my carpeted mats will be shop rags in less than 3 more months.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    There's always WeatherTech I guess.
  • beachfish2beachfish2 Richmond VAPosts: 177
    I put WT mats in my new Highlander and put the 3 rows of carpeted mats and the cargo carpet in a box in the pantry. Having the original new carpeted mats always helps the resale value and black rubber mats have always been easier to keep clean. I did get a gray cargo mat though.

    The Avalon-marked black mats that came with the '06 I just sold looked about like my new WT mats. The driver's mat had already broken in two across the front (under the brake pedal) in only 46,000 miles. Good thing I had the original mats boxed up and ready for the buyer. :)

  • halwickhalwick Posts: 45
    Has anyone been able to order the side mouldings from Toyota listed in the Venza Accessory brochure? How do they look on the car and how much are they? Are they worth having?

    The sides seem too bland and missing something that can accent / enhance the appearance.

  • I ordered after-market side moldings instead of from Toyota -- they look great on my red Venza and help prevent dings. I also added a fake-suede dash cover, a chrome licence plate frame, dark wind visors for the side windows, a matching beige carpet cargo mat and a black rear bumper guard.

    These additions helped spiff up the car -- I agree that it came pretty plain from the dealer. Note that all car accesories -- from Toyota or not -- are expensive. I think the set of four moldings was about $100.00. The red touch-up paint from the dealer has proven useful also.
  • ceestoneceestone Posts: 1
    I have a Yakima rack installed w/ the dual panoramic sunroof option. I bought the rack and a Thule cargo box from in Missoula, MT. They were able to fit the rack and crossbars so that I can still open my sunroof without any problems. The Yakima system uses Venza specific clamps that attach to the side of the roof just above the door frame. It's not permanent, and is easily removed by unlocking and twisting the clamp to release. However, I bought the Thule Boxter cargo box which dips down in the middle for increased aerodymics, and this prevents the sunroof from opening all the way. If you got an older cargo box or any other roof mounted accessories that are flush with the rails, then you should still be able to use the sunroof.
  • I don't like the genuine bumper protector because it protects the top of the bumper only and NOT THE EDGES. I saw one in Canada that protects the edges as well but I don't know where to buy it. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  • I think this is what you are looking for - eBay item # 260610114461.
  • where did you get the side moldings? thanks. rr70
  • I'm pretty sure that I got them here:

    (It is the only side molding bookmark that I have and I lost my day-to-day purchase log ,so cannot be sure.) The price is now $159.99. I think I paid less than that (maybe $119) over a year ago.

    These accessories are very expensive. Look around online -- but I never found one very cheap at any vendor. They all know that you've already bought the car and want the accessory -- thus the overpricing in my opinion. Good luck.

    PS: The 4 moldings look perfect after 1 1/2 years of use -- perfect color match.
  • has anyone got or is considering getting better lights for the venza. I have thought of replacing the driving/fog lights with a pair of Pias: I need to see the moose deer and (bears in spring &fall) sooner then right now :mounting driving lights on the bumper doesn't seem to be easy I have already changed the bulbs in the generic headlights but in night with snow falling it is still not good.
    many thanks
  • dave139dave139 Posts: 19
    I lost the driver side roof molding while in the car wash and need to find replacement part. Any suggestions for best price and reliable vendor? This is a leased car so it's got to look like the genuine part.

    For: 09 4cyl Venza w/out sunroof.

  • Has anyone added a bug deflector? I have a 2012 and want one. I have seen Venza's with Canadian license plates here in Florida which had bug deflectors. When I search on line, I can only find the type that go down flush with double sided tape. Thanks. RR70
  • I recently purchased a 2012 Venza. I will be installing the hitch this week end.
    I don't immediately have a need for trailer wiring, but I would like to do that as well.

    Did you have to run a wire all the way to the front to get the converter to work? Which kit did you purchase and did you like it?
  • Has anyone intalled, or had installed, a trailer wiring harness for their Venza? If so, please reply with who did it, what kit was used, and whether or not a 12volt power wire had to be run from the battery to the rear of the Venza. Thanks. RR70
  • fhffhf Posts: 19
    Has anyone used the cargo area power source to power their trailer light module instead of running a wire to the battery. I don't know why this would not work.
  • fhffhf Posts: 19
    As a follow-up, I just installed a Curt wiring kit on my 2013 Venza. The T-Connectors worked great and then I extended the power supply and ground wire to the passenger side of the car. Drilled a small hole in the storage bin to allow this two wire cable to go into the storage bin with enough length to then reach the cigarette lighter type accessory plug located on the passenger side of the back area. I then installed a cigarette lighter type plug on this wire. On the rare cases where I will need trailer lights, I will simply plug this into the accessory receptacle. This way the Curt black box will only have power on it when I want it in use. One disadvantage is that I'll only have trailer lights when the ignition is in the ACC or running position.
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    edited August 2013
    FHF, thanks for the update.

    Any tips on getting the panels out of the way to get to the wires for the T connector?

    Also, exactly which curt kit did you use?

    I will be installing mine as soon as the temp goes down here in so. florida and I too will connect to the cig. lighter socket or use a plug like you did.

    I have towed boats and the only time I have used trailer lights when the engine is off, is loading and unloading at night. I am not towing a boat, but I want to put extra taillights on my bikes when they are on the carrier since they block them. If I do ever tow a boat, I might rewire to the battery, but for now, why bother.

    Thanks very much.
  • fhffhf Posts: 19
    I bought the Curt combination package through Amazon...Hitch # 13356 and Wiring Kit # 56079. I found some installation instructions on Google that helped. Steps are..Remove Storage remove Storage Bins remove plastic insert by gently pushing on the center, remove plastic nuts which you have to pull up on while remoce Hatch Sill Cover, found Google instructions which had a good picture of the sill cover upside down so you could see the location of the inserts that hold the cover down, I used a long small diameter screw driver coming from the interior side to gently pry up close to the inserts and they popped out easily. note however that some of the white inserts actually unattached from the cover and stayed in the car frame, which is no problem, just take a screw driver and pop out and slid back onto the open Side Panels, at the base of the panels is another black plastic insert.. but on both of these when I pushed the center to release the center stayed down and the only way to remove the insert was to push the center on down and out. This center piece was now inside the car frame never to be seen again so I used an old plastic screw from a similar device when I replaced, but I'm not sure these are actually needed. Now I removed the plastic cargo net hook by pushing in on the center while pulling off. Now I removed the metal cargo loops by unbolting. Finally I gently pulled the side panel open just enough to get into the tail light connectors. The tail light connectors release tab is on the car body side and the complete connector is hung on a nylon tad, so I lifted the connector upward off of the support tab which allowed me to rotate the connector to enable releasing the connector tab. The Curt T connector ends then easily inserted. I extended the ground and power cables and routed through the hatch sill body frame over to the passenger side and through a new hole in the right side storage bin. The trailer wires I routed up through the existing hole in the jack storage bin....All went easily...good luck.
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