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Horrible Gas Smell coming from Heating Vents !!!

dawn41677dawn41677 Member Posts: 1
Okay I have a 2004 grand am 6c engine and on wed I went to lunch and thought maybe i was just smelling someone else's car.. I was sitting in a drive thru... but then on the way home it was SOOOO bad I could not stand to have the heat on at all! (mind you i froze it was 22degree's out side) then Thursday morning the same.. maybe a little worse. after work on Thurs I took to get oil changed as it was time I asked them to look under the car just to see if they saw anything and Nope they didnt but hey it was just jiffy lube i have noticed I have used ALOT more gas this week than I should have but does not seem to be Pouring out of my car either. today I filled it back up with gas drove maybe one block down the road parked went into publix came out about 5 mins later as I walked up to my car I could smell gas and when I opened the door it about knocked me out! well I was going to lunch with my husband and some friends or ours whom's husband works at a nissan dealership service department but he said no way they could look at it that day and he didnt have time to look at it on is lunch break understandably so but my husband was there and so was his wife I started the car and WOW gas smell again! so guess I will be taking it on Monday but anyone have any suggestions?? I fear what it will cost to fix this! but I am also scared to drive it till Monday could it have a gas leak??


  • grand06grand06 Member Posts: 1
    OMG I was just searching the internet to see if anyone has had this same problem and in the past month the same thing has been happening to me. I have a 2006 Grand Am 6 cy. I especially notice this strong gas smell when I am stopped at a light or stop sign. I even tried not filling my tank so full to see if this would eliminate the problem but it has not. Everytime I stop I have to roll down the passenger window otherwise the smell is so strong it is nauseating but I live in Colorado and this can get very cold at times. Please let me know what you find out.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Someone else reported a similar issue in another discussion. Check out the thread here:
  • jbcbjbcb Member Posts: 1

    My daughter is experiencing the same thing with her 2005 Grand Am SE- that is, a strong gas odor inside the car when she comes to a stop after driving a bit. This seems to only happen in cold weather (below 20 degrees) which is a good part of the year in Minnesota. Anyone had the same experience? What was the problem and how was it resolved?

  • sk427sk427 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am and encountered this same issue for a very long time, gas odor when at a stop light especially if the heat was on. Come to find I had a leak in my fuel pressure regulator. Later I needed a new water pump (which should also mean that a thermostat(?) should be changed as well otherwise, like me, your head gasket will break).
    The gas odor has come back but only outside of my car when it is running.
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