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2009 Odyssey Tow Package Observations

Shawkins22Shawkins22 Posts: 7
edited June 2014 in Honda
I bought the 2009 EX-L with RES a couple weeks ago and while I love this van, coming off of a 10-year old Sienna, Honda has really dropped the ball on the tow package.

1) First of all, why no Class III hitch option for those of us who do a bit heavier towing and like a beefier hitch? I realize there are aftermarket Class III remedies, but I'm not a huge fan of seeing the cross bar underneath the bumper, so at this moment, the Honda Class II is the way to go. After ordering the hitch and picking it up, it exceeded my expectations as it is as heavy as the Class III from Curt Mfg. that I test fitted on the van. I will post pictures of the Honda hitch after I install it. There seems to be a real need for pictures of the hitch install on the newer Odysseys.

2) Why just a four-pin flat connector on the wiring harness? Again, those with heavier pop-ups will likely need a 7-pin solution? The dealer was NO help on this only saying that there are adapters that convert a 4-pin flat connector to a 7-pin round. While I agree with that, it still doesn't address the need for 7 hot pins. Luckily, has an adapter where your 4-pins connect and three other wires are pig-tailed from the back of the adapter. This solution from is actually less expensive than the Honda wiring harness alone.

3)Lastly, many of the dealers will tell you that if you order the hitch by itself without all the coolers, you won't get the receiver plug, mounting hardware, the reciever pin, etc. That's ridiculous! The hitch comes with all of that including the template for cutting the bumper underneath.

So here's my tow package in a nutshell:

1) Honda Class II Hitch.
2) Aftermarket wiring harness.
3) Adapter for converting the 4-pin connector to a
7-pin connector.
4) Honda PSF Cooler
5) Honda ATF Cooler
6) Honda Air Duct
7) Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Controller

I will post pictures of the package installed when completed.


  • deankjdeankj Posts: 2
    Did you ever take pictures? If so where did you post them.
  • No I never did, but I can take some and email them to you. Where do you want them sent? There didn't seem to be much interest, so I never did take any.
  • deankjdeankj Posts: 2
    Would love it thanks. Can you send to
  • Please send pix to

    You mention the Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Controller. I assume that you use this because the camper your are pulling (pop up? box size?) has brakes.

    Our camper is 10 foot box with no brakes on it.

  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    Could I get the pics too? tlko(at)
  • tpsandstpsands Posts: 1
    Could i get the pics as well? my email is Are you saying that the dealer-installed package includes only a 4-pin connector and no brake control?

  • does the 2009 EXL Odyssey have a trailer light harness already on the van or does it need to be installed? What experience do people have with installing trailer hitches or getting them installed after market? Just got our Ody and want to put on a hitch for a pop up tent trailer. can this be DIY?
  • I added one to my 2007 EX-L and I am not a mechanic. The instructions that come with the hitch (google it) provide very good and detailed illustrations of each step. Very easy to do. The scariest part is taking off the bumper but it is amazingly light and not a big deal to remove. One person can do it but would suggest 2 people so it does not hit the ground. You may also need a second person to hold the hitch in place while you bolt it on - or do what I did and prop it up with some wood. The wiring harness is also ready to plug into the car. The biggest recommendation is to cut teh bumper conservatively. If you follow the template exactly, you will cut too much and you will see a gap b/t the hitch and the bumper. cut a few inches less and go by trial and error to fit it around the hitch. It will look cleaner.
  • Hi I'd like to see your pictures also. I hope to do this on a 2007 Odyssey EX-L also.
  • I'd like to see pics, too. CAn you please post them somewhere -- or I bet you'll be getting this request a lot!! Did you do the mods to the transmission cooling system that Honda calls for, too?
  • bobl5bobl5 Posts: 1

    I hate to ask again, but could you send me pictures also?

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