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Ford Aerostar



  • littlehlittleh Posts: 21
    After warm up, how high is your temp gauge show?
    You might need a new thermostat (use Motorcraft, don't use NAPA or oversea makes)
    Depend on where your location, you can use 185 degree 'stat in a warmer area (So CA...) but I wouldn't go below it. BTW, the bigger the number, the hotter the engine will run. Be careful, the Aerostar is not happy when it 's overheated
    As kc135 said, you probably need to perform a reverse flush.
  • sir2sir2 Posts: 1
    hello , i'm new here and have a 92 areostar van v-6 automatic with o/d . my problem is that the cruise control doesn't work sometimes . i can keep pushing the button continually for quite a while ( sometimes 10 minutes, etc. and eventually it will start working but i have also noticed it "seems" when i hit some rough pot holes and while pushing the cruise control button it will all of a sudden start working ( coincidence ?) i am wondering if maybe theirs a loose connection of the cruise control on the engine ?? anyone know of any fix for this ?? and if so explain what i should be looking for (describe the wiring or part ) . any help on this would be appreciated , thanks . :D
  • littlehlittleh Posts: 21
    IMO it's the best minivan at that era. What is size of engine & tranny?
    If the car doesn't burn any oil and at a reasonable price, it would be a good used car.
    Here what I would do:
    Replace Spark plugs & Cable (Use Motorcraft or Autolite only, double platinum is doctor order).
    Changing O2 sensor, PCV, Airfilter and flush then oil change (Motorcarft oil filter or Puro prerrable, No Frams) I use Aimsoil
    Flush the radiator and replace the fluid as well as a new thermostat (Use US makes only: Motorcraft or Stan. No NAPA. If you live in Miami or warmer area, consider using 185 degree 'stat from Stan and add a bottle of Wetter Water))
    Add a big aux. tranny cooler (mount in the front of the steering cooler. Don't forget the inline filter. Switch to Synthetic fluid (I use Aimsoil also)
    Flush and replace the PS system with synthetic ATF and add In-line filter as well.
    Change all axle, transfercase (if it's a AWD) oil to Synthetic gear oil. Once again, Aimsoil has served mine well.
    You might also need new shocks & Front Brake rotors and pads, BTW check the front axles also (If it's a AWD)
    For bell & pulley, pop the hood up and inspect them and have a mech. to look at the timing chain.
    Of course you have to make sure all accessories are in good working condition.
    I have seen A-stars have over 300k and still run good.
  • littlehlittleh Posts: 21
    I would check to see if there is any lag of the cc chain which connect to the throtle.
  • Hi did you ever get door fixed?
    I'm having a similar problem door was side swiped and them pulled out before I bought it
    Now the door does not close completely
    The latch area is ok, but the other side doesn't close
    I think i need to remove door to fix inner latch opposite of door handle
    I don't know much about cars so I hope you understand my ??? :confuse:
  • I recently purchased a 95 Aerostar. It is in great shape. Just one issue - It kicks into passing gear much too early. Then I noticed there is actually a sensor connector ( in the wiring harness) not plugged into anything. It is near the throttle body, but there is a sensor attached and connected to that. I have looked everywhere and can't find where I could plug this in.

    Tell me what I can tell you to help me figure this out!
  • I have front and rear heater/air. ( 95 Aerostar ) There is a plastic connector near the firewall which has 4 ports. It appears to be a control for water flow to the heater(s). It is broken, but I can't get the auto parts store to look it up because they can't figure out what to call it.

    Any thoughts that might jog their minds?
  • Hi, I'm really curious whether you came to any conclusions about this as I have the exact same problem with my '89 Aerostar. Actually I don't think I have any vents in the rear so the second part doesn't apply but otherwise, I hear the blower but nothing comes out aside from a bit of air from the defrost vents. I don't seem to get any real heat or cold either though. Any ideas?
  • i had the same problem . it's called a valve assembly, ford calls it a valve assembly i tried to order one from napa auto parts but it wasn't the right one the ford part # is yg-370 with another number under it f69z 18495 aa . good luck the proper part i found was only available at the ford dealer.
  • you probably have a broken wire in the lever that has the wiper switch, you'll have to take apart the cover on the steering colum and check for the wire. it could be a broken conductor in the insulation.
  • i have a 97 aerostar and have owned it since it was new i love the van it has 212,000 km on it and with regular maintenance i hope to have it another 8 years. i do all my own repairs so that helps keep costs down , but it's mostly regular wear and tear. i was sorry that ford discontinued them !
  • the 89 van has a digtal dash, as you know it shows just about everything.gas,oil,speed ect.How do you fix this when it goes out is there a relay are do you have to get another dash?headlights work but inside is gone
  • the problem of the engine stalling or surging is most likely caused by the IAC (intake air controller ) located on the throttle body . it should be either serviced or replaced , i had the same problem the dealer said $300.00 to replace it
    , and clean the back of the throttle plate. i just bought some throttle body cleaner took it off and cleaned it it's a common problem at 90,000 miles mine acted up at 130,00 kilometers. good luck
  • On my '89 Aerostar I have the rear heater / ac and don't have a problem with the rear unit. The front unit like harminoff's does not provide any air movement when I turn the temp to warmer. On the cool side it will move some air, but forget the defroster and warm / hot air.
    Have had the core replaced and still no luck.
    Think someone has routed the cables incorrectly, but can not find anyone who knows and of course Ford Co. wants a fortune to "check it out". Anyone have any ideas as where to check? Am wheelchaired so can't do too much on my own any more.
  • I have a 1993 Aerostar with the non-digital dash. Several of the warning lights do not work. (Brake, door ajar). I am assuming a burned out bulb. How do you access these bulbs to change them?
  • This message is to, both Harminoff and Randy...
    May I suggest that you check your blower housings,
    the air might be blowing back into the engine compartment
    through the foam seal on top of the housing (very visible from the front of the van on the passenger side).
    Once I fixed mine, the problem for me stopped!. If it doesn't work for you, then the problem is under the dash...
    Good luck.
  • removing six or eight screws on the top of the dash (you will need a stubby screwdriver philips #2) for the screws on the top of the dash cover near the front by the window
    "don't forget the ones on the bottom or it won't come off" then the cover can be pulled off easily you will now see a few more screws to the panel its-self once you do that the gauges can be rolled forwards carefully it will only go so far, but you can twist out the cam lock bulbs ane replace them...
  • I am having same problems with my 85 Aerostar. I have used every thermostat available, put in new cores,radiator, fan clutch. You name it I replaced it. I get heat when it is warm outside , but not when it's cold. Perhaps it is drawing too much cold air in from outside?
  • Hi
    92 aerostar 3.0 ,a/t ,160k,Car starts and idles fine once i drive it about 3-4 blocks it stalls and does not start for at least 5-10 minutes.I can start it then and drive off for another3 blocks needless to say i dont work 3 blocks from home, i wish i did i wouldnt be asking you this question.
    When it did stall once i checked for spark and it did have spark. i also checked and heard the fuel pump kick on when i turned the key at that time .Any ideas?
  • I also have a 1995..I noticed the same thing at the front of the motor..It has 2 wires with a tan plastic connector on the end...I think its a test point of somekind.....**CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE THE A/C RELAYS ARE LOCATED?
  • Can anyone tell me where the A/C relays are? I see 4 in a small block behind the batt..Everything on the vans AC has been replaced and the system is holding freon, but will not come on..any ideas?? :shades:
  • Your statement was very informative and interesting to me. Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

    I have a 1993 ford aerostar. I was thinking about replacing the sparkplugs in it myself. Could you give me some advice on how I can access all six(6) plugs?
  • I was driving my "93" Ford Aerostar Van one day when I stopped at a red light. I pressed the gas and the car started chugging, wouldn't give me any type of thrust. When I finally got through the intersection and stopped the vehicle, there was a path of transmission fluid left on the ground from the light to where I stopped. When I looked under the vehicle there was a puddle of tranny fluid. Do you have any suggestions?
  • I have a 1993 ford aerostar (3.0L). I was thinking about replacing the sparkplugs in it myself. Could you give me some advice on how I can access all six(6) plugs?

    Also, there is a problem with the interior heat. I recently had the heater coil, water pump and the thermostat replaced. Before those items malfunction the interior heat worked. Now only cold air blows out.

    Any advice on the above problems?
  • unruhunruh Posts: 1
    I pulled the front blower motor today. Pull it straight out against the condenser, then when the fan 'clears' the housing, pull the fan towards the front of the van. Exxtremly tight squeeze, but luckily everthing in the rea moves a bit. I found lots of leaves packed against the heater core. Vacuumed the box out. Get more air, but still hasn't cured my initial problem. Can't find the flapper control to direct air tp the vents or defroster. Suspect a vacuum line leak.
  • I've got a 91 Aerostar that I simply Love. The Transfer case went out a couple years ago, and I parked it. The battery never went down, and it started right up after the two years. However, when it started, the dash gauge indicators (Its digital) goes through each one of them flashing on and off one at a time. The Van ran just fine though and I thought it was some sequence the computer was going through. I replaced the transfer case (the flashing continued) and the van ran just fine. Then after about 50 miles, it sorta just chugged, coughed, sputtered, then just died. Now it won't start at all. Any suggestions? Thanks! :cry:
  • I have a 92 areostar van, It ran perfect before I bought a new car, so I let it sit for about 3 months them mysteriously stopped running, I was told it was bad gas so I WAS WONDERING IF THERE WAS A GAS DRAIN ON THE GAS TANK??? IF NOT HOW WOULD I DRAIN IT???

    thnx alot for the help,
  • Hi,
    I just bought a '94 Aerostar and a rat had apparently made a nest in the air filter compartment (discovered when I went to change it) and in the blower motor and heater core area. I had to take it all apart to clean it out (lots of weeds and straw etc.) and after re assembling it I now have no low, medium, or higher medium, but only the highest setting on the fan works now. What did I do wrong? Also the rat had chewed through both of the vacuum hoses which is probably why the air only blows up through the defrost vents regardless where you turn the switch. I can take that in to get it fixed I guess but I'd at least like to get it working like it was before I cleaned it, if possible. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  • My problem is close to the same as bangsong's #405, except no rat:

    '99 GMC Sierra 1500. Blower/fan does not come on for first two settings, then comes on for settings 3,4, and 5. Pain to have to keep turning it on and off when it gets too warm in the truck. Any suggestions?
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