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2000 Eclipse vs. 2000 Celica



  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    ...sure would like to know where I can get that GS400 V6 installed in my new Celica for a mere $3000.....and keep the 6-speed as evidenced from your profile......hello?.......hello?....
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    "No car (except Honda) is as good as Toyota when it comes to reliability".
    Hey, wake up, it's not 80's out there, check for example Edmunds ratings for used 1998 Hondas, you will be surprised that same year Escort/CrownVic/Lesabre etc. do same or better than Civic/Accord or even Camry. The only car which really sticks out from the crowd is Corolla and old Celica (no info about the 2000 model yet).
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Ummmm your only talking about 2yrs...Thats not a real test. Minimum 5yrs IMO is a good assessment.
    Even the mustangs still rate good after 2yrs. Check out some of the stangs from the early 90's.
    Reality checks back in.
  • eclipsegseclipsegs Posts: 66
    First let me state that I'm impartial to either the Eclipse or Celica.

    The new Celica GT-S might be fun to drive with it's 6speed transmission, high revving VVTL-i engine, but it's use is only for two adults.

    If anyone is looking for more room for 4, then check out the new Lexus IS300. Now that is a car to contend with. Yes, I understand this is a hatchback conference, this is just my 2 cents worth.

    As far as the Eclipse is concerned, the jury is out on that one. I'm a current owner of the 98 Eclipse GS model and love my car. I test drove the 2000 GS and GT models and found them very different from mine. Well, of course it's different, as it was totally redesigned. The v6 omph is superb.

    My only gripe with the new Eclipse is a comment that bordsource had mentioned about the new Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Stratus Coupe models.
    All of these vehicles share the same engines and interiors for the most part. Some minor differences, but it sets apart the Eclipse as a non-individualistic car.

    Check this out for more information.
    2001 Dodge Stratus
  • cowboy23cowboy23 Posts: 5
    Hi !
    Am deciding between buying the eclipse GT and teh celica GTS . Though I have fallen head over heels for teh eclipse, there is practically no rear view available & almost scared teh hell outta me when I was test driving it . Is this just a mistaken observation on my part ?

    That's basically it...if you're a good driver..then you won't even worry about it once you get used to the car...

    I drive a Celica

    So many people are just LAZY drivers that do not know how to properly adjust their mirrors, and are to lazy to turn around and gaze out their side windows...I enjoy turning side windows look so cool..heh. If you adjust your windows won't even notice any difference after awhile...I've been driving my Celica since May and I haven't had one problem. Just don't be lazy.

    Here's a quote from 00gts:

    "If you have them adjusted correctly, you don't
    even need to look over your shoulder. For the
    driver side mirror, line up the line on the road to
    your left with the lower right of the mirror. For
    the passenger side, line up the line on the right
    side of the car with the lower left side of the
    mirror. You shouldn't see any of your car in these
    mirrors. They should look like this:

    left right
    ------------------- -------------------
    | | | |
    | | | |
    |-----------------| |-----------------|
    |***/ left lane | |right lane \***|
    |**/ | | \**|
    |*/ line-> /| |\ <-line \*|
    ------------------- -------------------

    (I hope these pics come out!)

    With the mirrors like this, you'll be able to see
    the car on your side go from the rear view mirror
    to the side view, looking something like this:

    rear view
    |\ <- car to your |
    |-- rear left |
    |-- / your \ right|
    | U/ lane \ lane|
    | / \ |
    driver's side view ---------------------------
    | ______ |
    | / \ | (As you can see, I have
    | ----------| way too much time on my
    |-------|O car O|| hands! :) )
    |***/ ----------|
    |**/ U U|
    |*/ left lane /|

    It virtually eliminates the blind spot. This is
    why it is called a "side view" mirror: it lets you
    see what's on the side of your car! You don't need
    to see what's behind you in these mirrors, that's
    what the "rear view" mirror is for! Having the
    mirrors in this position also shortens the amount
    of time needed to look to your side, just in case
    you feel it's necessary to turn your head around to
    check if the lane is clear. You'll already know
    who's next to you and at your rear bumper.

    You should also regularly check to see who's
    around you. You'll never know when you'll need to
    dodge something in your lane by moving to another."
  • Thanx archangelx :o)

    Anyone know whats the best deal on a 2001 eclipse GTS with the premium package.
    The best I got was 24000. Am planning to buy next weekend
  • the new celica is like what the eclipse used to be and fast although both current model cars are a little overdone in the styling department.
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