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Honda Insight Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 228,352
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  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Member Posts: 409
    04/22 is the street date. We have 14 out of 18 pre-sold. We expect pricing to be announced later this month or early next month.

    Available trims:
    and EXL (navi if you choose).
  • squeegesqueege Member Posts: 1
    How are cars "pre-sold" if the pricing has not even been announced yet? What price (if any) is agreed on?
  • lucien4lucien4 Member Posts: 68
    My guess those are cars are sold as an option to buy?

    In Europe pricing has been announced 2 weeks ago and price is about 3-4K below Civic Hybrid. From what I've heard so far it would be about $19,950 for the LX (but nothing official).

    In Europe first Insights are arriving end of March. I'd be surprised if Honda won't ship Insight also earlier than 4/22.
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Member Posts: 409
    The Insights are sold at MSRP - whatever it may be. The LX is expected to be under $20K, the EX in the upper $21's EXL $22's and EXL NAVI $24's (ish).

    We collect a $500.00 refundable deposit and that customer then has "first right of refusal" or in other words, pre-sold.

    I might be off on my EX and up pricing... It could be higher.
  • rnahouraiirnahouraii Member Posts: 22
    I guess in this economy list price is still what I 'll pay. I have preordered one.
  • lucien4lucien4 Member Posts: 68
    From Honda's press release:

    2010 Honda Insight Pricing and EPA Data

    LX $19,800
    EX $21,300
    EX with Navi $23,100

    EPA same for all models: 40/43/41 (note in Europe the EX has 16" which has 5% higher fuel consumpion).
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Member Posts: 409
    Prices do not include the ever-present $670.00 destination charge. For some reason I thought there was an EXL?

    2010 Honda Insight Pricing and EPA Data
    |Model MSRP[1] |EPA[2] |City/Hwy/Combined |
    |Insight LX |$19,800 |40/43/41 |
    |Insight EX |$21,300 |40/43/41 |
    |Insight EX with Navi |$23,100 |40/43/41 |
  • rnahouraiirnahouraii Member Posts: 22
    Thank you for the information.
  • fiesty2fiesty2 Member Posts: 4
    Any ideas? Scratched, dents, new transmission, tires, and small battery. Snow tires, cd player.
  • lincoln072lincoln072 Member Posts: 16
    Anyone know if a sunroof and leather is available?
    What's packaged in the NAV above the EX to justify the $1700 price difference?
  • lucien4lucien4 Member Posts: 68
    In some European countries a leather version is offered but I haven't seen this listed offered in the US. A sunroof is not offered. There should be an aftermarket option though.

    Not sure about the navigation but Honda list these additional items for nav:

    - Bluetooth handsfreelink
    - Illuminated Steering Wheel-Mounted Audio, Navigation and Phone Controls

    I assume the navigation system otherwise is similar to Honda Civic.

    Specs are here:
  • adamjmankadamjmank Member Posts: 10
    I just recd quotes from two dealers both are asking $20470/ 20450 + TTL (LX)
    no mention of destination do not know if its included.

    By the way I requested quotes from 7 dealers , everyone replied but only 2 gave quotes. I am in midwest. please post if any one could do better
  • lucien4lucien4 Member Posts: 68
    If it's with destination that it matches exactly (19,800+670). I think that's reasonable given current demand and supply. Some states offer additional discounts (e.g. in WA state no sales tax).

    The Honda Insight site is up today and has all info now including pricing/brochure:

    Today would be also the day dealers would get their first Insights delivered.
  • lucien4lucien4 Member Posts: 68
    By the way Honda also has now a lease offer for $229 a month:

    Closed-end lease for 2010 Insight LX CVT (Model ZE2H5AEW) for $229.00 per month for 36 months with a $1,975.00 capitalized cost reduction available to customers who qualify for the AHFC Super Preferred credit tier.
    Other rates/tiers are available under this offer. $2,799.00 total due at lease signing (includes first month's payment, AHFC upfront acquisition fee, capitalized cost reduction with no security deposit. Security deposit waived in featured lease example. Total net capitalized cost and base monthly payment does not include tax, license, title, registration, documentation fees, options, insurance and the like). Not all buyers may qualify.

    I personally would go for the EX given the LX has no VSC, no center console, no heated mirrors, ....
  • johngettlerjohngettler Member Posts: 12
    Seeing as Honda is doing a subsidized lease special program, maybe it is time to open up a specific forum for the lease discussions, like the Civic has.

    "Honda Insight Lease Questions"
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 228,352

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  • vagabondchefvagabondchef Member Posts: 107
    Got a quote this evening on a Insight LX for $19995.00 to purchase.
  • johngettlerjohngettler Member Posts: 12
    Hey vagabondchef...what metro area are you in? That price must include the destination fee of $670. So a drop from 20,470 to $19,995...$475 off.
  • vagabondchefvagabondchef Member Posts: 107
    Chicagoland area. It does include destination. Had another dealer that quoted me $19200,00 with destination. I feel like these will not sell very well. Everyone will buy a 2010 Prius. That's what I'm thinking....I'll wait till may.
  • lucien4lucien4 Member Posts: 68
    Well the Prius has a discount which mean it's not selling that well... Most dealers had 80% pre-sold of their Insight stock so that's not that bad. Plus not everyone is aware of the Insight yet. But in this economy you even see discounts on brand new vehicle models.
  • cbshopcbshop Member Posts: 1
    I just got a Honda Insight EX w/o navigation in S. Cal and leased it for 2200 down, 354/mo. My credit is 768. The reason I feel I may have been scammed is because the agreed to price was $22470 ($500 over sticker). Now looking at my forms I see gross cap cost at $23360. So obviously there was some deception that I (stupidly) did not double check before signing! What is my recourse now? I know that this dealer was trying to get the $1500 over sticker and I thought I bypassed that. Guess not!
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Member Posts: 574
    Sounds like you got hosed royally. Get back in touch with the dealer asap and describe the transaction issues as you see them.

    Many states have laws that allow you to return a car within 72 hours for a full refund. Check into it. Also - What's up with the $500 over sticker?

    Was tax, title, license fees added to the price? Figure $22K + fees and if you didn't have a trade in, then full tax would bring the price to $23,360 easily. Back out your down payment and you're at about $21K, but $354/month seems way too high. You will pay $15K over 3 years and just hand the car back or pay another $10K to keep it.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 228,352
    "Many states have laws that allow you to return a car within 72 hours for a full refund. "

    Not really... Care to name one?

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  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Member Posts: 574
    Google: Consumer Protection Laws and you'll find many states. I've lived in 3 states and all allow it: so let's start with Illinois, Iowa, & Missouri. I'll look up others and let you know.

    Also the OP said: "Now looking at my forms I see gross cap cost at $23360" ;that information is required by law to be noted prior to sale under the Truth in Lending Act.

    You sound as if the person has no re-course after getting ripped on the lease. Believe me - they have many options and don't have to sit on their thumb and pout after a deal like that.
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    I hope I'm not breaking some kind of rule here and not sure if this will even work but worth a try.
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Member Posts: 574
    Sweet pics dweiser - thanks! How about some interior shots?

    P.S. Is that an EX? Did you get Navi?
  • mark4490mark4490 Member Posts: 16
    I got an oil change at my local Honda dealership (Steven's Creek Honda, Sunnyvale CA) last tuesday (4/22) so I could get a look and test drive the Insights. They weren't there, but were scheduled to arrive at any moment. I got a call the next day that they had arrived and I dropped by after work. Unfortunately, they were being prep'ed and weren't ready for the road.

    I came back on Thursday after work and finally got my test drive. It felt a bit weird when compared to my V6 Accord EX, but I liked it. I had a few gripes, but I figure I'd buy it.

    The MSRP was $23.7k for the EX w/navi (the only one they had) so I offered $23k cash. Unfortunately, Steven's Creek Honda was getting around Honda's MSRP by installing a lot of accessories (mud flaps, side trim, wheel locks, trunk liner, aero kit) in order to jack up the price. The sales guy wanted to make a deal and got them to hold off on the aerokit, but the dealership managers weren't budging on MSRP. I was ready to deal, but they weren't ($50 off, seriously?). There was no way I was going to pay MSRP when just about everything under the sun was at invoice or thousands below.

    I told the people that I was going to buy an Audi A4, Acura RDX, or Insight before the end of the month so it was their chance to sell me the Insight. They were BS'ing me about other dealerships jacking up MSRP so I walked and bought a fully-loaded 2009 Acura RDX tonight.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 228,352
    Those laws rarely apply to car sales. I know for a fact that they don't apply in Illinois.

    Here is a link to the Oregon DOJ website, that pretty well sums up the three-day contract rules... It is only applicable to Oregon, but I think you'll find it applies to almost every other state.

    3-day Right of Rescission

    A short summation, for those that don't want to follow the link.

    The "three day right of rescission" is also referred to as the "cooling off rule." It is a popular misconception that consumers have this right for most purchases. In fact, it is the exception, rather than the norm.

    Typically, the only time you will get a three day right of rescission is for a home solicitation, also known as a "door to door sale." There are a few other times you may be able to rescind an agreement within three days, such as with a home mortgage, but usually, if you buy something, it is yours. There is no "cooling off period" for the purchase of a motor vehicle. There is no "cooling off period" for the purchase of a good, just because it is really expensive or you decide you made a mistake in buying it. There is no "cooling off period" if you buy something from a telemarketer.

    Of course, if fraud has been committed, there are legal remedies. But, most disputes over car deals generally come from the buyer not understanding the contract. Leasing is complicated, and gives sellers many opportunities for "hidden profit", but that doesn't make it illegal. Unethical, perhaps.

    My main point is: Don't expect to be able to return a vehicle that you've taken delivery of. There is no legal right to do so, in the great majority of cases.


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  • mark4490mark4490 Member Posts: 16
    Was it the bank fee for the lease? You should go back and talk to the dealer to determine where this extra cost came from. There's nearly $1000 difference between what you agreed to and what the contract stated!

    I think the dealer is treading on thin ice if they intentionally misled you. Tell them they made a mistake and to fix it, otherwise cancel the deal.

    Honda likely won't like their dealers gouging their customers if they find out about it.
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    Hi dodgeman07,
    Yes, it's an EX. I don't go many places so no Navi. I got Navi on my 2009 Fit Sport only so I could get stability control. Stability Control comes with the EX on the Insight. I need all the stability control I can get.
  • roy2001roy2001 Member Posts: 62
    I like my Civic and Odessey, but I tend to buy a Prius, Insight is too small for me. I have 2 kids, they grow fast.

    Bye bye Civic, I will get a 2010 Prius.
  • galileo5galileo5 Member Posts: 10
    The lowest quote I received on the LX was $19,688. I'm going to wait until May to see how much lower they would go.

    When does the gutted 2009 Prius go on sale? Will it be the same date as the 2010?

  • heinzerheinzer Member Posts: 6
    Had a great test drive of Honda Insight EX today. Scott Honda in Westchester PA quoted the Edmonds price of $21,970 w/destination so I bought it. Red car on boat for delivery late June. Nice styling - very nice on/off highway performance. Noticed gas prices jumped 20 cents a gallon last week. Sadly thought that GM was thinking Hummers when Honda engineers developed the Insight.
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    Had mine for a little while now and am enjoying it. It's a very attractive car in the red pearl (my car's color). Still getting used to a few quirky hybrid things like the car goes no-where when it's backed out of the garage and put in Drive, braking still feels slightly weird at the end of a stop, steering is much "wider/slower" than my Fit but overall I like it! Taxes will go up a lot & soon, gas IS going up to who knows how much a gallon, we're all on the Titanic; you made a good decision in my humble opinion. No Obama voter here, with the money you save on gas, buy home invasion weapons like The Judge before you can't!
  • captwestcaptwest Member Posts: 2
    I had been without a car for almost 3 months, so I was using my wife's sante fe when she let me have it. Did not want to spend 33k and could not make a deal on infiniti, audit or vw. Test drove the insight and just said I will take it. I could not be without a car anymore.Paid MSRP for an EX w/o Nav., plus a dealer fee of $499, plus full list on their accessories such as car mats, body mouldings, cargo liner.
    I do not see many insights around, so if you can wait, I am sure the dealers will be taking off at least $750-800 by mid summer. Do not be over anxious like I was!!
    Overall, car is great for local city driving where acceleration above 45-50mph is not needed. If you are on the highway, please be careful as acceleration between 45-65 mph is not there and use the passenger side view mirror and visual look backs extensively due to the low visibility and blind spots out the back hatch.
  • ajaysajays Member Posts: 2
    July 4th 2009. Gray LX (would have loved red or metallic blue) with couple of dealers agreeing at $18,728 + fee (doc, lic and sales tax). To be used as a commuter car with 70mi round trip a day.
  • roy2001roy2001 Member Posts: 62
    This is lower than invoice.
  • eddiehaskell1eddiehaskell1 Member Posts: 12
    I've got a price of $20,725 + full tank of gas (don't all new cars come with that?) for an Insight EX.

    After tax and fees and turning in my clunker, I'm at exactly $17,000 out the door. I think i can haggle and get floor mats thrown in.

    Should I go with this or hold out for a better price? I'm worried that the cash for clunkers money might run out. I know the Prius is putting a beat down on the Insight, but the Insight is still a good car, right? HELP!! :confuse:
  • cluedweaselcluedweasel Member Posts: 150
    Has anyone shopped for an EX recently? What sort of prices are you seeing? Here in Oregon, no dealer is going below sticker. Some even have an ADM of up to $2000.

    I have a feeling it may be time to visit the kids in So. Cal. and pick one up there :)
  • honlex13honlex13 Member Posts: 1

    In the market for an Insight - Want to know if anybody has purchased an Insight EX OR LX nn Fairfax, Virginia. Please provide the out the door price on a 2010 if any.

  • cluedweaselcluedweasel Member Posts: 150
    Nothing? I guess no one is buying these. Makes you wonder why dealers still have ADMs on them.
  • in_power2002in_power2002 Member Posts: 21
    That's just crazy!!! Dealers can't even beg buyers to take these and they think they can ask whatever they want??!! Ludicrous!! Even Prius is selling below MSRP now that we've hit the season of no car shoppers.
  • cluedweaselcluedweasel Member Posts: 150
    How about an EX with nav for $26,750? That was one of the "deals" that we were offered this weekend. That took an hour of the salesman to-and-fro-ing to the sales manager.
  • kriss2kriss2 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased an Insight w/Navi. The dealership in Torrance, CA gave me wheel locks, mud flaps and cargo tray. I purchased at the end of December '09 and received the 2.9% Honda Financing. Except for some cheap interior finishes I love my 'first' hybrid. I am looking for a cargo cover where I do not have to pay $195 from the dealer. Online I have found one for $137, but they are out of stock. However, when you figure in tax and shipping, it may not be that much of a bargain. Anyone know a Southern California dealer selling it for less? Honk if you see my white Insight with the 'Destination Paradise' sticker in the I.E.
  • jett456jett456 Member Posts: 50
    I think I negotiated a decent deal. MSRP of 25,700. Cost of car 23519.28. I did a lease for 279.79 - out the door $1532.79 (pretty high I think for just 1st month and dealer fees/mv costs. There is no tax on a hybrid in CT.

    What do you think? I have two days to change my mind.
  • cluedweaselcluedweasel Member Posts: 150
    "MSRP of 25,700"

    What? The most expensive Insight you can buy has an MSRP of $23,810 including the destination charge.
  • cluedweaselcluedweasel Member Posts: 150
    If Car_Man is about, can you please post the current MF and residual figures for a 36 month / 12,000 mile p.a. lease? Thanks.
  • jett456jett456 Member Posts: 50
    It has heated leather seats. It's nice. The price is now 23,519. We are still 'discussing' this acq fee. I don't think I should have to pay it. Honda's website says there is no acq fee for this lease deal. We'll see.
  • car1shopcar1shop Member Posts: 8
    So is $21,500 + ~300 "admin fee" a good price? On top of this add taxes, tags, registration. I don't understand the administration fee; never heard of this before. Why don't they just say Junk fee which equal added profit.
  • cluedweaselcluedweasel Member Posts: 150
    Well $22,010 is the MSRP with destination and invoice is $20,808. There's $750 dealer cash at the moment. If it were me, I'd try an invoice plus $300 offer which would work out at;

    $20808 - $750 + $300 = $20358.

    As you say, the $300 admin fee is just added profit.
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