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  • candrivercandriver Posts: 4
    Go to

    You will find a lot of information about MyGIG(your DVD)
  • kope49kope49 Posts: 15
    I am looking at used 2008 and 2009 models. All the brake issues worry me - I hope the new extended warranty doesn't just apply to original owners. One thing I have found is the resale value on the 4.0 equipped cars seems much higher. I am tempted to pay the difference for the additional power and 6 speed automatic without a loss in MPG. I have owned 4 vans with the 3.3 and 3.8 without a single engine repair issue in about 400,000 miles among the 4 vans - that engine seems bulletproof. My last 3.8 Lxi with AWD was a nice vehicle but got crummy gas mileage 12-13 in town and 17 on the highway. One thing I did on each of my vans was buy an extended warranty, as great as the engines were I had to put a new transmission in 3 of the 4 when they were out of the factory warranty.
  • The 2008 seemed to have more issues. We have a 2009 4.0 with 20k so far no issues brakes are fine. I track mpg per tank in a ledger. Loaded with 4 passengers we get 30 mpg highway a bit less if the Air is on. city is 19 to 21 and can be as bad as 17. We did a lot of research before getting our 2009 new it was an outstanding deal as Chrysler was on the brink at the time. Go for the 2009 with the 4.0 you will get much better mpg and have a more powerful vehicle. We tow our boat and have never had a problem getting out at a steep wet ramp where trucks and SUV's will be spinning there wheels for lack of traction. The 6 speed is a wonderful transmission no idea about longevity but so fare so good. Glad we got the Dodge over the town and country, fewer recalls, also gald we dident get the Honda as I would alwaues have been second gessing its mpg. I usually drive about 72 on the highway and have wondered if a hyper miler could push this van past 30mpg? Maybe on a long stretch in a 55mph zone?

  • kope49kope49 Posts: 15
    That highway mileage seems unbelievable - but I realize there is considerable variation between similar vehicles. Just watch I will buy a similarly equipped GC and get 13 city and 21 hwy like some others are reporting. :cry: Glad to hear you like the 6 speed. My 2002 Lxi with 4 speed always downshifted very roughly when you stepped on it.

    Dave in Minnesota
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    38K and no brake problems. However , I am stocking up and shopping the sales for parts.
    As far as MPG, my two 4.0 6 speeds vary. The GC get better MPG than the TC but they have different wheels and drivers. Non synthetic sludge from the dealer bulk tank gets worse MPG in town. I think 5w30 synthetic may be as good as it gets for all around MPG. Tire pressure always affects mpg. And lastly, if I ever wear out these tires I will get LRRs from SAMS. Also time for some fuel injector cleaner.
    It seems the trans problems were a specific lot of 2009 TCs that went through the factory line in late 2008.
  • gavrikgavrik Posts: 44
    I began experiencing uneven braking at around 7500 miles. Took the vehicle to my local dealer and they said one of the rotors needed to be machined after which everything was Ok. Several days ago, at 11500 miles, heard a whining noise coming from the front which was separate from engine noise. After doing research on the internet, noticed quite a growing number of owners having problems with front wheel bearings. Sure enough, my dealer said front wheel bearings need to be replaced, they are on backorder (I wonder why?) and should be here within....1 MONTH!!!. He said I am OK to drive the vehicle until the parts arrive. I am not taking any chances, luckily have another vehicle to drive in the meanwhile. I smell another recall in works.
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    Be advised that they have extended the warranty on brakes for the 2009 model year. You should get a notice in the mail. 36K is the max listed on the form. Mine are doing so well that I do not think I can take advantage of this good deal. Just finished my stash of brake parts for my first brake job. The way we drive I should need brakes at 60K (TBD). My son's 2000 limited needs brakes all the time.
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    My daughters transmission went out on her 2009 TC and had that noise you describe. Seems the TCs and not the GCs had problems with the 6 speed/4.0 combo.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    The 4.0LV6 6-speed powertrain is identical between the GC and T& C.
  • kope49kope49 Posts: 15
    I guess I am one of the "unlucky" ones as far as gas mileage is concerned. I bought a 2008 GC SXT with 3.8 and 6 speed. On the first three tanks which are about 50-50 city highway I have gotten from 16.6 to 17.9 mpg. With the onboard computer cruising at a steady 65 it shows only about 20.5 so I will never get the kind of mileage some of you are claiming.
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    The 4.0/ 6 speed with 17" wheels seems to be the best in MPG
  • 28 mpg from Toronto to NY and 27.4 mpg from NY to Toronto. 4.0L/6 speed, 38 psi
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    39,000 Miles and no repairs so far. :)
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    Still running great and on the same brakes. :)
  • gavrikgavrik Posts: 44
    Late last year, traded in my '09 DGC for '10 DGC model with more options and power doors. Now, the vehicle clocks at 9K and the brakes begin to pulsate. I took the vehicle to my local dealership, they state front rotors need to be machines and the calipers on the rear brakes are leaking making a whistling sound while in drive. So, I am driving a loaner for a few days while they are taking care of this issue. This is not a biggie, more of a nuisance. Otherwise, the vehicle is fine.
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