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Buick Enclave Power Steering Noise



  • twt2twt2 Posts: 6
    Since I made my last post just a couple of weeks ago, my Enclave has been in the shop yet AGAIN to have all of the fuel injectors replaced. Luckily, this was covered by the drive train warranty. This vehicle has so many flaws once it hits a certain mileage. Since October I have spent $4500 on repairs and that doesn't include the thousands of work done on the drive train covered by warrant.. not to mention my time. How GM can stay behind this product confounds me. They should be ashamed of themselves. My friend who drives a 2008 Enclave and who encouragd to buy one, just redid his transmission.
    Compare this to my Lexus which has 110k miles and not once in the shop.
  • katbuickkatbuick Posts: 3
    Thanks unhappyenclave for this information. I submitted my safety complaint today! I also added a complaint about my power liftgate that just drops on you if you are parked on a slope.
  • amarquezamarquez Posts: 1
    Can you please let me know how you fixed the problem if you fixed it at all?
    email me at

    thank you
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Emails may get you personal help but not help others. Please don't ask for "personal" help via email. We all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum. Thanks.
  • While I love my 2008 Buick Enclave AWD, paying $1800 for a repair to the power steering pump PLUS the rack & pinion is more than I can take. I noticed a "rubbing" noise when turning the wheel when I first purchased this vehicle but the dealership assured me it was nothing. A year or so later and I can't turn the wheel at all while driving in low speeds. I almost got hit head on last night with all 4 kids in the car because my car turned wide into the oncoming traffic. :mad:

    Reading the number of postings on this issue has me convinced there is a major problem here....we also have had to replace the water pump at around 80k miles. Lift gate? It's been fixed twice, now the struts on the gate are bad and it drops on your head.

    How do I start a case number to have the power steering pump/rack & pinion issue become an official recall? I see the link above to file an incident with NTSB but I mean with GM. I cannot believe this isn't already in the system.

    My grandparents owned a Buick dealership in our little town when I was growing up and because of that pride, I've always owned a Buick. I had considered buying another Enclave, but now for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I am considering buying a foreign vehicle.....especially if GM isn't going to stand behind their product. :lemon:
  • bobs124bobs124 Posts: 4
    Just paid the bill.
    GM customer service is a joke.
    All the forum responses on this site told it like it would be with GM.
    Customer service sound sincere but they really don't care because there is nothing they can do about it once it is out of warranty. My warranty was good till 62,000 miles. This happened at 72,000 miles.
    They also told me there is not an issue with the rack and opinion or power steering pump even though our 2008 Acadia had both replaced at 30,000 miles.
    Next car will not be a GM product. :(
  • twt2twt2 Posts: 6
    The fact that GM can say there is no problem with power steering is a joke . How you can make a luxury product like this and have so man problems is another joke. Well joke is on them because I dumped he heap last weekend and bought a brand I can trust for reliability: Lexus. The fact is I was super apprehensive to even buy Enclave I begin with because I was worried about GM/Americn car reliability. But I heard good things about the vehicle and gave it a shot. I should be shot for good against my I instincts.
  • chosen33chosen33 Posts: 10
    I've had my rack and pinion replaced due to steering locking up on me while 400 miles away from home. That was a year and half ago. Now the steering is beginning to whine and rub again..they may want to re-think that "no issue" statement.
  • edenclaveedenclave Posts: 2
    Please do not buy a Buick unless you have more money than you know what to do with! I just paid $800.00 to replace the steering pump, steering pinion, and water pump. At 59,000 miles they told me these items were normal wear and tear. If you believe this is how long a car should last then by all means buy Buick for normal people stay away from this junk!
  • terilmterilm Posts: 1
    I love the appearance of this car; however that's where it begins and ends. I've had nothing but problems since it was purchased (new). Computer issues are a nightmare; from gauges going crazy to doors unlocking and re-locking to the car just plain not starting. I've had it to the dealership several times and they just couldn't seem to find the problem until...the warranty had expired, what a surprise!

    Steering issues as well; and of course I was told by the dealership it was my imagination!! My husband is a big guy, 6'3" and 240lbs...if he can barely get the steering wheel to turn I'm pretty comfortable that something's wrong.

    Received paperwork about a recall and took it to the dealership; they only performed half of what was on the recall...had to take it back 2 more times before it supposedly was fixed. The mgr contacted me because of the issues, said she'd gotten 'special permission' for me to have an additional $1,500 discount on my next GM purchase - I'm amazed they thought that corrected the situation.

    Never again will I purchase GM after this experience...the sad part is my father-in-law is retired GM!!
  • I exactly have the same issue on my 2009 Enclave. Took to dealer when in 2010 and they said its normal and GM have no fix for it. The groaning noise is annoying and does not give you a sense of safety. Still does it now but worst. Took it again several time and service advisor maintain their "IT'S NORMAL" pitch. Very frustrating. Considering this is my first GM (American built vehicle) despite general consensus with my peers to stay on the Japanese vehicles.
    Di this issue ever had a resolution???
  • twt2twt2 Posts: 6
    I had the problem again but this time turns out it was an axle issue covered by my drive train. Just sounded like it was from my steering wheel.
  • Just an update that the A/C is also experiencing problems as well. It, too, seems to be a well-documented issue with these vehicles. I am so upset and frustrated. :sick:

    bmanly, "Buick Enclave AC Problems" #1, 29 Jul 2009 7:43 am
  • jiml82jiml82 Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    This is a biased response.
    I worked for General Motors and Saginaw Steering Gear Division for 37 years as a product engineering mechanical engineer. We were spun off as part of Delphi in 1999. I have been retired for 13 years. During most of my career, Saginaw supplied nearly 100% of GMs steering components. With the spin offs and bankruptsies, GM decided to "go elsewhere" for a lot of their steering parts. Saginaw certainly wasn't perfect. But my last two GM cars have had multiple steering problems (and neither vehicle has any Saginaw steering parts.)
    My 2009 Enclave had a new rack and pinion installed because of a rubbing condition (12,000 miles). A year later the car was returned for the same noise. Now there was a "service fix" available for the problem. The car was sold with only 48,000 miles.
    My wife's 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt has electric power steering. Again, not sourced at Saginaw. The electric steering motor was replaced as part of a campaign (10,000 miles). After the new motor was installed the rack and pinion steering gear began to rattle. When the service tech took me out for a ride, he knew exactly what type of broken surface over which to drive the car. When he heard the rattle, he stated, "They all do it." The rack and pinion was replaced (20,000 miles). We still have the Cobalt with 32,000 miles on it.
  • tfamilytfamily Posts: 1
    I love the look of my Buick...... But I can not turn my car at slow speeds. It is intermittent. After reading all these posts, why is there not a recall. This is a HUGE. Safety issue. I hear it is the racK and pinion. Rrrrrrrrr. She only has 130k.... I thought American made is better...... I do not see GM in my future.
    Once I get the car fixed she is sold. I have never owed a car which is so expensive to fix. The tire replacement is the worst.
  • We have had issues with steering rubbing noise on our 2009 Enclave that were fixed under warranty by replacing the rack & pinion unit.
    For the past few weeks, we had had intermittent, complete loss of the power steering / steering assist at low speeds, e.g. when parking or when slowing down for a left hand turn. Mechanics could never find anything. It has gotten worse, now they finally diagnosed the power steering pump and want $800+ to fix it. A luxury crossover with less than 60,000 miles and not even 4 years old? Really? This is unbelievable. I have never had a vehicle with that much stuff breaking before, and it seems by the number of people experiencing this issue, there is a epidemic failure GM has to address. Loss of steering assist is a safety issue, I am off to report this to the NTHSB.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi there,

    I'm happy to hear that your past repairs were covered by your warranty, but can understand your most recent frustrations with this reoccurring. If you haven't already spoken to GM Customer Service about this, I would like to document your vehicle issues within our system. Can you please send us your full name, VIN, exact mileage, contact info, and dealer? I can be reached by email at [attn Amber].

    Thank you

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • We had loss of steering while in an intersection waiting to turn left. My wife could not turn the sterring wheel, and almost was hit by oncoming traffic! Now the steering is always like this, and we are scared to drive the Enclave. We took it to the dealer, they say the power steering pump needs to be replaced, and quoted over $1100 to replace it! We are not sure how we will pay for this. After this happened, I did some research, and this is a huge problem. I called Buick Customer Care and started a case on it, and complained to the NHTSA. This is a definite safety issue that needs attention and a recall put out by GM. GM did issue a recall for the water pump seal, but why not for this since it is a safety issue? GM needs to step up before something terrible happens....
  • justdavecjustdavec Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    The vehicle died for my wife as she was waiting in line at a drive-up window yesterday. Had power to fan blower, radio etc, but would not turn over. After 5 minutes it started back up but with check engine light on. Took it to the dealer (Meyer Automotive, Seward NE) they say the ECM needs to be replaced, not warrantable, of course....$550 with labor. Just had the front struts replaced for the 3rd time earlier this summer. I have never, ever owned a vehicle with such a high cost of ownership. These are nice looking, nice riding, luxury vehicles, but they seem to be plagued with just a lot of issues. I have owned many other new vehicles and have run them far beyond the mileage on this vehicle (86K) without any of the issues or anywhere near the expense. Really having doubts about owning another.......Is this ECM problem legit, or is there a timing chain issue or something lurking in the background?
  • Thank you. Mine is just starting to make noise at 97 thousand, I will have this checked first.
  • OMG ! I can cry. I finally was able to get my dream SUV and now it PROBLEMS !
    I purchase my 2007 Buick Enclave in March 2013. It was making light noise then but me being a woman thought it was ok. I mentioned it to the sales guy and he told me it would go away soon because it has been serviced. @ to 3 months went by, same noise. I asked a friend and he said, " It maybe air in the line". Checked to make sure power steering fluid was full. So I called the dealership to let the sales guy know it is still making the noise. He told me to take it to a Buick because it may still be under warranty. I didn't go right away because my son is a Senior and had to visit 4 Colleges for offers. I traveled to 5 Universities throughout the summer and noise still remains. Then 7on 7 season came and I am the ONLY mom was runs with these boys like crazy so I kept pushing it back. Late July my dad had a stroke and for those last 2 months reheb and changing his living has swamp me. Now im ready to work on getting this problem fixed........HELP !
  • I too am now on my 2nd steering gear. First one replaced at 58k, now second one at 78k (just 16 mos. later). In my previous 1000k of miles, I've never had strg gear problems. Worked w/ dealer w/ little success and tried 1-800-gmcares, and have gotten busy signal for 2 days. Any luck getting partial or total reimbursement for faulty parts/design? Where do I go if GM doesn't answer phone?
    (Also, I just had my second brake job in 20k miles. Former SUV's and vans were always good for 40k.) Was thinking about a 2nd car/ LaCrosse, but now seriously concerned about GM reliability.
  • Could not agree with you more! GM needs to recall for the steering issue asap. I have been having the same issues with my 2009 Enclave and I've got two new teenage drivers who don't drive the vehicle becasue they can't anticipate when it will seize up. It started as a nagging issue that happened occassionally and mostly in parking lots with tight turning radius. It has progressively gotten worse. I have had it to the GM Dealership four times in the last year and they could not diagnose what the issue was. They "couldn't replicate the steering difficulty in test drives" so no action recommended or taken any of the four times. They told me the power steering system was tight and solid..."could be the pump or the gear in the steering colum" or a
    bubble in the steering fluid that simply was circulating" but not a danger. I moved to TX and had the car serviced at Auto Check repair shop. They identified the rack and pinon system as falling apart and a danger as well as the steering pump as the cause of the issue. The snapping sound when turning was the evidence for the r&p (I told them about the sounds four times!). It took the TX service station two hours to figure out the steering (and a cylinder misfire issue that also was undiagnosed for a year even with check engine lights!!) So far there has not been any Customer Satisfaction covering on this steering issue and it IS a dangerous issue. GM needs to address this!
  • I filed a complaint with the National Highway Transportation Board.
    I advise others to do this with the steering issues on GM vehicles.
    Here is there link.

    I too have this issue and posted a complaint with "GM no customer service". I did receive a phone call but was told with the amount of miles I had on it, it would not be covered. Nor were they willing to help out on the cost of the parts. Invoice totaled 1500.00 and that was with the dealer discounting his labor. We had a GM extended no deductible warranty that covered everything till 62,000. R&P fail with other steering parts at 68,000 miles.
    Dealer was great but GM was awful. This was after our 2008 Acadia had the same problem at 50,000 that was covered by our extended warranty. We traded it in after 60,000 after">link title VERY extensive warranty work for 2 years. It was a POS. We have a 2010 Enclave but when we do trade it in we are looking at Ford vehicles. Don't need to tell anyone why.
  • File a complaint with the NHTSA
    Here is their link
    They need to know!
    More files may get the ball rolling on a national recall.

    I did after our 2010 Enclave had the same problem. It was 28 months old.
    I called GM "no customer service" about it and was told the car had too many miles on it. We had a 62,000 no deductible extended warranty. It had 70,000 when the R&P steering went out as well as other steering parts. Ending up costing more than 1500.00. That was after the dealer discounted his labor. GM said they wouldn't even discount the part. They told me it had too many miles.
    This was after our 2008 Acadia we bought new had the same R&P replaced at 50,000 miles. We ended trading it off because it was in the shop 37 time for warranty work in a 2 year period. It was a POS.
    The next car we buy will be a Ford. Don't need to tell anybody why.
  • I filed a complaint 3 months ago with NTSB but never heard anything back :-(. My 2009 Buick went back to the shop 2 weeks ago for more steering wheel noises and guess what?? I needed all of the bearings replaced this time! Another $1200 after I had already spent $1000 on the steering column and other parts that needed to be replaced. Needless to say, I traded that car in and got a Hyundai THE NEXT DAY! I AM DONE!
  • I just experienced the "loss of steering" issue described in many posts, and had my dealer (today) during a routine check-up ID the noise and suggest the steering gear repair. After his contacting GM, I am "participating" to the tune of 40% of the initial estimate ($1,800), but will have the work done today.

    Unlike many of the others in this thread, I have had GREAT luck with my 2008 Enclave, despite my initial reservations at buying a first model year vehicle. I did also experience the water pump failure on a recent trip, but at almost 86,000 miles, I have been very fortunate to spend little on any kind of repairs beyond normal maintenance. Some of this is clearly good fortune (based upon the the tenor of many posts), but much is attributed to the great dealers that I have had (currently moving from the third to the fourth - all due to my relocation). While the fervor of many posts has admittedly put a "chink" in my commitment to purchase another Enclave some day, I am still very much hopeful that the vehicle will provide many more trouble free miles.
  • I was so glad to find this site. We purchased our 2008 Buick Enclave in January of 2009 with 20,xxx miles. Shortly after we made the purchase we experienced a loud whining from the power steering. We brought it in and was told it was the power steering hose and they replaced it. The next issue was the sunroof was leaking into the back storage area and also had that repaired. The power steering issue arose again this past summer and has been accompanied by a groaning noise at lower speeds and it getting quite loud. We are told the rack and pinion will need to be replaced. Of course, it is just passed the 50,000 warranty so now we get to foot the bill. It only has 60,xxx miles and am looking at an expensive repair at an apparent know issue with the Enclave. It makes us wonder now with the first power steering issue if the rack and pinion should have been replaced then and they just took a shortcut to stop the noise temporarily. I have also read on here some have got their parts paid for to make the repair. That would be a a great help and how did you get this accomplished? Hopefully GM/Buick will be willing to help us out on this since it just went off of warranty otherwise we may need to consider a trade. We shopped around a long time for this SUV and there isn't really any other we were happy with and kind of hate to get rid of it, but can't have all these issues coming up, we need something more dependable.
  • I bought a 208 Buick Enclave when it first came out. Boy, what a mistake. Never buy the first year of a new model. I think i've replaced all major components except the engine. I think all the failures were premature when compared with other cars i've owned. Now I have this loud steering noise that I complained to the dealer about two years into my ownership. Nothing was done to fix the problem except a power steering replacement, which did not fix the problem. I really cant understand GM abandoning its customers on this issue. We know that this should have been a recall issue long ago. It's unsatisfactory service/warranty issues like this that drives the public to foreign autos. Incidentally, I am shopping for another vehicle but it definitely want be GM, probably Ford. Come on GM stand behind this steering issue that may even be a safety issue.
  • I experienced the same problem with my 2010 Enclave and replaced the steering unit at 67,000 miles. Interestingly, two of my friends have had the same problem - one has the Saturn Outlook, and the other has the GMC Arcadia. I agree that General Motors needs to step up to the plate on this one. Definitely a safety hazard.
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