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Volvo XC60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    Took European delivery of a fully loaded XC60, AWD, 3.2 on 4/29 and have been to 9 countries and put on 4500 miles. I am just about to return to Sweden to have it shipped home. I have been extremely happy with the car. Not one significant issue so far. I am coming from a Lexus RX300. I have been through the Alps and on the autobahn going 120, which seems to be the highest speed I can attain. I have a computer generated average mpg of 23.8. I have never felt I needed more power. Still costs $160 or more to fill up over here. I do wish they would sell the diesel in the US. We were picked up at the airport by a guy in a diesel XC90. It was quiet and didn't smell of diesel and gets great mileage and diesel is a lot cheaper over here.

    Our car is usually one of the biggest cars on the road so there have been some dicey confrontations on one lane roads but so far so good. I have used the retractable mirrors a lot. The adaptive cruise control takes some getting used to but I'm glad I have it. Once or twice a day it will pick up a truck in the lane to my right and slow me down so I will need to see if the sensor can be realigned. Haven't had a chance to check out the AWD yet so I can't comment on that. The backup camera and parking sensors have been a huge help but I still need to get a better sense of them. I still have the wife get out and look in really tight spots.

    I can really recommend the program so far. The delivery of the car and Volvo's team at the factory have been great.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    Great story! That sounds like a real adventure...

    Glad you like the vehicle.. It's on my wife's short list for the next one...


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  • 4mercoachrick4mercoachrick Posts: 133
    Wow, what a trip. We will make the 3000 mile trip 'back east' to the NC mountains in July/August(over 18-20 days). 4500 in Europe would be a blast! Just a couple of things I would 'move' from the RX to the XC would be the auto liftgate operation(up/DOWN with key fob), tilting outside mirrors in reverse and the tilt/retracting steering on ingress/egress.

    We JUST traded our '08 C70 on the new '11, otherwise, we were considering the OSD program. MAYBE we'll make it in a couple of years when we 'update' the XC60.

    Try not to miss your XC while you're waiting...hope everyone/thing travels well!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    edited June 2011
    Usually, I'm all for taking the smaller/cheaper engine choice... But, there isn't anything included with the T6 that we wouldn't want... and, by the time you add the options/packages to the 3.2 AWD model to get the same equipment.... the difference is minimal.

    Not that I like getting lower fuel mileage, but the power bump is gravy...

    T6 with metallic paint, climate package and convenience package has everything my wife's X3 has, except xenons..... (plus rear heated seats and power tailgate that her's doesn't).. Stickers for right at $42K.. Looks like about a $2300 spread between MSRP and invoice at that level....

    Not bad... it's on the list!

    Actually, they just announced 1.9% financing for 48 months... Also like the 5 year safe and sound warranty/maintenance package, but no telling how long that will keep going.. We aren't in the market until September/October..


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  • nking43nking43 Posts: 1
    I am looking for a Volvo XC60 3.2 (not T6) with the Technology Package. Is this package widely available? I have not found it in the New England area.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    From my short experience shopping, they are out there.... I saw one. But, the Tech package is usually only on cars that are pretty loaded already.. Premium, convenience, climate.. maybe even multimedia package..

    So, finding a more base model with the Tech package is going to be hard, I think...


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  • The European delivery sounds like a good way to go. Could you give me the details on your XC60 and options as well as price paid?
  • metronymetrony Posts: 5
    We're pretty novice at car purchasing (were city dwellers for many years). Don't know if the following offer is considered great, good, average, just ok, or terrible. From taking a quick look on the forums, I'm getting the feeling it's just ok.

    Any advise would be very much appreciated!!!

    2012 XC60 T6 AWD
    Climate with Rear Boosters
    5yr/60K Safe & Secure

    $40,103 MSRP
    $2,422 taxes
    $448 fees
    $42,973 Out the door price
  • Isn't the MSRP actually a shade north of $42000? So your pretax price is ~$2K off sticker. IMO, that's not too bad for a 2012, but certainly not the 'fantastic' deals you read about on this board and others :) . We just scored a pretty good deal on our new C70; but when we bought the eleventh XC60 sold in central Texas two years ago, we paid within 500 bucks of full sticker :blush: . Safe and Secure is worth a bit, hard to pin down an actual value. Mayhaps you could hit them up for the super financing deals that have been around for a couple of months.
  • jerseyman3jerseyman3 Posts: 4
    edited June 2011
    I am also, wondering if I got a good/ bad offer.

    Went to a dealer in PA, near Norristown, got a quote on a 2011 XC60, options included metallic paint, climate and convience package, Blis and Nav prep. Forgot to add this quote was on an XC60 T6 with AWD.

    MSRP ON CAR IS $42,820
    Dealer offered me the car at $41,100, this is $300 above his invoice.

    Looking for your thoughts out there!
  • Did you check out
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    We got a 3.2 AWD w/metallic red paint. We had negotiated with one dealer for just the extras we wanted since that is one of the advantages of getting overseas delivery. You can break apart most of the packages and get individual items. So I had left out folding mirrors, tinted glass, grocery holder, park assist, and a couple of others. I was just about to place the order and another dealer I had contacted earlier said he couldn't beat the price, which was just about the Costco price (not including the special deal they had around December where you got another $500 off) but he would give me the same price with all these excluded items, that is the complete packages. So I have the Premium, Climate and Tech, Convenience, Multimedia (w/o DVD), BLIS, PCC for $43,330. I think the NRA site said I could get that car for $42,572, but I never pursued that. The invoice was $42,072. I think I probably could have saved some with a little harder bargaining if I had been willing to take a car on the lot but would have had to take a T6 and I don't think it would have equalled the value of the trip. Then they fly two people over and back and give you a night in a hotel. We got the winter package on top of that so we got 3 nights in Stockholm before getting the car and 3 in Gothenburg.

    I have to say after driving around Europe for over a month putting on 4500 miles I am very glad I got the items I had debated about. The park assist, the tinted windows, the heated seats have all been used and appreciated.
  • luvxc60luvxc60 Posts: 6
    Just found out this:

    The safge and secure coverage plan will be reduced from 60k miles to 50k mile on model year 2012. Meaning order staring after july 1 will receive 50k miles coverage and the first 6 factory schedule services.
  • jc12171jc12171 Posts: 13
    I think you can get to a few hundred below invoice for 2011 model. Read my posted experience end of April.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    I looked around a little bit (on the internet), after shopping the local dealer..

    Found a dealer not too far away that was offering $42K MSRP models for about $2300 off... That seems to be about bottom dollar, as far as I can tell... I think I'd be happy with $2K off, if I were buying at this time..


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  • pawlybaulspawlybauls Posts: 8
    edited June 2011
    I just signed off on a military factory order of a 2012 XC60 T6:

    Premier Plus, Climate, and Dynamic packages, Metallic Paint, and BLIS, and Safe & Secure Plan for $39,890 before taxes. That's down from a $45,325 MSRP with Destination charge.

    The dealer added an additional discount of $500 to offset the Safe & Secure Plan, included in that price. The Safe and Secure Plan is a regional promotion that costs $500 in the States. It is not free if you use the Overseas Delivery program.

    I forfeited the Volvo Loyalty Rebate because that cannot be applied to the program either.
  • andy145andy145 Posts: 3
    We haven't purchased a new car in a while. I used Costco to get the following quote, can you take a quick look at the following offer. Any advice/suggestion would be much appreciated!!!

    2011 XC60 T6 AWD
    Non-Metallic (Black)
    5yr/60K Safe & Secure

    Negotiated Price: $39,980
  • I would say this is a fair price. If you see my post right before yours, you will see essentially the same price for identical options. The only difference is the Dyanmic package includes: Xenon, 4-C Chassis, and Speed sensitive steering
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    So... just found out that I'm eligible for A-Plan.

    Anyone used that to buy an XC60?


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  • mscar54mscar54 Posts: 17
    I have been quoted a price of $38,950 on a 2011 XC60 T6 with Sensus, Climate Package, Convenience Package, Blind Spot Information System & Personal Car Communicator. However, this is a former dealership loaner car and has approximately 5500 miles on it. I inquired about the addition of a back up camera (I have on on my current vehicle and have come to rely on it). The dealer can add this feature for $1071.

    I'm a bit leery of taking a loaner car, but the price sounded pretty good. Your thoughts?

    Many thanks!
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    $1071 for a back up camera sounds steep. Taking a loaner should be OK as all the warranty and registration as a new car are part of the deal. You might want to take a look at the tires and ensure that there is plenty of tread left. Other than that, safe + secure can take care of wore brake pads.
  • jeff47jeff47 Posts: 5
    2012 xc60 T6 r design "platimum" package with BLIS and booster and climate package. basically this is everything but the tech package. (the 2012 packages have been re-named) costco pricing is 500 over invoice. this works out to be $48,500. Placed an order and due to arrive in October. the 2012 r design also has a bit more horsepower at 325
  • Couple of thoughts...Our last 'loaner' purchase had an 'in service' date 10 months prior to our purchase. As such, it did not qualify for 'new' classification and the warranty date 'start' was the original in-service date. Not a big deal for us as we smoke the mileage limit long before the warranty period runs out. Make sure the details are clear and the documentation shows the proper 'in-service' date.

    Will the backup camera integrate with the current system? If so, it 'might' be worth over a grand...I agree with mscar54 that it seems high...aren't aftermarket sets just a couple hundred bucks?

    You're now $41K for an 'end of model year' vehicle...that might suggest that you are only 'getting' a couple thousand bucks for wear and tear compared to a 'clearance' 2011 price. If you love the color and packages, could be worth it. If not, I'd shop around for exactly what you want. Would an extra $1K off make you pull the trigger? Doesn't hurt to ask.

    Good luck...great vehicle!!!
  • macpromacpro Posts: 52
    I'm thinking of purchasing a 2012 XC60 T6 R-Design "platimum" package with BLIS, technology and climate packages. I'm also considering doing the OSD (Over Seas Delivery). I believe the total cost to be $50, 710. This also include $550 for Metallic Paint.

    The dealer will have a 2012 T6 R-Design available for test drive sometime between Aug 2-6.
  • terriw1terriw1 Posts: 1
    As I am unable to go visit a dealership prior to placing my overseas order (military, currently deployed), I'd like to solicit some help on the color choice. I'm getting a 2012 XC60 T6, fully loaded. Right now I have chosen seashell metallic and the two tone beige/dark brown interior, and the nordic wood inlay. I'm torn between seashell metallic, cosmic white and just plain black metallic---any suggestions/recommendations out there before I go 'final' on my choice? Thank you!
  • Well, where to start? First, thank you for your service and come back safely!

    We bought the Electric Silver sight-unseen(11th XC60 sold in central Texas, we were told). Very happy with the color; but, it IS another silver CUV in a sea of silver/gray. Also happy with the sandstone interior(our other Volvo is calcite white interior...more on that later). The 'advantage' to the seashell would be 'uniqueness'...haven't seen that one yet. To me, it looks too muddled, tonewise; but, that could just be the computer rendering. I passed a black metallic in the parking lot just yesterday...when the sun hits it, it is gorgeous. Upon closer inspection, the dirt REALLY shows!(Plenty of dust here in central TEXAS, home of record-setting droughts) I think the silver and seashell would 'disguise' the dirt a bit, unlike the darker colors. The white does well here in 'limestone' Texas, but would show the red clay of Georgia more(past residence).

    We've always liked white(our first S40, Lexus RX, first C70, and our newest '11 C70). We traded our '08 C70 in Celestial Blue--beautiful color...a touch more feminine, IMO...for the non-metallic white. Darling Wife actually frowned when she saw it...brings me back to my story...IF I could swap the colors(put the Electric Silver on the 'vert and white on the XC, I think she'd really like that. The white is 'sportier', IMO, and the XC looks good in the white/black trim contrast. As it is, the C70 in white looks much sportier, but not anywhere near as 'pretty' as the blue.(DW was only slightly impressed that the white color 'saved' $500 vs any metallic) Is 'cosmic white' a metallic? If so, there's no $ savings there vs the other standard metallics. 'Ice white' is the only white I'm familiar with on the current line.

    I'm also not sure how the dark brown leather will hold up next to the sandstone. I looked at a C70 'loaner' with cacao leather and after one year in the Texas sun, it was showing some wear, colorwise. The two-tone is certainly sporty; but it may get 'lumped in' with the MINI, FIAT 500, etc crowd as a bit too 'young'. ;)

    So, I would choose white/sandstone first, even though it's about as basic as can be, it's downright elegant in a sporty sort of way. Since you like the seashell, that would be #2 and black a distant thrid(unless you 'promise' to keep it spotless!!!) :shades:

  • drjay1drjay1 Posts: 9
    Just wanted everyone's opinion: I am working on a deal for a
    2012 XC 60 3.2 FWD
    Premier plus
    Convienence package
    Climate Package
    MSRP: $39,800
    Without any loyalty money for $1000 total drive off and $615 a month for 60 months with a rate of 2.99%. I calculated the purchase price to be around $34,000. I'm not sure if my calculations are correct. Please let me know what you guys think. Should I push for a better deal? Thanks!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    Is that a lease?


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  • drjay1drjay1 Posts: 9
    It's a purchase. With tax(6%), tag and title included
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    Frankly... that doesn't seem possible...


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