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2011 Hyundai Sonata



  • I still maintain you all owe mommyt one big apology.

    Apparently you missed the following text in the article:

    "There have been no injuries or accidents reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or Hyundai regarding the steering issue, government and company officials said."

    If that's true, then it would add additional credence that mommyt's story continues to be difficult to believe. Additionally, mommyt indicated that the wheel jerked to the side and could not be moved back. Not exactly the same as a decoupling issue, where the wheel would presumably move freely but have no effect on the actual steering.
  • I thought that we would hear by now when the turbo's are coming out....I was hoping to see it on the Sonatas and on the Tucsons...
    From what I've read a total of 16,300 Sonatas are being evaluated, but there have only been 2 incidents(vehicles have been repaired) reported. Hardly worth mentioning in my book, but maybe their just being cautious.
  • I am currently driving the Passat and one feature that I really like on it is the ability to tighten up the steering when the car is traveling at high speeds that makes you feel like you;re in a sort of a capsule. I believe the Accords have the same feature, but I did not feel the 2011 Sonata did when I test drove it. Did I just miss it?

  • This 'problem' Has NOTHING To Do With The 'mommyt' event.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    edited September 2010
    I bought a new 2011 Hyundai GLS automatic. I have close to 600 miles on it. From the day I bought it while driving back from the dealership, there was a pull to the right, so I got the front tires cross rotated. There still seemed to be a pull a little to the left and right. So then I got the front tires rotated to the back and the back tires to the front. The car still has no control at highway speeds. The steering has no feel or control.

    It feels like as if the car is all over the place. The car cannot go straight at all. What could be the problem? Any feedback would be highly appreciated. I am constantly adjusting the steering so that the car goes straight. The steering wanders. Is this normal?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    They go over 50 mph for all drivers over 60 who have memory lapses of how to out a car in neutral.

  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    And why should they have to put them in neutral in the first place?
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Have you let the dealer check the alignment, or the manufacture date to see if it falls into the period of vehicles that are being inspected for loose couplings in the steering shaft?

    Regarding those steering shaft couplings. Everybody uses them, all brands. From reading the information released by various sources, and the tightly identified span of vehicles affected, I would wager that on some day, on a specific line at the factory, there was an assembly torque wrench that was malfunctioning. These couplings have very specific torque settings, and while they do have some overhead for excess tightening, you can sure strip one out. And if they are not fully torqued down, they can allow play between the two shafts. Been there, done that.

    On the dark side, you don't want one of those things to come off. They hold the various shafts between the steering wheel and rack together. On the bright side, they really have to be screwed up (broken) for that to happen. More common is that they are loose and allow excess play in the coupling. Either way, if Hyundai can identify what time period and "lot" of vehicles went down that line, they are being very responsible and correct in checking those cars. Easy to correct, and not expensive at all.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    edited September 2010
    After getting my front tires crossed and then moving the front tires to the back and back tires to the front, I took a highway test drive. The car still pulls to the right. I have a feeling, its either the alignment or mechanical issue. I will take into the dealer soon and see what happens. Its frustrating, but lets see what happens. Could be a case of torque steer?
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Torque steer only happens when you gun it and then for a very short a second or two. Driving at highway speeds you would only feel "torque steer" if you absolutely floored it and then pretty little with the amount of power we're dealing with here. From what I've read the electronic power steering(EPS) doesn't hold a line or track(at least many of them) quite as well as most hydraulic steering systems that people are used to. It may be that it is just something to get used to as most manufacturers are starting to go to EPS because it saves fuel.

    Without knowing just how much your car pulls to one side or the other it is a good idea to get it checked out like you're doing.
  • denp3denp3 Posts: 99
    What is the time period?
    My dealer has no info on it yet.
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    Have you previously driven a car with electrically powered steering?
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Motor Trend Sonata Steering

    In other reports, there were a grand total of 2 documented failures. While ANY loss of steering is unacceptable, this puts the chances of your car having a complete steering loss right up there with being struck by lightening. Twice. On successive Thursdays. ;)
  • This is my first time driving a car with EPS. The feel is a lot different. I have driven a Honda Accord before and the steering feedback was way better! From what I have experienced so far, I think its either the alignment or mechanical problem. It's not a bad tire since I have cross rotated the front tires and move them front to back. If it wasn't for this problem, the Sonata is a excellent car!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Wanted to provide and update on my creaking issue. I met with the regional Hyundai rep and an engineer and they determined I had a deformed/defective gas tank the tank was rubbing against the body if the car causing the creaking. They replaced the gas tank. In addition, they gave me money for gas and the regional rep said he wanted to reimburse me for my trouble by reimbursing me for a months payment. I thought that was a nice gesture. So far my car is silent. My fingers are crossed that this is the final fix.
  • Thanks for the update. Sounds like Hyundai wants happy customers, and they are trying. Repeat business (we are on our fourth Hyundai) is important to any auto manufacturer, and the way to achieve this is making sure new buyers are satisfied. Word of mouth is important, too. Hope your problem is solved and a " free" month helps to smooth over a frustrating experience. :)
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    The money was great, but really looking forward to enjoying my car again.
  • rexgrexg Posts: 27
    Many thanks for the update. As I have posted earlier, I think that I have the same creaking issue, but now I am not so sure that it is the same problem. Most often I hear this creaking noise when I step on the gas (from a stop) or when I apply the brakes. But my car's creaking sound seems to be coming from the dash. My problem doesn't seem like it could be coming from the gas tank. Did your noise also seem to be coming from the dash? Was it a surprise to you that it was the gas tank?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    My noise was definitely coming from the gas tank area. The first 2 visits for this problem were addressing the gas tank. The 3rd they just tightened various bolts.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Speaking from experience, I would have to say that a deformed fuel tank, while not impossible, would have ranked right up there with hearing hoofbeats in Texas and seeing zebras! Not exactly what one would expect, but possible.

    I really hope this fixes it. I would have to agree with the above that Hyundai really did want to make you happy. Not sure I would ever see a GM or Ford dealer picking up a tank of gas AND a car payment!

  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    They really did come through. It was also incredible to see the CEO of Hyundai USA to assist me and get involved behind the scenes. Great customer service.
  • Are you kidding me! :mad:

    I think you should read it again. I said that the wheel jerked to the left and it took all of my strenght to get it over and keep it over to the right because it kept jerking to the left. I was actually lifting myself off of the seat, but I did get it back over.
    I did not say that it could not be moved back! Did you not see the video? You can see my husband move the wheel both to the left and right.

    I have been telling the truth and stood my ground throughout all of the badgering.
    You just can not admit that you were wrong...not only about the steering failure, but 100% wrong about me.
  • I Thank You. It makes me feel better to know that someone is on my side for once. :blush:
    I understand that it was a hard pill to swallow, since I did aproach it like a darn maniac...LOL! :blush:

    Nevertheless, there are a lot of people unwilling to accept the truth. :P

    The important issue here is to fix it fast so no one gets hurt. That is what I would like to see come out of it.
    There have been numerous reports, but they are focusing the investigation on two of them. I don't know if one of them is mine, or not. I am just happy that our government does care. ;)
  • "Hyundai" stated that they have repaired two. "Hyundai" stated that they received two reports.
    I know that it is hard for you, but try to look beyond what Hyundai stated, and look into the NHTSA complaints. There are more than two.

    Shame on you for saying that you don't think its worth mentioning! How would you like it if something bad happened to you and someone said that your safety wasn't worth mentioning? Be careful with what you say. What goes around comes around.
  • mookie14mookie14 Posts: 252
    edited September 2010
    I got a 2011 Sonata se trust me all it takes is a dealer taking the time to do the alignment mine was doing the EXACT same thing you all are describing. Now it does not pull to the left. Now in being honest seeing there are no power steering pump it is play in the shaft but i say its the alignment no doubt.
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    Many thanks for the update. As I have posted earlier, I think that I have the same creaking issue, but now I am not so sure that it is the same problem. Most often I hear this creaking noise when I step on the gas (from a stop) or when I apply the brakes. But my car's creaking sound seems to be coming from the dash.

    I have also been struggling with this same exact noise (among others). In my case, 90% of the noise is coming from the "crash pads" as Hyundai calls them. These are the side pieces of the lower dash that extend down on either side of the cubby where the aux ports and power ports are. I noticed that when I press on mine they creak loudly.

    I believe someone else here on the forum, also having the creaking noise, suggested running a business card with some WD-40 on it through the seams where those pieces meet the main dash. I tried that, however it did not work. While trying this, I noted that the tolerances in the seams were very different. I could easily fit a business card in the seam on the passenger side, but couldn't get it into the seam on the driver's side.

    I experimented yesterday with wedging a shim of sorts in the seams where the pieces meet the main dash. So far this has virtually eliminated the creaking when accelerating or stopping (they also no longer creak when I press on them.) I have one shim on each side. I started by inserting one of those "rewards" keychain cards in the seam on each side just to see if it did anything. Once I discovered that worked, I removed those and cut identical sized ones out of a spare, black plastic DVD case. I am running those for a few days to make sure they also work. So far they do. Once I am comfortable they help eliminate the noise, I will trim them so they do not stick out of the dash and leave them in permanently.

    With that noise gone, I can move on to my two other major rattles. The rear parcel shelf rattles, and my front passenger seat has started to rattle when no one is sitting in it. The seatback actually visibly vibrates while driving down the road, and the vibration now has a constant ticking noise associated with it. If I press on the seatback with my right elbow while driving, the noise stops.

    Incidentally, Hyundai's "felt tape" fix for the rattling glove box also stopped working for me. It started to creak/rattle again as well. I had to put some high density foam pads inside the glove box door where the upper inside corners of the glove box door meet the rubber bumpers molded into the dash side of the glove box. There is simply too much play in that glove box door design.

    Quite frankly I am tired of chasing down all of these noises in a brand new car. Only 4,800 miles on the car. We shouldn't have any issues like this. I am on the verge of cutting my losses with this thing and trading it just for my own sanity.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    I think you've discovered what I fear in buying the first year of a completely redesigned model. It's not so much the drivetrain anymore as that used to be a major concern when buying a new model because those seem to be tested well before implementation. It's the little creaks and groans from a completely redesigned interior that uses plastic against plastic everywhere that start to show up after driving the car on the crap roads we have nowadays.

    I think it's very hard for the manufacturers to duplicate these conditions for thousands of miles of testing. Especially on a complete redo because they are trying to hide the thing at the same time. When you add in the fact that these are put together on a fairly fast moving assembly line it doesn't suprise that problems like this crop up. Nothing at all agains Hyundai as it occurs with any manufacturer. At the end of the first year and even during they will have thousands of reports from dealer fixes to address all those creaks and groans and start automatically putting fixes in at production and minutely adjusting the molds so that parts don't rub as much.

    I guess it's just something that you put up with with a new model and just hope that your particular car is not one of the worst. It's ok to get two or three problems like this fixed but when you have more and they just keep coming they can turn you off to your new car which is a shame.
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    edited September 2010
    Great point m6user. I always preferred redesigned brand new models but was burned on 2003 V6 Accord's transmission, it had a defective torque converter, lots of 2003 V6Accords had it. Non of that problem cropped up on later 2004-2007 models. It's always risky to buy a newly redesigned model irrelevant of which brand. Five years is very short period to totally redesign and correct any design flaws. not matter how good a car company is at design & engineering.

    I am for that very reason postponing my purchase of Sonata.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    Ohio has very nice roads. Michigan does not. But overall the roads are not "crap" in this country. Try Mexico-- most roads there are more like trails. Uruguay also-- not good.
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