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2011 Hyundai Sonata



  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    he admitted he had in fact "abused" the clutch many times. Also my wife (3rd driver of the car) admitted abusing it too

    Wow, what did the wife and son admit to doing?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Hard shifts. The kind that prematurely wear out a clutch.

    The last such hard shift my son did actually broke the clutch pressure plate. It was the last such shift because after the car was repaired, I took the car back from him and instead let him use the 2000 626 I had purchased used for myself... had an automatic. Then not long after sold the Elantra to my sister... who still has it.
  • I see it has been 11 months since your post. Your concern was will the seat that you had replaced at 6,000 miles needed replaced again---- well as your post is 11 months old I think we both know the answer. I had my new factory installed front seat replaced for wear by the dealer twice.
    This is my third seat including the factory --- and it is warranty ---Hyundai Corp -- tells
    me me tough luck --- I am a valued customer but they are not going to replace it---no ifs ands or buts. If thy make a defective part they replace it once(most likely with an identical defective part)
    then it is the dealers discretion--- eat the part cost or tell you --you are a valued customer- but they dont care if they sell you a car with defectice seats by the way on the third seat and it needs replaced again at 17,000 miles!
  • We got our drivers seat replaced twice and had to fight like hell both times. . Then the push button start would jam and you have to stomp your foot on the brake several times to reset it or the car would not start. We didn't even bother taking it to the dealer. Instead we traded it in and now drive a Nissan which I have owned several and will continue to use. I will never own or recommend Hyundai to again. Cheap junk!
  • I own a 2012 Hyundai Sonata that has 66,000 on it due to my job. I just want to make everyone aware that a Sonata out of the 60,000 warranty in MOST states will not cover the fuel pump. I'm still unsure if there are 2 fuel pumps on this car but my problem is the High Pressure Fuel Pump which apparently costs $850 for the part alone then at least another $200 to install so beware and the autopart stores cannot carry the Hyundai parts that way it forces you to go to the EXPENSIVE dealership. Autozone stated that their store charges $510 for the part but Hyundai doesn't let them carry it so that shows you the markup on the parts alone. The close to $1,100 doesn't include new hoses either. I guess we know why the cars are so inexpensive because they stick it to you on the repairs.
  • denp3denp3 Posts: 99
    I would consider that as part of the drive train, the car won't run without it.
    I believe the fuel pump is mounted to the gas tank. I will try to remember to ask my dealer about it when I go in next time. I would contact
    Hyundai Customer Service to make sure it isn't covered.
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    The powertrain warranty only covers certain engine and transmission components. The fuel pump is, unfortunately, not part of either system.

    What I find interesting is that Rock Auto dot com sells 2 different fuel pumps for the 2.4L 2011 Sonata. One for $270 the other for $620. However for the 2.4L 2012 Sonata the only fuel pump they sell is the $620 pump. Same car, same engine. Makes no sense unless Hyundai switched fuel pump specs in 2012+ Sonatas and the $270 pump will not work. The fuel pump for this car is comprised of several pieces, which makes it more expensive. Pump, strainer, sending unit, gasket, etc.

    Unfortunately as cars get more miles on them, regardless of actual age, they require more maintenance and there is a greater probability of some sort of component failure. Some repairs will be cheap, some repairs will be expensive.

    One has to wonder in this situation, since the failure is only 6,000 miles out of the B2B warranty, if the dealer should try to get Hyundai to approve a goodwill repair. If the original owner has had all service done consistently at the dealer and has kept up with all scheduled maintenance, repairing this as a goodwill repair would go a long way toward keeping the customer happy and keeping them as a long-term Hyundai customer.
  • I have a 2012 Sonata GLS. Mileage a 70600. Automatic. I drive a lot due to my job. One morning, the car would not start. The starter worked fine; it sounded like no fuel was getting into the engine. First took it to my mechanic. Scan showed "low fuel pressure in common fuel rail".
    He recommended taking it to dealer for warranty work. First Hyundai dealer's service dept was so busy, they said it would be 45 minutes before they can even sign me in. So took it to a second dealer. Diagnosis cost $50, and the problem is bad fuel pump, according to them. No, it is not covered under warranty. Cost $860 or so. Bad fuel pump at 70K? I take care not to drive with fuel tank level below 1/2 mark. I am not sure what the 10 yr/100K miles warranty is all about.
    It sounds like a lot of hot air to me.

  • texroytexroy At this time TexasPosts: 1

    I purchased my first Sonata July 4, 2012 it was the new 2013 within the month my seats would heat up without pressing the switches. You could not turn them off and after repeated service calls they could not fix the problem. They tried to imply that it was all in my head, no one else had a problem with hearted seats they told me over and over, well I had the problem. In February I took it in again they could not fix the problem. I told them I wanted them to switch out the car this is where they took advantage of my complaints of the car. I lost everything I put down on the first car, then the loan for the new car they placed me in was a " Smart Loan" it is the worst of worst of loans. Then within the month the seats started heating up. I took it in again and again they could not fix it yet at one time the service adviser told me the seats heat up to 100 degrees he used a infrared red gun which measure the heat. I have had enough, now my Bluetooth is having the 15 minute problem, with volume too low. My radio is not working correctly. I am told they can only fix the problems if Korea approves it. I feel this is the worst customer service anyone can receive.

    When the second car stated heating up I asked several people to drive my new car yet I did not tell them what was the problem with the car. I then ask them to write a letter about their experience of driving my car. Three felt the seats heating up yet only two wrote a letter.

    I have found another customer with the same problem on Hyundai think tank. He tried to a year at the time of his posting.

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