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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Was offered the following in NYC

    2012 Q5 Prem + Navy, Push Button Start, Premium Sound, 19" Wheels = MSRP 45,950

    Price offered 42,030 + tax & fees = OTD 45,700. Really like the car but did not pull the trigger. Anyone think I can get better than 4K off the MSRP? Is this a good deal?
  • Car_Man:

    Do you know what Audi Financing is offering for a 60 month finance of a 2012 Q5 premium Plus? Thanks.
  • Yesterday I was given the rate of 1.9% for 66 months for the Q5

    Price quoted is $40,250 for Q5 2.0T Premium Plus with metallic paint and rear side airbag (include advertising and port fees). Dealer profit is about $1440 using my Consumer Reports on dealer costs with holdbacks

    Anyone get a better deal?
  • twdubstwdubs Posts: 6
    Anyone have an idea of a good price for a 2012 Q5 3.2Q Prem Plus, nav, B&O and S-line p packages? I can't get a straight story out of any local dealers. I'm open to traveling in the tri state area for the best deal - Pa, Del, NJ if anyone has a dealer recommendation. I've received 49k with a 2-3% discount off sticker. I've always negotiated invoice plus $500-700. I'm also interested in leasing and from what I've seen money factors are adjustable/negotiable? Any and all advice is appreciated.
  • twdubstwdubs Posts: 6
    Are you able to give a price on a 2012 Q5 3.2Q Prem plus with nav, B&O and S line packages. Looks like invoice plus $500 is about 45k? Looking at a 36 mo lease with 15k/yr. I have a 2008 A6 coming off lease too. Trying to get some equity of that car for cash down.
  • jsetoxjsetox Posts: 11
    I am in for $40,399 on 2012 2.0T premium plus with Metallic paint, tow hitch add on and all weather mats. The dealer that i dealt with is located in NJ. The price includes.
  • twdubstwdubs Posts: 6
    Cool, thanks. I wasn't sure if you had access to a better pricing engine than something like
  • call Newton Audi in Newton, NJ, they are offering $500 over invoice + $350 doc fee (so about $850 over invoice total)
  • jsetox - what town is your dealer located in that gave you $40,399?
  • jsetoxjsetox Posts: 11
    Audi of Meadowlands in Secaucus, NJ.
  • thanks! Will call them tomorrow
  • After a lot of dealer visits, it looks like Q5 pricing doesn't budge much in Denver. I'm looking for Q5 2.0T, Premium Plus, Moonlight Blue with Cinnamon leather. NAV. Probably the B&O Sound and a tow hitch.

    Denver dealers seem to stick very close to MSRP ("...maybe $500 off..."). Any suggestions in the Denver area? If not, any recommendations nationwide for a good deal? I'd rather shop local, but price is a factor.

  • casdmgcasdmg Posts: 11
    Did they provide a full list of rates for 60/72 months assuming excellent credit?
  • Try and enter your zip code for best local price. Best deal I found was $1500 off ...
  • on 1.9% for 36 mos, 2.9% for 60mos
  • cha2cha2 Posts: 13
    Does anyone have pricing & interest on a loaded 2.0 in the Chicago area.
    Specific info (ie, MSRP, discounts etc) are much appreciated.
  • I am in the same area looking for the same vehicle. Going to test drive one today. I see you posted a few days ago. Did you get any info outside of this forum you can share with me? Thanks
  • cha2cha2 Posts: 13
    No, nothing yet.
    Let me know how you come out!
    Good luck!
  • Hi, do you think this is a good deal? $41201 for a 2.0T Premium Plu with Nav Package. The OTD price is $45638 and I'm in WA. Thanks.
  • tornadogtornadog Posts: 54
    edited November 2011
    wow, very nice. heres my initial quote



    Needless to say, I didnt bother responding, its too high to even consider negotiating.
  • yq5yq5 Posts: 1
    Hi besyugan,

    Can you please let me know which Dealer in NYC gave you the price. I am in the market looking for Q5 2.0T, P+, Nav, Advanced Key. Did you book it ?
  • cha2cha2 Posts: 13
    Could you please provide me with the details of your purchase & dealer.
    I am located in the Chicago area.
    Much thanks.
  • wrig1wrig1 Posts: 1
    Did you end up getting this deal? It seems like a good deal. Which dealership were you working with? I also live in WA and am considering getting a Q5 soon. Thanks,
  • Looking for Q5 in Dallas, white, most options, would even consider gently used demo. Anyone know someone easy and honest to work with??
  • Looking in Dallas. Might give him a try.
  • I did not decide to buy it or not, as there's quite few Q5 in stock and 2+ months are needed to order one. The price is given by Barrier.
  • I got an offer in the midwest for $46,639 incl. Audi care for a Q5 3.2 prem plus, navi, etc. Is this a good deal. I went on and edmunds and both said it was fine but I want to know if I can find a better one. Thanks.
  • muwkamuwka Posts: 1
    Just got a 2012 Q5 Premium Plus, brilliant black/cinnamon brown. Options were MMI nav and floormats for a total MSRP of 47175. Got the dealer down to 45K even. After TTL (7% sales tax) the OTO was 48464. Good or bad deal? Q5's usually fly out of the dealer lots in my area (NW Chicago 'burbs).
    Decided against B&O since it's going to be a wife's car and she only listens to radio during her short commute.
  • Have an offer for 38,381 + TTL. With B&O, comes to 39,180 + TTL. Lower than invoice from what I see, but wait times are long. Worthy deal? Also, is B&O a worthy upgrade?
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    edited January 2012
    That sounds like a good deal. The B&O for around $800 more is also a good deal as well. What is the exterior color of your car, and which dealership is it? How long do you have to wait for it?
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