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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • senquasenqua Posts: 3
    They are making you a very good offer. Maybe they will budge a little bit but you will never ever get the car for $43,000. That would be almost 10% off MSRP one of the hottest cars.

    Maybe Ford or GM would give you that discount, but not Audi.
  • osubuckosubuck Posts: 19
    I made that offer based on the invoice. Some people here are reporting that they are getting offers for less than invoice....

    the invoice is $43,937 and the msrp is $47,175.

    I thought I maybe able to get it for $43, far not a chance.

    I'll see if somebody will agree to take $44,000 for it.
  • finbar_oharafinbar_ohara Posts: 17
    edited May 2013
    I recently visited a dealer in search of my desired Q5. Since I don't want sunroof and only want a couple of other features, this car is impossible to locate for dealer trade. I did learn the 2014 model will start arriving in July and are order-able now, however pricing is not available.

    As I understand it, the Convenience Package, will now be standard on the base model and the HP is boosted to 220 for the 2.0T. Since this $900 package was only Blue Tooth and an Ipod cable, how much will this impact the base price? $200? $300?

    I am leery of ordering not knowing what the pricing looks like.

    Does anyone have additional information on 2014?

  • osubuckosubuck Posts: 19
    okay so I have been trying to get the Q5 at or near invoice but no luck...

    So I visited the Acura dealership and got the following quote on the 2013 RDX AWD Tech package:

    MSRP: $40,315

    My price: $35,900 + 283.50 fees + Tax =38,582 OTD and 0.9% for 60 months.

    What do you guys think?
  • carknutcarknut Posts: 6
    Are you sure of the financing rate? I'm seeing .09% for 36mos and 1.9% for 60.
  • osubuckosubuck Posts: 19's listed on just about all Acura dealer websites promoting 0.9% for 60 months
  • ydolydol Posts: 12
    I would suggest to wait to end of the month and search within 250 miles of Audi dealers to get your Q5 for the best deal. Good Luck!
  • prosgalprosgal Posts: 4
    thanks for the tip! still want that Q5 but most of them are equipped with the 19" wheels option on the 2.0T Premium Plus. so figuring I'll go with 18" wheels so those are harder to find
  • osubuckosubuck Posts: 19
    Couldn't strike a deal for the JX or Q5..and didn't really need the 3rd row. My wife loves the shape of both

    So we went with the 2013 Acura AWD RDX with Tech package:

    MSRP: $40,315
    Remote Start: $620
    Total MSRP: $40,935

    Negotiated down to $35,900

    Got $5035 off MSRP savings of 12.3%
    Negotiated OTD Price: $38582 (includes tax, title, doc fee, remote start)
    0.9% for 60 months. zero down
    Monthly Payment: $658 for 60 months

    Please let me know how I did..
  • sbb321sbb321 Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I have a invoice price offer from a dealer. Do you think I can get more

    2013 Q5 3.0 Premium Plus
    Exterior Color: Briliant Black or Phantom Black Pearl
    Interior Color: Black leather
    Audi MMI Navigation Plus Package
    Bang & Oulfson Sound System
    Sports Interior Package

    MSRP :$50,025 Offered Price: $47,000

    Thanks for the replies!
  • lxclintonlxclinton Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    2.0T Premium Plus
    Audi advanced key
    Brilliant Black + Beige

    Willow Grove Audi just quote me a price as low as $38840 and the invoice price I saw on Edmunds is $38794. Is this a good deal? I thought I could get a better deal because new car is comming soon. Any advices?

    Thanks for the replies.
  • I believe invoice is 7% off MSRP while your numbers show 6%.

    We're looking and the dealer told me there is a 6% markup but I believe he lied I think he said that to set the stage to make 1% profit when we negotiate to Invoice.
  • jls008jls008 Posts: 3
    Hello. I just left the dealership and secured the following deal on a 2013 2.0 L prestige plus (Black exterior, black leather interior):

    3 years, 36,000 miles lease
    price of car, $800 above invoice (salesperson showed me the invoice:
    54% residiual
    $5000 towards my trade-in (2005 Hyundai Santa Fe)
    No other money down
    Total monthly payment $563.00 per month.

    I researched this page quite a bit before agreeing upon these terms. Please let me know your thoughts on the quality of this deal. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • endollanendollan Posts: 12
    Did negotiation online via email with couple of dealerships in So. Cal and got the price to Invoice. Then went to dealership and haggle some more, I found a few things to my advantage and got them to go below invoice. Very happy with the service.

    MSRP - $48,820
    Invoice - xxx - $300.00

    You can look up invoice price online.

    I'm satisfied with the price. I'm sure others that can wait for the 2014 can get more standard feature and powerful engine on 2.0T, but if you're gonna keep, it's not bad for a hot car.

    I finance for 1.3% because I got a better rate than ANA, this was through Chase.

    If you think you got a better deal, please post here, as it'll help others as well obtain the lowest price possible.
  • prosgalprosgal Posts: 4
    thx for info, sounds like a good deal. if you don't mind me asking which dealerships in So Cal?
  • dcamesdcames Posts: 4
    Hi All,

    I purchased a monsoon grey/black 2013 Q5 premium plus with nav + sports interior + adv key for invoice price of $43,200. I paid $44,000 for the Q5 and the Audi Care package. I also got 1.9% APR financing from Audi. I am from Denver, CO but made this purchase in Albuquerque as dealers here want almost 2k over invoice price. I was willing to go 1k over invoice price to avoid the travel, but no one was willing to deal at that price in CO. I wanted the B&O audio, but this Q5 did not have it.

    The people at Albuquerque dealership were great and made the whole process smooth. I will recommend them for anyone looking to buy an Audi or MB in CO as they will give you a good deal. Thanks to all who contribute to this forum.
  • ydolydol Posts: 12
    I purchased 2013 Audi Q5 Premium, panoramic sunroof, light package, all weather mats. It was on Feb, end of the month. Vegas might have a better deal than So Cal.
    Estimated Total MSRP $41,270
    Invoice $38,844
    Negotiated price $37,XXX
    + Sales Tax 8.1% (NV)
    + Doc Fees ($399), Title Fees ($28)
  • golfpro10golfpro10 Posts: 3
    edited May 2013
    I bought a 2013 Audi Q5 2.0T quattro.
    Phantom Black Pearl
    Q5 premium plus model
    Audi MMI Navigation plus package
    Audi Advanced key
    All weather floor mats.
    MSRP 46k
    Negotiated price 39,755

    Any ideas if that was a good deal
  • What state are you in? I can't get them to give me 6% off MSRP and you got 14%!
  • sbb321sbb321 Posts: 2

    Can you please mention the dealer name in NJ. I am also looking to get a Q5

  • golfpro10golfpro10 Posts: 3
    I am in vegas. I dont want to mislead you so i will give you the whole story.
    They wanted 46k for the car. They brought the car down to 41,755 and I said I wanted 3 grand more off. I had a yukon trade in that was worth 7,000 at acura, carmax, infiniti and 2 other Audi dealerships. I was deep in negotiation with all of them and they wouldnt give me a penny more then 7k for the yukon. The audi dealership i went to said they would also only give me 7k for the yukon. I actually left the dealership when they wouldnt go lower then 41,755 and they called me at home 30 mins later and said they couldnt come down the 3,000 but they could come down 2,000 more. They said instead of bringing it down on the Q5 they were going to give it to me on my trade in and take a loss on that end. I didnt care how they got there or which end they took it off from as long as they came down on the price. I called the one other audi dealership in vegas and 3 audi dealerships in california and they said I would be crazy not to take that deal.
  • hkmhkm Posts: 20
    hello there,

    I was very interested in purchasing an MDX until a month ago. But due to various reasons like unsatisfactory color combination on the 2013 models I am very very interested in purchasing the Q5 but am in no hurry whatsoever. I did some research about the Q5 online and here are my findings summarized below based on my needs.This would probably be useful for some one who has decided on the Q5 and trying to see how to best buy it.

    1) the base model does not have bluetooth or heated seats (so we need to add atleast the convenience pkg and heated seats for around $1500)

    2) any metallic color option would be +500(approx)

    3) around 70-80% of cars sitting on the lots in the DC area have nav- which makes it very difficult to get a Q5 without nav

    4) extremely difficult to get teak brown exterior without nav. So I would have to go for atleast a premium plus

    5) very difficult to knock off any more than 5% off MSRP. Would have to pay some junk document fee of $500 on top of the MSRP(no destination fee in the quote given to me)

    6) the base Q5 has very good resale value after 4 years(KBB very good trade in value for a 2010 Q5 with 40k miles is close to $28000)

    7) WIll be losing close to 75% of the value of added options after a 3-4 year period.

    8) Probably better to wait for the 2014 models and try to knock off atleast 3% off 1 of those Q5's

    Everyone - Please feel to correct me if I am wrong and any other useful tips are much appreciated.
  • osubuckosubuck Posts: 19
    Honestly that's hard to believe. I negotiated with about 10 audi dealers in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and best these guys could do was about 3 to 4 % off. I don't know how u got such a huge discount. Wow. Care to share?
  • golfpro10golfpro10 Posts: 3
    Hey osubuck. In post #731 i explained exactly what happened. Let me know if you have any other specific questions. Glad to answer
  • mihaidanilamihaidanila Posts: 8
    edited June 2013
    I have two dealers here in the Tristate area offering me invoice price on the 2013 model these days. It's stock liquidation time, don't let them make money off of you at this point. If Acura can give generous discounts off of the car price, why couldn't Audi do it?

    I am not convinced I can afford this car, so I will push further to get even more discount. Buying is not a must for me.
  • I just bought a 2.0 PP with MMI and AudiKey for 45k OTD in tri-state area. I believe when I worked the numbers out that I paid 91.5% of the MSRP.
  • roadrageeroadragee CaliforniaPosts: 110
    There was a trade in vehicle in the calculation. So his buying experience / price paid is somewhat skewed. Technically he got his for $41,xxx. Still an excellent price.
  • I recently purchased a new 2013 q5 2.0 and after less than 2000 miles and 4 months the oil light went on. The dealer was flabbergasted at this and claimed to have never seen this type of problem before on a new car (would they say otherwise?). So after running the full diagnostic on it they wanted me to do a special oil test where they drain it, weigh it and have me back after a certain time to weigh oil that's left. Well i just got the results back and they weren't good. They found a problem with oil usage or leakage and need to replace major parts in the engine, including the longblock which is about $5,000 according to quick search online. The car will be in the shop for 2 weeks!!! Audi wanted this repair done asap and had already overnighted the parts from germany. NOW WHY ON EARTH WOULD AUDI BE SO QUICK TO MAKE THESE MAJOR REPAIRS??? THEY MUST KNOW THAT THIS NEW Q5 REDESIGN IS HAVING MAJOR OIL ISSUES LIKE THIER OTHER CARS "USED TO" HAVE. I'm currently waiting to hear back from corporate regarding a buy back or other fixes. I just want to make sure others out there looking at this car are aware of these problems because it is not isolated to just this model. I used to have an a4 that literally died because of oil problems. That one related to a recall on a part that I was ever notified about. PLEASE DO MORE RESEARCH ON OIL PROBLEMS BEFORE YOU CONSIDER AUDI, AND DON'T TRUST THE DEALER TO GIVE YOU AN HONEST ANSWER THAT AUDIS DON'T HAVE THESE PROBLEMS ANYMORE.
  • skitime62skitime62 Posts: 3
    Wow, we just got an oil warning message after 2k miles and the car is less than 2 months old. I put oil in the car since I was away from home. I called the dealer who said they probably forgot to top off the oil when they prepped the car. This is great info you posted. Now I can challenge the dealer when I bring in the car. Thanks for sharing!
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