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2000 Integra Type R vs. 2000 Celica GTS



  • I am better than that but I let my emotions carry me bro! Sorry I am a pashionate Celica guy what can i say!
  • Sorry bud. I don't think the GSR will have much of a chance with the GT-S in the future either. Toyotas is suposedly stuffing a 2.0 liter 230 horse motor with 155 ft/lbs of torque in the Celica soon!!! I said about that a while back. Will be great rivals with the Type-R though.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Where did you hear this from? If they do in fact stuff that motor in there and cut the roof off they'll have me sold...
  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    Yeah baby, bring them on!! I like this war of the Sports Coupes..
    230hp Celica should mean comparable GSR & better Type-R, I can't wait. And hey, if the GSR or Type-R fall short I 'll trade in my GSR and probably get a Celica too. I don't think I 'm that bad of an Integra fanatic :-) I go where the power is.. heheh
    It's going to be interesting to watch though. When is this going to stop? hmm... it just started.
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  • mrspeedmrspeed Posts: 21
    When is the 2 liter 230HP engine coming? Where did you get that from? If it's true, and the price of that Celica is reasonable (like it is now) I'll consider trading in my Type R! In fact I'll be the first to put a deposit down :-)
    But I think you're BSing us- maybe in Japan it'll happen.
  • We all know that more HP in a 4 cyl car means more money - 120/l was a feat - and they'll improve on that again no doubt. But you won't be buying a GT-S with 200+ Hp for the same price - no way. RUmors I've heard is that they'll bring back the Sup Dawg with no turbo but an inline 6 - they do this especially if the inline Integ/Lude is a reality. God I hope Honda doesn't screw this up... they could really tick off loyal Integra AND Lude fans if they do this wrong.

    Anyway I think in the months to come we'll find out what we've known for awhile - the GTS is better than the GSR, but still doesn't have enough to beat the ITR - who knows I could be wrong but Toyota's target market was bang on and they beat it. What I like about all of this is that the new coupes are going to be more powerful (with each company trying to outdo each other) and more competition which means lower prices. I can't see Toyota actively seeking out the Type R market - we are talking about 500 cars a year - they sold more Supra TT in a year and that was a pretty rare car. BTW - anywone know why they went to black in the states on the 2000 ITR (it's still white in Canada)?
  • Your wise beyond your years prelude_5gen!!! :-) This is very true about the costs and marketing strategy!! I am sure they will keep the same rides GT, GT-S, and add an another GT-Z??? who knows, to stick in the 230 horse motor, or do it like in the old days and call it a Supra!!! LOL We don't know for sure. Or even if they are going to production with it. The same is true for Honda! They just came out with the S2000 which competes against the Porsche Boxer and Z3. And it I am sure that all of them are working on motors that can do these things though, its just getting approval from the market. And yes everyone is correct that the GT-S was designed to beat the GS-R But it is in that void spot between the ITR and GSR!, nice place to be I think! Even in Japan the SS Super strut can't beat an ITR in a drag, but suposedly it can corner as well or better.
    All this horsepower will come with a price as a new 200 hp GSR and 240 ITR and 230 hp Celica/Supra would cost more than now! I am happy with the prices now so we can still have a life other than cars and increase performance when we have the money to do so. Otherwise Honda and Toyota will either have to make a limited number of the cars like Honda is with the ITR or otherwise they will all go the way of the TT Supras, 300Z's, RX7's, Stealths, etc. etc. They priced themselves out of the market!!! People can afford a Celica or a GSR or I think even an ITR but pushing that limit will slow sales! And I know Honda and Toyota don't want to do that!! They are both going in the same general direction with the Sports cars, And Toyota learned from the old celica that people won't buy if its priced too high(Supras) or not worth the money(old Celicas) But I think the prices would be around 24000 base for a Celica 23500 for a GSR, And who knows for a ITR. But It will be very interesting to see if Honda and toyota do decide to up the HP!!! Watch out all V8 cars!!! these things will all be runing low 14s!!!!! Wouldn't that be sweet!!!! All this talk about the motor I have gotten off of sales reps like 3 -4 weeks ago on celica files chat site!!! So I am sure it is on a drawing board somewhere but that doesn't mean any of our dreams would come true!!! But I am sure we all hope! So. LOL if the latest Celica was a bomb I would probably picking up a black ITR this summer too!!! I love the power!!! But I definately know Honda has been a leader in NA 4 bangers for years but now with Toyota entering the ring, it will make us all more satisfied in the future!! Then Varaible valve lifts, and cam timing will be just the start of 4 bangers living longer, racing harder, and getting better gas milage than V8 could dream!!! Thats what I want!!! I don't care what import you got! If you see a GSR or ITR or even a GT-S beside a Stang at a stop light were all rooting for the 4 banger!!!
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