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Chevy Venture



  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Sounds like a bit of a lemon huh?

    Too bad. I'll bet you won't buy another.

  • syebsyeb Posts: 1
    Two weeks ago out of the blue my Venture would not start. There was just a clicking sound when I turned it over. Jumping it didn't do anything. I got a new battery an it worked until now when it happened again. Is there a fuel cutoff that might have activated? Anyone have any ideas as to what can make it not start suddenly with no prior warning?
  • Did you check the battery voltage? How about the pos/neg cables? You could have something draining the battery when the engine is off and causing the battery to slowly discharge over a couple of days. Even a new battery will die under those conditions.

    If you are getting the same "clicking" noise, then I would check the "negative" cable for a good ground after checking the battery voltage.
  • I have a 2000 venture. My van wouldn't start. I had to get a new electronic fuel pump. The fuel pressure would go from 60 to 45 and not start.
  • Has anyone replaced the battery cables on their van? I recently had a no-start problem and ended up replacing the battery, alternator and positive connector. Someone recommended changing both cables when putting in a new battery because there might be internal corrosion. Wondering if anyone here has ever done so... If so what did it cost you?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Have had a situation for some time of the lights both inside and out flickering, not quite on and off but enough to be annoying. I believe the regulator is built into the alternator. Sometimes it stops after about 30 minutes and then will repeat. Any electricians out there who may know something where to start? Could it be the intensity control dimmer on the panel. Only happens when engine is running

    Secondly in the overhead switches as well as the rear washer and TC switches the lights have gone. Can the bulbs in th switches be replaced or would it be a case of new switches all round?
  • just4fun2just4fun2 Posts: 461
    I read that GM has a replacement screw/stud for the alternator to stop that. Do a search to find the person that did this to his gm van. He said that it wasn't difficult and only cost about 4 bucks for the screw.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Thanks your info and found that two Tech Serv Bulletins were issued in May 2001. #110501 and #010603005.

    Will crank up the dealer tomorrow to see what they have.

  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Re Flickering Dash lights etc. Dealer unable to loacte TSB under these numbers. Can our HOST locate the original subject matter and the answer respect of the bolt replacement

  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    The correct TSB on this subject is 01 06 03 005 dates May 01. Found this on under Chevy Trucks.
  • just4fun2just4fun2 Posts: 461
    The GM part number is 10316685 Kit screw for Bosch generators, cost $4.08. Hope this helps. The TBS number that you have is correct.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Thanks for getting me off the hook :-)

    Steve, Host
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Thanks J4F2.

    The dealer has been paying dumb all week. Left the AllData info in their drop box this am and will test them on this before they shake me down for a new alternator.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Spoke to dealer and they advise that the TSB requires the new bolt for the earth cable off the alternator.

    Will get it back Thursday, currently in the body shop after (1) being hit by a flying mail box and (2) backing out the garage without the hatch not securely locked. In this case it crept up and KO'd the garage door off its tracks, broke the two lift gate supports (fitted these my self $35 each) and new rear tail light assembly from Rock Auto $35.

    If there is any consolation it was a 2 for 1 on the tailgate
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Pleased to report that the new earthing bolt for the alternator @ $2.88 did the trick. Labor $88 for one hour. Not only has the flickering stopped but the dashboard lights are much brighter.
  • Glad to hear it fixed your problem. For those of you that want to do this bolt fix yourself, I have read that you can do it yourself and save the labor costs.
  • pbasspbass Posts: 8
    A couple days ago the airbag dummy light came on and now it's always on. Are there som easy tests I can do before bringing the van in for service? I figure it's probably a sensor problem.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    The first test, that has worked for most people is to "jiggle" all the connections under the drivers and passenger seats to make sure they are securely connected.

    If the drivers seat is power operated, move it to the most forward position and then to its most lowest position. Same should apply for a non powered version and you may want to do same with passenger seat.

    Then raise the seat back to the normal driving position. This generally has been found to re set the air bag display.

    Restart the engine and the air bag light should flash for 6 or 7 times then go out.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    See msg #960 on the Triplets site. Do this first before taking to a dealer as the sensors are $$$$
  • 1panky1panky Posts: 34
    I tried your simple procedure of eliminating the airbag light. It worked like a charm. Thank you for the information.
  • Please see my message #960 on the Triplets board in regard to cold start engine noise.
    I apologize for double posting but I have received only one reply -Thanks again n7don-
    and there are lots of these mechanically identical GM vans out there. From what I have observed it is a pretty widespread issue.
    Just trying to drum up more conversation.

    Thank you,

  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I have found another situation when the light may stay on.

    With the engine running in Park and you open the power sliding passenger door, upon closing the AB light may stay on without flashing. It may go out but I usually restart the engine to resolve
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Interested to know if anybody has panel switches either overhead or on dashboard that do not light up with the lights on.

    I have about 5 that have gone. Is it a question of replacing a bulb or the complete switch.
  • pbasspbass Posts: 8
    Thanks for the tip, it worked like a charm. I had to jiggle the wires under both the driver and passenger seats.
  • PLEASE HELP. I cant find the fix for this -at library or online.

    2000 Chevy Venture - wipers stopped moving. I removed a plate 2-3 all assembled together - from the motor spindle - before that the screw that fastened this plate down was just spinning. Under the plates is a stop of sorts with a leaf spring - not sure what this is supposed to do or engage? Looking on top of the plates there is a pin - thats in a slot. I have no idea how to install this plate again - and which position the wiper blades, plates and pin in slot should all be related. Nothing "looks" broken. If anyone can help - a BIG thank you. OR if you know an online resourse that may help. ALLDATA did not list my Venture.

    Thank you.
  • A few of us Triplet owners have had wiper mischief. I think just to start, put the wipers in the down position and retighten the screw & see what happens.
  • vangovango Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Venture WB and when I put a video tape in the vcr the sound comes on and the screen in the back says Play....but no picture....then the screen shows VCP IDLE...but you can still hear the sound of what is on the video tape...has anyone seen this and can anyone help me with this problem....I am going to put a head cleaning tape in and run it to see it that works....but it only seems to do it when it is cold outside....thanks in advance
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    Your symptom of flickering lights was identical to mine. Were you told at some point that you were "overcharging" your battery? My dealer is telling me that my alternator is putting out as much as 16 VOLTS . They say the only remedy is a new alternator at over $600 installed!

    Don't these cars have separate little voltage regulators on them any more?
  • I would check the voltage myself if I were you. You would hurt/kill the battery charging that high on a continuaous basis.

    I too have my lights flickering. I think I will remove the grounding bolt, clean and grind a new surface on the contacting faces, and put dielectric greese on it to see if it stops. I was thinking that the regulator was going out but didn't want to even think about the nightmare of getting out the alternator. I'm having a hard enough time getting to the back three spark plugs.
  • You can buy the Voltage Regulator Ground Screw, P/N 10316685 for around $5.00 from your GM dealer. People who have had the problem of flickering lights have said that this fixed their problem and it wasn't difficult to take out the old screw and put in the new screw and washer.

    Good luck.
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